FastNed Offers Unlimited Free Charging For 2 Years With Purchase Of New Nissan LEAF

SEP 22 2015 BY MARK KANE 19

FastNed network in the Netherlands

FastNed network in the Netherlands

Buyers of new Nissan LEAFs in the Netherlands will get unlimited access to fast charging through the FastNed network for two years.

As of today, FastNed has 38 stations with 50 kW CHAdeMO (and other standards like Combo and AC Type 2).

“Good news! From today onwards every new Nissan LEAF sold in The Netherlands will be offered with two years of free unlimited Fastned fast charging. This means free charging within 20 minutes at 38 stations along the highway. This number is growing: before the end of this year we expect to have 50 stations operational. What’s also great about this deal: because the new Nissan LEAF comes with a bigger battery pack (30 kWh) you can drive up to 250 km on a charge, according to Nissan. The bigger battery combined with ubiquitous Fastned fast charging stations on convenient locations, drivers will experience real freedom.”

This is a similar project to “No Charge To Charge” in the US.

“That’s exactly the goal of Fastned: giving freedom to the electric driver. We are doing this by building a nationwide network of very reliable fast charging stations which always offer the fastest charging. The development of this network runs parallel with the arrival of ever better electric cars. In the coming years car manufactureres will bring to market cars with bigger and better batteries. Just like the smartphone industry vies for consumers with bigger screens or better cameras, the electric car market will be about faster charging and longer range. Fastned is building the fast charging infrastructure to secure nationwide coverage for all electric cars, at the most convenient locations. This way you’ll never run out of electricity. And just like a smartphone you can buy a car with or without a subscription.”

Fastned quick charging station

Fastned quick charging station

Hat tip to Lennart!

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It would rock to have a LEAF with a new 30kWh battery and free charging on a good network like Fastned, or Oregon or Washington!

I live in California and I am jealous 🙁

The network is Netherlands only, which is a really small country. Fastned has ambitions that go further than the border though.

To add to this news, one of the cool things about fastned is that the stations are prepared to use chargers with a way higher rate, so they won’t have to replace any wiring to upgrade for future cars like the proposed porsche mission e. Perhaps even faster then the tesla superchargers.

Kosee … thanks, I know Netherlands is a small area.

My feeling is that the folks there are fortunate to have free and abundant charging.

In the US, the only folks as fortunate are the ones living in Oregon or Washington

To me, “Unlimited” means No limit ever. This has a limit of 2 years, therefore it is not unlimited.

Sounds like they are taking marketing tips from Tesla’s SC where there is a limit according to the letters. Just waiting for the first person to cross it.

Is Fastned offering free charge or Nissan paying Fastned for its customers charging privileges?

I m confused


More of the latter I guess. Fastned is a small startup that has not much cash on hand. They probably offer Nissan a discount over the standard 100 euro/month tariff for unlimited charging.

As an i3 bev driver, I occasionally make use of the Fastned chargers in the Netherlands. In the initial stage of Fastned, charging was free of charge, but now you pay a fee comparable to gasoline (dutch pricing that is), for the same amount of km’s. So I generally try to avoid fast charging unless it’s convenience outweighs the high prize of fast charging. I think that is o.k. because it avoids the situation that it gets too crowded at the fast charge stations.

I am therefore not happy with the mentioned benefits for new Leaf drivers, free charging at Fastned for new Leaf drivers will probably mean, that the chance that the station is already occupied with Leafs will be much larger, I think that is not fair for other customers that pay the full fee.

By the way, the above picture is a bit misleading, as it is not possible to fast charge two cars at one device. (ABB equipment with triple connections).

Not entirely true. It is possible to charge 2 cars at a time, as long as one is DC (CHAdeMO or CSS) and the other is AC. I have actually charged my wife’s Zoe at the same time as a Leaf on one charger a while back.

You are correct, but it would be a coincidence when two cars arrive at the charging point, that one needs an AC charge and the other a DC charge. Most cars need DC for fast charging.

I live close to the Dutch border in Germany and use Fastned a couple of times per year to allow travel to Amsterdam and other places in Netherlands. For those use cases I can live with the prices they charge. The also offer a €100/month flat rate and for €12/month you can pay a normal kWh-rate of 35 cents. Considering the facilities they built (2x CCS/CHAdeMO in most locations) I think it’s reasonable, but I haven’t calculated all use cases.

Since the LEAF uses CHAdeMO and your i3 has CCS, there will never be a problem for you.

One charging device can only charge one DC outlet at a time, whether ChaDeMo, CCS or 43Kw AC.

Seems like a smart idea for Fastned, as just by charging money for each charge it is almost impossible to run a profitable business. Should be a win-win for Fastned and the Leaf drivers.

I think it is a loss for paying customers as it will be much more crowded with Leafs charging for free… but I understand that paying customers alone will not make Fastned profitable.

Why do you insist that it is somehow unfair?

The LEAF owners pay for it through the purchase of their car, as I am certain Fastned does not offer this free to Nissan customers only. Nissan pays for it, hence their customers pay for it.

Of course Nissan will pay for the service and that might be “hidden” in the sales price of the new Leaf, but it will invite Leaf drivers to charge “for free” at Fastned instead of paying for L2 charging or at home (unless he/she has also a solar array at home). So the chance that the charging station will be busy when I arrive will increase, imho. As I pay a higher price for fast charging, I try to avoid fast charging -like others I guess- so the paying customers do not routinely occupy a station, unless needed and so increasing the chance that the station is not busy. Free charging for some drivers might change that. We will see in practice if it will become a problem, though, maybe I am splitting hairs…

@Phaedrus I guess you could always trade in your I3 for a 30kWh LEAF… you’d enjoy the longer range and free charging!


LOL no thanks..

I hope it isn’t the PITA the EZ-Charge system is here in the States. I leased a Leaf two weeks ago and am still trying to get their EZ-Charge charge offer working. They have almost zero support. If you call in on the support line due to problems with the web page you get a recording that says to use the web page. Not really useful. BTW, Blink came up and worked first time. However, the NRG and Chargepoint+ failed with errors. Called both of them and they said to call EZ-Charge which of course sent me by recording back to the web page.