Fastned Offers Free Lifetime Charging, But There’s A Catch

JUN 11 2015 BY MARK KANE 6

Fastned charging network - May 2015

Fastned charging network – May 2015

Fastned announced last month how to get unlimited free access to their charging network (currently in the Netherlands) for lifetime.

Well, you just need to become one of the shareholders that buys at least 2,500 certificates.

It would be swell to get free access to the nationwide network of 200 fast charging stations, but the catch is that just one certificate is valued at €10.

2,500 translates to €25,000 or roughly $27,500 USD.

“Fifteen years from now, electric motoring will be the norm. Children growing up will find nothing special about silent cars without an exhaust pipe, running exclusively on clean electricity. Still, we have a long way to go; it’s still early days in the electric revolution. To make this electric and sustainable future happen we need people with vision that are willing to put their money where their mouth is. Investors who recognize a great opportunity when they see it and who are prepared to invest today in the service stations of the future.

For these people, we are launching the Fastned Founders Club. All investors who buy 2500 certificates Fastned or more become Fastned Founder and can charge at all Fastned-stations for free, forever. Also, we welcome all our Founders at an annual Fastned Founders Dinner where likeminded pioneers and entrepreneurs meet.

The Fastned Founder Club will only be open for a limited time, and we have a finite number of places available. Don’t wait too long – good things don’t last forever.

Fastned price plans

Fastned price plans

The only thing you have to do to become a member is to buy (additional) certificates until you have 2500. You’ll be automatically become a member of the Fastned Founders Club.”

Otherwise, Fastned charges customers via Basic, Standard and Unlimited price plans.

In Basic, kWh cost €0.83 ($0.91), which could fall to €0.35 ($0.38) if one would pay €12 every month. Unlimited plan is unlimited, but you pay €100 every month.

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Unlimited is quite good actually.

If one commute long distance daily and need to pay like 200euro, then 50% is something. However I think that LPG will be bit cheaper then that up to certain (large) range.

Forget It! When U loose Ur Shirt On The Stock…U Pay Many Fold ,,,Just Buy A TESLA!

Based on a 40 mile round trip commute with approx Volt efficiency (10kWh) the monthly costs are:
Basic 166.00 euro
Stand 82.00 euro
Unlimited 100.00 euro

Lifetime until company is bankrupt.

+1, and their pricing is horrendus.

Lifetime unless you’re using it too much. Then the CEO pops up and complains publicly about people “abusing the system.”