Edmunds assembled a swell lease deal round-up for October.  A few plug-in vehicles made the "October's $199 Lease Deals" list.

We were alerted to these deals by none other than Chris Paine of "Who Killed the Electric Car" fame.  Paine tweeted:

"Screaming $199 Deals: 2014 Ford C-Max Plugin $199/24 months, 2014 Focus EV $199/36 months, 2014 i-MiEV"

Here's a rundown of the plug-in deals, as presented by Edmunds:

Ford C-Max Energi — $199 per month/24 months

The C-Max Energi is a true plug-in hybrid for the same monthly cost as an ordinary sedan. But the lease is only 24 months long, it only allows 875 miles per month, and the buy-in at signing is a steep $3,043 for non-lessees. An incentive for holders of current Ford or competitive leases drops the buy-in down to $2,043. This deal is limited to just a few parts of the country, but other deals are also available. Offer ends November 3.

2014 Ford Focus Electric — $199 per month/36 months The truly excellent Focus Electric — which carries a $36,990 sticker price — is available in certain regions at our lease price point after $3,343 down (for new lessees who don't currently carry a lease) or just $2,843 (for current Ford or competitive lessees). Not a bad way to get zapped, and the restricted mileage allowance — 875 per month — may work for an electric. Offer ends November 3.

2014 Mitsubishi I-MiEV — $189 per month/36 months The all-electric I-MiEV is available at $10 under the monthly price point on a three-year lease, but only after a steep $3,388 due at signing. Additional miles beyond 36,000 are 20 cents each. Offer ends November 3.

2014 and 2015 Nissan Leaf S — $199 per month/36 months

Built strictly as an electric car, the Leaf is now available on a low $199 a month lease after $1,999 at signing for a 2014 Leaf and $2,399 at signing for the 2015 model. It's now possible to drive something righteous for the environment that does a good job of saving bucks, too. Some residency requirements may apply, but a full 36,000 miles is allowed with additional miles priced at 15 cents each. Offer ends November 3.

Focus Electric For $199 Per Month

Focus Electric For $199 Per Month

Hat tip to Chris Paine!!!

Source: Edmunds

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