Chevrolet Spark EV

Chevrolet Spark EV

Two 2015, and four 2016 plug-in electric cars were listed by CarsDirect as worthy to consider in January due to attractive offers.

The Chevrolet Spark EV remains the king of lease deals with average monthly cost over 39 months at $139 ($1 up compared to December when the 2015 model year was listed).

Then we see Fiat 500e (2015) at $225 (no change), Ford C-Max Energi (2015) at $237 (down from $246 in December), Volkswagen e-Golf (2016) at $244 (also down from $259).

Chevrolet Volt (2016) stands at $299 without change, as long as you are currently a non-GM owner.

And there is a Nissan LEAF on the list this time (instead of the BMW i3) with highlighted financing:

"You won’t see it advertised on Nissan’s website, but there’s a 0% APR finance offer for 72 months plus a $3,500 bonus on all versions of the 2016 LEAF (including the new 107-mile version with 30 kWh battery). If you opt to lease, there are up to $9,300 in discounts available, with the largest amounts on the entry-level S model."

Source: CarsDirect

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