Proving that the January sales blues hits every electric vehicle maker in the US (claiming the $7,500 EV credit on your taxes is so far away again), Tesla today is promoting a "limited time" lease offer on the entry level Model S 70 (rwd).

Tesla Model S 70D Lease Specifics

Tesla Model S 70D Lease Specifics

Says the company on the financing program:

"Tesla now makes it easier than ever to purchase or finance a Model S, as well as assist with the trade-in of your current vehicle."

For a limited time, drive a Model S for as little as $698 per month.  

Tesla has a variety of attractive financing options available including a limited-time lease program on a Model S that starts at just $698 per month. After fuel savings, this is the equivalent of only $531 per month.

There is a slight asterisk to this number, as we found out directly on Tesla's website - a 10,000 mile/year lease cap, and near 10% of the MSRP,  $6,393 due at signing.

Still, this lease deal today is far superior than anything you could get when Tesla first introduced the program, and about ~$55 less per month than in 2015.

The Tesla Model S (70/rwd) retails for $71,200 (including Destination & Doc Fee), and features a 230 mile range (EPA), with a 0-60 time of 5.5 seconds/top speed of 140 mph.

Tesla says deliveries of new purchases will be delivered fairly quickly - March.

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