Fastned Fast Charging Network Featured On Fully Charged – Video


Fully Charged visited one of the Fastned’s fast charging stations in the Netherlands.

Fastned | Fully Charged

Fastned | Fully Charged

More than 50 of such stations (with two 50 kW multi-standard chargers and CHAdeMO adapters at each) are already installed, with a plan to install 150 more.

The infrastructure is designed to handle total eight fast chargers when there will be higher demand in the future.

Good news is that Fastned is now also looking for opportunity for expansions into other countries, or at least big cities (London for example).

“A visit to one of 51 FastNed solar-roofed rapid charge stations in the Netherlands.
They have always charged a fee to use this system.
This episode was recorded just after the EU referendum and just before the UK Ecotricity ‘charge to charge’ announcement.”

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I thought he was bullschitzing, so I did a quick googlemaps search. Those Fastneds are indeed all over the Netherland highways,… every 30 to 50 miles.

If I owned a Tesla, why would I use one of these instead of a Tesla Supercharging Station.


Probably because if you can afford Tesla, especially in Europe, you are not living on unemployment income and your time is far from free. So it may make more sense to charge nearby instead of spending an hour driving to closest Tesla charger and possibly back. There are only 8 or so Tesla road chargers in Netherlands.

Sure Tesla’s Chademo adapters are clumsy and slow, but what other choice do you have really. It is Tesla’s business decision to keep proprietary walled garden charging network.

This will be true inside the US as well in a few years. In many area it is already true. We have 1 SC within a hundred miles of my home. We have 9 CCS stations with 25 miles of my location. Many are pretty close to freeways. Many are EVgo so they aren’t cheap however if you need a fill up a charger in hand is better then a free one 50 miles away. If you want free we have over 75 level 2 chargers in the area many of those are free.

PS. This isn’t CA we are talking about. This is TN not know for being a green area.

Ray Kroc called and he wants his arches back.