Faraday Future’s FF 91 Unveiling Broke The Cringe-O-Meter

Faraday Future


Faraday Future FF 91

Faraday Future FF 91

Faraday Future's Jia Yeuting and Nick Sampson in front of upcoming ~378 mile Ff 91

Faraday Future’s Jia Yeuting and Nick Sampson in front of upcoming ~378 mile Ff 91


Now that we know more about Faraday Future, thanks to Tuesday night’s extravaganza, we can do some comparisons between FF and Tesla.

Tesla’s CEO is legitimately involved in product development and production. In fact, he famously sleeps on the factory floor sometimes. FF’s CEO knows so little about the product that he was given an onstage walk-around tour of the FF91 last night, as if he were a prospective customer. If he really doesn’t know the product, he’s a fool. If he was merely feigning ignorance, he’s a bigger fool.

Tesla’s execs aren’t rousing speakers, but when they talk, people hang on every word because there’s much to be learned. FF’s execs say 200% more words with 200% less content. And then there’s the language barrier . . .

Musk and Straubel come across as affable, approachable — the kind of guys you wouldn’t mind having dinner with. FF’s CEO is unknowable.

Faraday Future FF 91: "A New Species"

Faraday Future FF 91: “A New Species”

Tesla’s vehicles look like other vehicles, for good reason. Says Tesla’s design chief:

“If we created the Jetsons-mobile, we would have catered to the early adopters and stopped right here.”

So far, FF’s products look like Jetson-mobiles. Who knows — maybe the world is now ready for that step. We’ll see.

Tesla’s factories, charging network, suppliers, stores, service centers, stockholders, customers, vehicles and employees actually exist. FF has none of those basics, except the employees. But the employees are at high risk of not returning from their lunch breaks.

And off you go FF 91. Ok, now off you go. Hrm, well how about now? Well, nevermind all that self-driving then.

And off you go FF 91. Ok, now off you go. Hrm, well how about now? Well, never mind all that self-driving then.

During Tesla’s Model X unveiling, a door popped open after being closed. Musk re-closed it and moved on like nothing had happened. FF’s vehicle failed to drive away when commanded by the golly-gosh CEO. That’s a much bigger gaffe. It darkens the cloud that’s been hanging over FF for months. One can imagine the recently-departed execs shaking their heads and asking aloud, “See why I left?”

*Have you got a nickel?

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If it were a genuine company I wouldn’t be so cynical, but I’m mad that resources and credibility are being wasted on something that will never be produced. LeEco will probably use the tech to make cars for crooked Chinese bureaucrats, complete with those stupid reclining rear seats, but Nevada got swindled and will see a big dirt field with a rotting FF sign every time they pass.

Companies spend $100 million making a movie that is in the theater one weekend. That is not helping humanity it is entertainment.

And this is relevant how?

“Companies spend $100 million making a movie that is in the theater one weekend. That is not helping humanity it is entertainment.”

If entertainment wasn’t worth making, then it wouldn’t be worth people paying to watch it. It’s pretty silly to suggest that all art and entertainment is a waste of money, because that is what makes life worth living!

Contrariwise, we can all get along just fine without yet another company which only wastes time, money, and effort with a ludicrous business plan, at best based on wishful thinking (and at worst, perhaps it’s been a scam since the beginning), and doomed to failure.

If it’s showing for just one sole week end, it might not be a good one.
Not all movies are worth seeing.

The thing is they put the bar so high that we’re left wondering what kind of catapult there’s using.

Not only that. I was cringing every time the presenter had to clap to get the audience going.

I also cringed when the adult males in the crowd squealed like little girls. Reminds me of most Tesla presentations. Who are these people?

Tesla definitely does quite a job of working up the crowd. They adopted the Steve Jobs approach of product introductions. Some clever techniques too . . . First, make sure you stock your audience with existing customers and other fans. Then make sure there is alcohol flowing at the event. And then set the event to start at time X . . . then start it an hour or more after time X so people have imbibed a lot of that alcohol.

You’ll get get some “woo-hoo!” and “YEAH!” screams that way.

That’s good marketing.

Hehe it’s true Steve did do that, but now everybody is doing it so that’s fine (soon people will get over it, and we’ll go back to regular CES shows, with scantily clad babes).

Thankfully Tesla doesn’t say everyone is useless and we are the only ones that count, that’s what i got out of the FF presentation.

FF is like a snooty aristocrat with his nose way up high (see the FF video “timeline”), oh we achieved Sooooo much!, we achieved this and that, were sooo much better than this guy or that guy.

(ooops i caught the guy sneaking into the car to make it move when the lights dimmed, very retro)

We have 60K of Free reservations so up yours everyone!

The difference between the Apple, Tesla and FF shows was the audience.
Apple were curious and fanatical Apple fans (all good folks)
Tesla’s crowd were mostly returning customers (coodos)

While FF’s audience were mostly Employees that haven’t been paid since September or so, and the attendance was mandatory (or they wouldn’t get their cheques before they jump ship)

FF show was a bit “like standing next to a pile of horse manure and saying it doesn’t smell all that bad” – JC)

Actual, ‘little girls’, maybe…?

Huh, what kind of an article was _that_?
What’s the purpose in spending so much effort to try to convimce people that FF sucks?
Thought this was an EV enthusiast site…

Ah, never mind. Just saw it seems to be a cross posting from a tesla fan site. That gives context.

It is, and as an enthusiast, I understand that anything that will sour the mood is bad for everyone.

This type of behavior is what fuels negative news cycle BS. The headline wont’ read “Faraday Future Fails….” It will read “EV’s fail…yet again”

The presentation (if you want to call it that)Was pretty Mickey Mouse at Best it sucked Big Time …Very shaky uncertain and I felt soooooo embarrassed for him …couldn’t understand him ….HOWEVER …, I do wish them Success ..BTW..I have no use for the Limo rear reclining seats …

The blogger known as “TeslaMondo” is a Tesla investor and cheerleader with no formal connection to Tesla Motors. His blog posts should be read for entertainment value, not content!

Actually, from comments posted here at InsideEVs, I’m surprised that his comments about Faraday Future’s presentation were not even more pointed and harsh.

I look at authorship every time I read anything, at IEV. It’s not quite like Huff-Po, but things like unfiltered Tesla Mondo bring it closer to a story pool.

If Tesla were brave, and genuinely wanted competition, they’d find and express virtue in FF91. The two companies could kid each other publicly about their incredibly fast 0-60 times. Tesla Mondo isn’t “up to speed” on the bigger picture.

pjwood1 said:

“I look at authorship every time I read anything, at IEV.”

So do I. I always look at the byline before reading. If it says “Jay Cole” then I can be pretty sure the article has been thoroughly fact-checked, and it’s usually worth reading, often well worth the time spent. Some of the other writers who contribute are not so careful with their facts.

But then, TeslaMondo’s appeal — such as it is, and likely he doesn’t appeal to everyone — isn’t about facts, but about entertainment.

This OP-ED article is fairly biased, but the FF unveil definitely had some cringe-worthy moments. Like the whole self Valet parking debacle (Oooook, FF91 is just being lazy today!).

And every moment the CEO opened his mouth. Sorry, but the dude should have used a translator.

The vehicle itself actually didn’t look horrible. Definitely high on the funk-o-meter, but has some impressive specs.

A spam article written by a troll??
Whats the point…

IEVs has been sharing Tesla Mondo articles for a very long time, so I think you are mischaracterizing.

Is it a hard O or a soft O is my question.

For good reason FF thinks flashy marketing works (we all participate in that illusion). It does not.

Flashy advertising works to the extent that it gets the attention of the consumer. But you still have to convince him that what you’re selling is worth buying at the asked-for price, even after you get his attention.

Faraday Future’s stratospheric level of hype has been moderately successful in achieving the first goal. As for the second… well, being embarrassingly inept at almost everything they attempt isn’t helping them much.

Am I the only one, uhm who uhm cringes when he hears Elon say “uhm” uhm like 10 times a minute when he uhm speaks?

I don’t really care as his products more than make up for it but uhm it’s one of those things they tell you to not do during English class and has always stuck with me 😀

You uhm hurt my feelings. 🙁

Public speaking ability is one of the few things a lot of us probably can do better than Elon. 😉

Well, he can’t be good at everything. I’d rather he be good at building my Model 3 and rockets than be wasting time to learn how to speak publicly.

Elon does appear to have a minor speech impediment, which some have described as a “stutter”, altho he doesn’t actually stutter very often. I’m sure that he’s quite aware of it, but you can’t overcome a disability just by being aware of it.

But I’d happily accept that minor disability of his, in exchange for also having his brilliance, his drive, and his vision!

I’m sure that not everyone agrees, but personally I’d much rather listen to someone who’s enthusiastic about a project even if he’s not naturally a good speaker, than a smooth talker who doesn’t really care about what he’s promoting. That said, sometimes I do wish Elon would go ahead and spit out what he’s trying to say.

This company is a complete joke

I think we should cut FF some slack. It is a brand new company making great claims to justify its premium price and promises unrealistic delivery time. Sounds to me a lot like Tesla about 7 years ago and the Model S arrived about 3 years after originally promised. 5 years to bring a car like this from sketch to product is doable if you are really good, and already have a factory. Less is just somebody’s optimistic guess without experience to know how hard it is.

Roy_H said:

“Sounds to me a lot like Tesla about 7 years ago…”

Then you haven’t been paying attention. Tesla’s business plans and goals, even in the early days (before 2008) when they foolishly thought they could build cars like Silicon Valley builds computers, were always light-years more realistic and achievable than are Faraday Future’s.

Nobody with even the smallest understanding of the complexity of mass producing cars would claim, in their very first press release for a brand-new startup, that they were gonna start building cars in less than two years after that announcement! Nor would anybody not hopelessly clueless have presented an obviously non-fuctional, single-seater, empty shell of a “batmobile” — one which didn’t even have steerable front wheels — as a “concept car”!

Tesla was able to use AC Propulsion’s tZero prototype electric sports car to give potential investors demonstration drives, right from the start. Tesla also licensed AC Propulsion’s EV tech to jump-start the company’s EV engineering knowledge base.

Faraday Future? Not so much.

No we should not. It’s plain as day to engineers and product manager types that the emperor has no clothes. We should treat them as such unless they prove otherwise.

Yes, the article has some good point. But the fact that it is from a Tesla fan boy on how he views Tesla’s “potential competition” makes me wonder why Inside EV would bother to post it…

It is no different than one of those comment posted here on inside EV.

I think we are giving Tesla Mondo too much voice on this site for no particular reason.

I guess this article makes me cringe for sure.

Tesla Mondo: where to begin? Why does InsideEvs throw away it’s credibility by syndicating this garbage?

The depth of hypocrisy here, from a serial FUDster complaining about the “garbage” InsideEVs allows to be posted…

My irony meter broke. Again.