Fastned Opens 50th Fast Charging Station In The Netherlands

JAN 29 2016 BY MARK KANE 15

Fastned co-founders Michiel Langezaal and Bart Lubbers (credit Roos Korthals Altes)

Fastned co-founders Michiel Langezaal and Bart Lubbers (credit Roos Korthals Altes)

Fastned recently opened its 50th fast charging station in the Netherlands.

The Dutch company intends to build a nationwide fast charging network with multi-standard chargers (currently 50 kW and higher power in the future) along highways. There is also a plan to expand the network to city centers (five stations to be installed in Hague).

The next step is a European network, which could quickly come true, if for example, German carmakers support the expansion as a quick way to establish 150 kW charging network for upcoming long-range models with CCS inlet.

“Amsterdam, 21 January 2016. Fastned, which is building a European network of fast-charging stations where all electric cars can charge, has opened its 50th station along the highway. This station marks the beginning of national fast charging coverage. This network gives electric drivers the freedom to travel throughout the Netherlands. Former Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende officially opened the station together with alderman Derk Alssema of the municipality Goes in Zeeland.”

Fastned released some interesting stats about their network in the fourth quarter:

  • 50th station in January 2016 (11 installed in Q4)
  • revenue growth by 340% year-over-year
  • energy dispenced growth by 374% year-over-year
  • the stations have an uptime of over 99,99%
  • number of all-electric cars increased in 2015 by 37%

“Fastned is growing because customers charge more kWhs, and the number of Fastned stations has increased in 2015. In the fourth quarter the volume grew faster than the revenue, because of a last year introduced offer whereby customers can experience fast charging at Fastned for free during the first month.”

Michiel Langezaal, CEO of Fastned, stated:

“We are the first player that builds a network fast-charging stations which are powered by 100% renewable energy at high traffic locations along the highway. This makes the Netherlands one of the leaders in the field of electric vehicles. And this is just the beginning. In the Netherlands, we will build a network of 200 stations along the highway and we also work on stations in and around major cities. The next step is to expand the network to the rest of Europe.”

Former Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende commented:

“It is great that this network of fast-charging stations is being built; with the advent of this charging infrastructure the electric car will be an interesting option for many within a few years. Fastned, for that matter, is the starter of the sustainable mobility.”

Fastned quick charging station

Fastned quick charging station

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Between their high gas tax, the nice charging infrastructure, and government climate policies, I think Europe is going to buy more plug-ins than the USA in the near term.

A nationwide network with 99.99% uptime, multiple chargers per location (two in photo), and renewable energy. What a great combination.

I wonder if the locations have restrooms, coffee shops, food, etc in close walking distance. That would be perfect for a 30 or 60 minute charge.


There is always a gas station within 1 minute walk with restrooms, coffee and a small shop. Next to that all Fastned stations offer free wifi.

Sorry Roland, typing at the same time:-)

They are always next to a petrol station along the highways. Much to the irritation of Shell/BP/Q8 etc. Hence always close to coffee, toilet, snacks etc

Most of the Fastned stations- if not all – are build at the public parking area around existing larger gas stations. So there are always facilities nearby.

Unfortenately I drive Ampera, so I use Slowned

But for some reason never next to a highway restaurant. Always just a gas station with no nice places to sit or something. The WiFi is a big plus because you can telework and save some time while charging. The fact that the locations are east to reach but not very.. fun makes it a last resort thing to use.

Damn . . . why doesn’t EVERY charger have a Wi-Fi hotspot? It seems like a natural thing to have since they generally have some type of data connection. I guess some use relatively low bandwidth cellular but even those could offer wi-fi access for a fee.

“with 99.99% uptime”

Damn. The European efficiency.

Way too many US chargers break down and then don’t get fixed for a while.

Indeed if you have reliability of those chargers is at least as important than number of them. There never will be EV mass adoption with a combination of limited range and unreliable network of chargers. So Fastned is doing a good work, almost as important if not more important than car makers.

Can a Tesla charge there?

Yes, with the Tesla CHADdeMO adaptor.

Or on 22kw

The Fastned network is definitely the most impressive network out there by a long shot.
99.99 % charger uptime, located where needed for traveling, and ALWAYS multiple chargers per location. Renewable energy, a small store, and Wifi top it off.
Great company with a bold vision.