The Fast Lane Car Tracks Down The 2016 Chevy Volt – Video


The folks over at The Fast Lane Car are at it again.

Up in Colorado’s High Country, where plenty of General Motors’ vehicles can be spotted testing, The Fast Lane Car believes to have found the 2016 Chevy Volt:

“The 2016 Chevy Volt is still a mystery car but Nathan and Andre are on the prowl prototype hunting in Colorado’s High Country. And it looks like they managed to bag the new 2016 Chevy Volt high altitude testing in the wild. Is this the new Chevy Volt? What do you think?”

2016 Chevy Volt?

2016 Chevy Volt?

2016 Chevy Volt?

2016 Chevy Volt?

2016 Chevrolet Volt Teased Yet Again On December 19th By GM

2016 Chevrolet Volt Teased Yet Again On December 19th By GM

 2016 Chevrolet Volt Rear Teaser

2016 Chevrolet Volt Rear Teaser

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I’m no expert on this stuff, but to my old eyes, it looks like the rear end is extended further and the wheelbase seems longer also. JMO!

That is GREAT news if they extended the wheelbase. The head/leg room in the back seats was a problem with the original.

Extending the wheelbase seems like a good idea in general, it is a way to give cars more interior space without harming aerodynamics.

You know – I’d never admit to going to THOSE kinds of websites, but a good tease is something that usually catches my eye… It’s the mystery, and the intrique, the buildup to the actual…event…and it’s fun, all in the name of fun and games, if ( wink wink ) you catch my drift. Now then – this tease era we’ve entered in the car business is just plain annoying. Plus one me here if you agree. Everyone is doing it, they must even get some form of glee from it. “Here’s a wink and a leg from the new___________ ( whatever-fill in the blank ). I mean, I’d rather speculate and do the whole “hot stove league” routine like is done with baseball…just conjecture, and stitching together the available facts or lack of them, and just wait until the full reveal of a new car model. There is no titillation here, folks. Will the car industry ever catch on to that? Nobody is oooohing and ahhhhing at the glimpse of a bumber fascia, or the wink of a headlight in the backlit darkness of a photo studio with most of the lights turned out. Look at the Acura NSX… Read more »

* Correction: paragraph 2 : “bumper fascia”, not bumber…lol.

This tease stuff is torture, pure torture.

The TFL guys are 10 days late and 10 dollars short. Much better photos and even a MotorWeek “EyeSpy” video showing much more detail and even interior shots abound right about now. They were chasing the yet-to-be big Cadillac sedan weeks ago in that very same parking lot up high in the Colorado mountains and several camo’d Volts just stood by unattended, and they could’ve walked right up there and shot 2016 Volt backseats, dashboards – the whole tamale. This video must be over a month+ old. It’s old old old olllld news to see those shots now.

Slow news day fer sure. 🙂

I couldn’t disagree much more. This is the best kind of marketing because it creates sustained interest in those who are inclined to be interested, while those who aren’t can pretty easily ignore the leadup and wait for the reveal.

For example, I have little interest in anything Acura has to offer, so I was unaware of any recent new model teasers done by them as mentioned in your post…

Are these guys stupid or just lazy? Why don’t they just get out of their car and take some good pictures? Do they think they’re in some foreign country where they’ll get shot for taking pictures? It’s a public hotel for God’s sake! They just want clicks; they’re as bad as the factory.

Yeah, let’s yank out some old footage we took two months ago, and ask the question: “is that a Volt?” – when everyone who has been seeing those camo’d-up Volts testing since February knows it’s a Volt! I agree – “Click whores” all.

If they were true die-hard journalists, they’d get their fat butts out of their car and start snapping photos. Like you say, it’s not their own private property so they cannot threaten to call police if you take pictures in a public parking lot. Any car nut worth his salt sees Volvos, Cadillacs and Jeeps sitting around covered in cladding or under car covers. These days, lots of car guys like to see a new wheel design, even – it tides us over until the car is unveiled months or even years down the road.

Plus… that looks NOTHING like a corvette… 😉

GM, overtly trying to get some social media clicks, goes out and makes statements that everybody will see cues of the Corvette in all of their upcoming auto designs. Again, it’s just efforts made to get clicks and buzz around their company for little or no dinero. When they say Volt, Malibu or Spark will have Corvette resemblance, what they are talking about is a “design language”. This means a sharp corner here, vs. a rounded one, or an angled taillight there, which may slightly resemble one on their sportier models makes the trip to models in different categories. Take Cadillac’s edgy-sharp geometric car bodies, for example. They call that their “art and science” design language. It started with concept cars that got good reviews and created buzz at auto shows, and translated into their brand identity. Like it or not, you see those shapes and you know it’s a Cadillac. So don’t mistake GM’s announcements as statements that every car will look like a Corvette – just that every Malibu, Sonic, or Equinox going forward will have some form of hint on it’s form of GM’s sportier models. I take that as saying 2016 Volt’s sharper angles and edgier… Read more »

Looks like the new volt by the front end shape. The headlights aren’t clear but the rest is spot on.

To those of us who have been Googling and Google Imaging the 2016 Volt since February, this is quite obviously a camo’d Volt. Nothing new to see here, no new insight, and like KD says – they don’t even get out of their car to snap some photos!

I watched one of their last videos, shot at the very same hotel parking lot, filled with test mules from obvious Cadillac ATS-V Coupes covered in camo, to obvious Volts sitting around unattended. All they had to do was get out of their car and snap away!
Since then, we’ve seen images from inside the car with all the parts we car folks are interested in masked by covers of some form or the other.

Those instances are not categorized in the “tease” section, of course, because they are paid “spies” who venture out to follow test mules of various brands to get paid by auto journalists who want to post the pictures. Good money, from what I hear. Everyone wants an exclusive.

I’m just not hopeful about how the new Volt will look. Chevy specializes in making bland fleet cars, and this is not looking good. I have the current Volt, and it’s only kinda ugly, not fleet car ugly. My current Volt will be my last, and also the last PHEV. Electric all the way from here on out.