Sales have been a bit softer than original anticipated, so unsurprisingly, deals are now appearing.

Chevrolet Bolt

Chevrolet Bolt

We're talking of the Chevrolet Bolt, which has seen lower than expected sales to date.

Here are the numbers thus far:

  • December 2016 - 579
  • January 2017 - 1,162
  • February 2017 - 952
  • March 2017 - 978
  • April 2017 - 1,292
And with those results, dealers with excess inventory, are now putting together incentive packages to get those numbers up.

Looking for a deal on a Chevy Bolt? Look no further than this California dealership that's offering $3,000 off all Bolts in stock.

The asterisk really has no fine print. It's a deal on all in-stock Chevy Bolt and it's $3,000 off across the board. The deal runs through the end of June, though it seems it could be extended depending on sales volume.

The Bolt starts at $37,495. Pricing information here.

May sales figures for the Chevy Bolt and all other plug-ins sold in the U.S. will be posted on InsideEVs on our US Monthly Plug-In Sales Scorecard on June 1.

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