Best Factory Lease Offers, June 2016 – <a" draggable="false">

Best Factory Lease Offers, June 2016 –

Fiat 500e

Fiat 500e

For all those interested in going electric this summer, here is a useful comparison of best factory and dealers lease offers compiled by EV-VIN.

If you are willing to do some travelling (or you are in the right state) the differences between a specific dealer and the national/state factory offers can vary by as much as 25% on a monthly lease payment.

Once again, the cheapest option to go electric remains Chevrolet Spark EV.

The bulk of the best dealer offers naturally comes from California (home of EV sales in the US, and the CVRP least when it's funded) where you can find many models between the $150-$200 per month range - for example, a Nissan LEAF for under $190.

Best Dealer Offers, June, 2016 – <a" draggable="false">

Best Dealer Offers, June, 2016 –

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