Fastned Expands Into Germany


BMW i3 at Fastned charging station

Netherlands-based EV charging company, Fastned, will open several stations in Germany, prior to the release of a myriad of upcoming electric vehicles from several OEMs.

Fastned has plans in place to construct a fast-charging network throughout Europe, and securing multiple locations in Germany is a significant step forward. The company will build and manage stations at 14 new locations in Germany, and each station will consist of several fast chargers capable of a 150 kW to 350 kW output.

Tesla Model S Charging At Fastned Charger

More interestingly, the company’s chargers will be the first public chargers in Germany that can charge vehicles from any brand, and also the fastest public chargers in the country. Never before have German citizens been capable of adding 500 km (~311 miles) in 15 minutes. The locations are possible due to a partnership with the city of Limburg, the Van der Valk hotel chain, and developer Lutzenberger Projektentwicklung ( Michiel Langezaal, CEO of Fastned, shared:

“We are witnessing the start of the ‘Autowende’, from fossil to electric. This is accompanied by the start of a transition from petrol stations to fast-charging stations where electric cars can charge super fast and continue their journey. Fastned is building a pan-European network of fast charging stations that will provide freedom to drivers of electric cars to travel across Europe. As charging speeds increase, charging will become like refuelling your car, and fast charging stations will be the petrol stations of the future.”

Fastned currently operates 60 fast-charging stations along highways in the Netherlands, and has land, approval, and plans in place for 201 stations. The company is consistently expanding by 10 percent per month, in order to have new stations in place as Tesla, Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi, and Jaguar arrive with new EVs.

These 14 locations won’t be the only locations in Germany, as Fastned is continuing to contact local authorities and private property owners to secure additional spots. The company focuses on ideal locations along major highways, and is already in the process of securing property in other countries as well.

Source: Green Car Congress

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Color me jealous. What do we have in NY? Other than Tesla’s proprietary network, we have a small smattering of EVGo and Greenlots chargers. Typically they are 50kW, with only one connection per location. Hardly anything resembling a “network”.

At least now it’s looking likely that here in the U.S. we’ll get a network something quite similar to Fastned’s via Electrify America’s 240+ cross country high speed locations in ~3 years.