Faraday Future’s Latest Teaser Is An Interactive Image That Slowly Reveals Automaker’s Electric Car


Over the past week or so, Faraday Future has released no less than four teasers (some shots of which below) related to its upcoming electric car that will be fully revealed on January 3rd at a media party ahead of CES.

Faraday Future Teaser

Faraday Future Teaser

Despite financial struggles and reports that the automaker is way behind schedule for launching its electric car, Faraday continues on its path to tease us.

The automaker’s latest tease is an interactive image that will come together slowly over the next couple of weeks leading up to the reveal of the car in the flesh.

The image can be found here on the automaker’s website.

According to Faraday, the image will build itself over time, meaning that if you check back daily, the car will be more complete.

If you’d rather not keep checking, that’s okay too since we’ll be on-scene for the reveal event live in Las Vegas and will be able to show it all to you in complete form on January 3rd.

Faraday Future Teaser

Faraday Future Teaser

Faraday Future Teaser

Faraday Future Teaser

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Oh look, another tease of the Faraday Farce car that will never see the light of day. At least the graphic designers are being paid?!

Is that really a countdown to the release event? Or a countdown till FF declares bankruptcy? *badum-ching*

It feels like 1300 of the 1400 employees work in the marketing department.

I disagree… I think if they had that many, their marketing should be better.

Marketing is not sales nor promotion, it is determining what the customers want. In this case who knows?

Sorry, but no. A marketing department is responsible for both advertising and market research.

“A marketing department promotes your business and drives sales of its products or services. It provides the necessary research to identify your target customers and other audiences.”


Also, we need to ask just who is the intended target of FF’s advertising. At this stage of startup development, advertising is aimed more at potential investors than potential car buyers, regardless of whether FF is a legitimate company or a scam.

Is it really necessary to write an article every time this company so much as break wind? If they actually show something then fine, an article is certainly warranted but these “teasers” are getting ridiculous. Enough with the teasers now.


Nobody put a gun to my head and made me click on this article, but it does seem the InsideEVs coverage of Faraday Future is far, far more than this company deserves. At best it’s exceptionally rarefied vaporware, at worst what they’re selling may be an outright scam.

No Engineers , Just Marketeers ! Lots of smoke and mirrors..

Plot twist: As times goes on, the car and chassis all disappear, revealing the vaporware the car is. 😉

Nailed it!


Perfect. 🙂




You’re killin me man…..

I’ve grown bored of this company. It seems they are run by a bunch of adolescents.

It looks like black is gonna be the new orange. 😀

I’m waiting for a pure white car against a pure white background. It would be equally obscured imagery, but different.

More comments pissing all over FF. This site truly is an echo chamber, with the peanut gallery posting conventional wisdom like it contributes something–anything–to the discussion.

Yep and in the mean time its main finincial backer just paid 40 million for land in China for an auto factory…

Your link takes me to a login screen. Obviously registration is required to view the article.

Yes and there is another article related to this matter not behind registration, although it likely needs google translation for you to read. http://www.kejilie.com/163/article/jemimu.html

In essence Jai bet a huge portion of funds which from all the Chinese articles I read, until after the next capital infusion of 580 million required of LeTV group before April 2017, we won’t know if his company (LeTV) is going to make it. His December interview seems to indicate the LeTV automotive development would slow down from his previous statements.

next capital infusion of 580 million USD equivalent required into LeTV group before April 2017

Registration is free but here you go…

“Chinese technology company LeEco has spent 279 million yuan ($40 million) to acquire land in Deqing county in east China’s Zhejiang province to build an electric vehicle assembly plant.

The 900,364 square-meter (222-acre) plot was purchased by Zhejiang LeEco Ecological Car Co., a newly incorporated subsidiary of LeEco, according to Deqing’s website last week.

The company had announced last month that it plans to launch construction this month. The 8.3 billion yuan factory initially will build up to 200,000 vehicles a year, with plans to expand annual capacity to 400,000 vehicles.

The Deqing site will be LeEco’s first assembly plant in China. The company did not reveal when it plans to launch production.

The Chinese company also plans to produce EVs in the United States through Faraday Future, a California company backed by LeEco founder Jia Yueting.”

Funny how the only people posting in defense of FF are also serial anti-Tesla FUDsters.

Funny how serial Tesla bashers are so positive about anything that has even the faintest hope of drawing investor money away from Tesla Motors. You’d almost think their true purpose for posting here was not even remotely connected with facts, truth, or genuine interest in EVs.

Funny how GO FF GO is seen as Anti-Tesla.

If car comes out to market or not, we should commend the efforts…

I don’t see the comment “More comments pissing all over FF” as cheerleading for FF, or in any way being positive. At best it’s apologia, or a defensive comment; at worst it’s simply pejorative.

I am not anti Tesla but I also dont subscribe to the us vs them EV view that the majority of Tesla fanboys like you have who bash everything non Tesla…
The thought that anyones comments here have actual value to investors is comical…
If the people here had any true insights to the EV market and investing they should have better tings to do with there time than reading EV news comments from skewered fans…

As one of the few contrarians, I look forward to the FF CES premier.

I look forward to the FF CES release, I’m just not looking forward to this badly run teaser advertising campaign between now and then.

And contrary to what might be said by others here, insideev posters aren’t the only people turned off by FF’s Public Relations shortcomings. If you think it is rough here, check out what more mainstream car culture site comments are like:


I have an open mind on what they will show at CES. If they crush it, they crush it. That’s awesome.

But do you still remember their last CES appearance, where they revealed the FFZero1? The 1-seater that got the nickname FF01 car, pronounced “fool” car?

They need to really nail this CES show, unlike last year’s appearance. And I hope they do. But if they don’t and the feedback is negative, it won’t be the fault of those providing the feedback, or because some posters consider themselves contrarian.