Faraday Future’s Latest Teaser Video Focuses On Reinventing The Wheel


Faraday Future released one more teaser video of its future production electric crossover. The vehicle is expected to be revealed in its entirety at CES 2017 in Las Vegas in early January (and yes, we will be there in person), but in the lead-up to that reveal, Faraday is showing very little of the actual vehicle.

Faraday Future Wheel

Faraday Future Wheel

Under heavy camouflage, this video reveals the wheels. Faraday posts this rhetorical question “who said don’t reinvent the wheel?” Perhaps some in-wheel motors are in use?

The video description (posted below) provides us with no clues:

Stay up-to-date on our road to reveal: https://ev.ff.com/2fqjhqA

Here’s a link to Faraday’s previous teaser video of this vehicle. It too fails to provide us with details in connection to the vehicle.

Basically, this is all we know for sure in relation to FF’s upcoming electric vehicle:

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More Vaporware..They have no product to sell. A waste of time, money & energy. How Stupid are these guys . “WHY”

WTF! Bad marketing! Meaningless and harmful to their image.

This is standard marketing. The reveal will happen at CES. Therefore, by definition, any marketing before CES will not reveal the car, and exists only to generate buzz.

Buzz died 10 years ago

Musk Imitators with no real working Product or EVEN a PROTOTYPE to back it up with. At this point in time I believe they are generating “DISGUST” Than “BUZZ”..To date these guys have not yet Shown us “Working Prototype” Just Pictures. W T H are they thinking?

This “standard marketing” clip is ineffective. Badly designed. Resulting in no excitement.

Hmmm.. they better have something to show!

Woah. Rims spinning.

Reinvent the wheel. Lol

Re-invent the wheel? l m a o ..With 10 Million Comedians Out Of Work , These Guys are Trying To be Funny…Ha Ha Ha l o l..Get A Grip Faraday !

FF deserves the Golden Scoop Shovel award, for all the B.S. they’re shoveling out.

Dear Faraday Future:

It’s good that you’ve managed to make a working prototype SUV EV. That’s certainly a big step up from that ridiculous “batmobile” non-functional, pretend concept car you’ve been showing.

But putting a compelling, street-legal, highway-capable BEV into production is a much, much more difficult challenge than merely building a prototype. And that takes much, much more money.

They are doing a teaser campaign like they are rolling out a new model year of Volt. Tease a new headlight, tease a new hoodline, with part of the car uncovered. GM can do that, because people already knew the Volt, and they could visualize how these new teased parts would look based on the old Volt.

But Faraday Future can’t run that same campaign, because people aren’t visualizing these parts on a car they already know. Heck, people can’t even visualize any car at all from them.

Their number 1 goal should be proving they are legit. Not playing a tease game. It just makes their road to legitimacy that much steeper, if they actually put out an EV worthy of legitimacy.

They need to

I didn’t do a frame by frame analysis. The wheels are also heavily camouflaged but it looks like 10 spokes, 5 wheel nuts. In the first second it looks like a spindle is protruding from the centre of the hub. It appears to be threaded with several square or rectangular openings around the shaft near the top. It has a large hexagonal nut on the top face. It almost looks like an old fashioned centre lock hub.

However, the spindle isn’t visible in the shots at the end of the video when the car is apparently speeding down a twisty highway. To me, it looks as if the spindle has retracted and left a empty hole in the centre of the hub.

Or… The wheel has moved outwards! Maybe to widen the track and provide better high speed handling?

I don’t get this FF hate. At all.

Actually their website is pretty impressive. Gives a lot of info about their approach to design, no numbers or pictures of actual prototypes, but this is still early stages. I think their promises of cars on the road are wildly optimistic and it will be 2020 before we can buy anything, but it looks like the effort is real.

They are about 10.000 years too late for that!
I suggest inventing a solid, reliable and affordable EV instead.