Faraday Future’s China Problem


Faraday Future

Faraday Future

Faraday Future factory rendering in Nevada

Faraday Future factory rendering in Nevada


Chinese goods are like pornography. They’re ubiquitous, unavoidable, consumed by the S-ton, but always on the down-low. Openly acknowledge an appreciation for porn only if you want to lose your marriage, your job, and any bid for public office. Openly cheerlead the fact that your product is Chinese-built, and you’re looked at askance. “Dude, you’re supposed to keep that part quiet.”

But what if it’s American-built and Chinese-backed? That’s a new one for most of the world’s consumers. And that’s what Funny-shaped Future (FF) will bring to the discussion next month in Las Vegas. Like a porn star trying to cross over into mainstream entertainment, Funny-shaped Future may have to mask an unusual stigmata. Tesla’s other “rival” products, whenever they hit the market, will at least have credible provenance to help them with consumer perception:

Faraday Future Concept

Faraday Future Concept

Apple Titanic: Obviously any Apple endeavor has legitimacy with a goodly portion of the public, Jobs or no Jobs.
Chevy Re-Volt: The bowtie symbol causes violent projectile vomiting in TeslaMondo circles, but amazingly, that’s not the case everywhere.
Mission Eventually: Porsche builds excitement on par with Tesla, no doubt. The online images of Mission Eventually made a healthy splash.

But FF has an origin problem that will require much massaging. Sure, like Tesla, it has a foot in California. It’s even plotting a factory in Nevada. But, as with the reborn Fisker, a Chinese big-shot writes the checks at FF. That’s going to require some skillful branding stuntwork. Fair or not — and it’s not fair because everyone from Apple to Tesla has ties to China — people may see Tesla as representing the USA and FF representing China. Advantage: Tesla.

Tesla won’t be able to play this card, since it’s trying to woo Chinese customers, but let’s face it: China has chalked up decades of ill will by trampling intellectual property and peddling tainted consumables. These demerits may loom large when pondering your transportation choices.

However, since FF’s backer Jia Yueting comes from an entertainment background, FF might have an early lead with in-car amusement. As cars become hands-free transport pods, this will factor. Will Tesla be caught unawares by FF’s super-immersive movie/internet/gaming experience when it bows in Las Vegas next month — albeit in concept form? Maybe. But two months later in Geneva, Model 3 will likely make FF seem like WTF, because Model 3 will likely materialize a lot sooner, and it’s not backed by the porn industry.

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Who writes this stuff he came to were the talent pool is located. Nevada is also believed to have deposits of lithium for batteries.

Tesla is not the only battery player looking at Nevada. Faraday is locating were they can access supplies of batteries. Top it off Nevada is not waiting to lose future jobs.

It makes good business sense seeing that gaining access to talent is key in the development of the car. Nevada location near California is also important plus lots of sun.

He may be mimicking Elon in a way. But at the same time he is gaining access to people who already worked on electrical systems and motors of the Tesla.

Not a bad business to follow because you learn from their transition period. People who owned or own the Roadster are well aware of that era.

Faraday is doing many things right. Hopefully they come out with a car that looks like a car. If something works don’t change it.

Make it nice looking but not 3 wheels or something that rotates up and down. Do not go down a wild road make a good looking trouble free car.

As long as Faraday Future has a competitive China price tag, I’ll be happy to buy one.

Tesla can focus on those luxury priced electrics.

Okay…what’s the point of the article, and why is Chinese investment firms being compared to the porn industry (painful to read, and plentifully uneducated).