BMW i3 Lease Deal

BMW i3 Lease Deal

As part of its Black Friday specials, BMW of Vista (Vista, California) is offering a $99 lease deal on the BMW i3.

The fine print states that this deal is available on only two stocked i3s, but similar offers are available on the rest of the dealer's i3 stck.

Basically, with over $4,000 due at signing, you could grab an i3 for $99 per month for 24 months on a low-mileage (20,000 total mile) lease deal.

Sure, only a select few will score this deal.  However, the point of presenting it here is that the general trend for monthly lease rates on the i3 has been steadily dropping from what was once $900 per month to now in the ballpark of $350 or less (depending on incentives, down payment, etc.)

It seems now is the time to buy a 2014 BMW i3 before the 2015s enter production in January of next year.

Source: BMW of Vista

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