Fashionable Electric Car Chargers Are Now A Thing, Says Wallbox

SEP 14 2018 BY MARK KANE 9

Wallbox’s charging stations feature facial-recognition access control.

Wallbox – Commander

Spanish charging station manufacturer – Wallbox – is approaching a milestone of 20,000 installations around the world (mostly in Europe, but also as far as in China and New Zealand).

Three main products (soon to be presented at the British CENEX show) are “fashionable” charging stations.

Wallbox offers three-phase 22 kW stations for domestic and commercial installation, with special features. While the base Pulsar model is simply compact (6.3-in. / 16-cm square), the Commander offers touchscreen with data about charging and Copper features facial-recognition access control.

We are not encouraged at all that there is a need for facial-recognition by the charging station, but maybe you have a different opinion – feel free to leave a comment.

Wallbox co-founder and CEO Enric Asuncion says:

Wallbox – Copper

“Customer understanding and innovation are fundamental to our approach. We have to remember that when people buy a plug-in vehicle, they are taking control and owning their mobility energy for the first time. This is a big and very liberating change.

“To date the emergence of electric propulsion has mostly been framed in terms of societal and environmental change. We recognize these big issues but are also responding with a new design language, one that rewards the important choices people are making with solid engineering, creativity and functionality to deliver charging solutions that have emotion and flair.”

Wallbox Copper – Home Charging

Wallbox Copper – Business Charging

Wallbox Business

Wallbox Commander – Screen interface

Cool feature for bigger parking lots is power sharing:

Source: Wallbox via WardsAuto

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I put my charger inside a barrel because of hugly available chargers:

I can’t say I find these more elegant than the current ChargePoint offering.

Or the Flo Home X5 and G5 Chargers.

In Europe where there are less garages and so chargers need to be installed outside the home, facial recognition is likely a very useful facility to ensure that electrons are not poached by others, particularly as electricity prices may be higher.

I wonder what all that technology in a wallbox costs? I do like those showroom floor garages that are becoming popular.

Europeans clue me in please…

Which Mercedes (other than an option for the Smart EV), and Mitsubishi models charge at 22 kw AC? I thought only Renault products did this. No?


I like the power sharing, but think priority should be given to vehicles that are near empty. I mean estimated range, not SOC. That way my empty 24kWh LEAF quickly gets a full 80 mile charge while the Tesla Model X waits it’s turn to top-up it’s massive 90kWh battery.

That’s stylish?