Faraday Future Began Work In North Las Vegas

JAN 29 2016 BY MARK KANE 19

Faraday Future factory rendering in Nevada

Faraday Future factory rendering in Nevada

Faraday Future announced that it began work in north Las Vegas, where the company intends to build an electric car factory.

“This weekend we began clearing the way for our manufacturing facility in North Las Vegas!”

Investment is estimated at $1 billion and FF got support from state of Nevada to the tune of $335 million.

If everything goes as planned, the first cars will be produced in a couple of years.

The first concept model FFZERO1 was unveiled at 2016 CES (tons of videos here), but gives us only some glimpses of style and drivetrain architecture for the upcoming production model, which will likely be much more mainstream that the radical concept.

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And here we have photos of the Bobcat in it’s native environment roaming freely.

Alas, no undergrowth, only tumbleweed !

good call..

I see this and can’t help but think in 5-10 years the facility will be owned by one of the new big 3 after FF goes bankrupt (Tesla, Google, or Apple).

Actually, maybe FF is just a front for Google or Apple building out their new EV manufacturing facility. That would be a great way to throw the press off what is really going on.

Chinese Billionaire building an electric batmobile!!! When Apple or google pull the wraps off this rouse people will feel pretty foolish for falling for it.

Tesla had an advantage buying the factory from Toyota for next to nothing.


You made my day 🙂

Snarky humor is my speciality. Just ask my co workers or wife.

Eric isn’t the only one who thoroughly enjoyed that. 🙂

“If everything goes as planned, the first cars will be produced in a couple of years.”

Hmmm, as I recall, in the last InsideEVs article on Faraway Faraday Future, an FF spokesman said they hope to show a concept car in two years. Actual production, if they get enough funding to follow through, would come later.

Ack! My mistake. 🙁 The previous article said FF claimed “…they will deliver its first production vehicle in ‘just a couple years time’.”

Not that they are likely to do it; InsideEVs’ Jay Cole says it takes at least four years to go from clean sheet design to actual production of an automobile.

This is a pretty underwhelming photo to share for the start of construction tweet. It would take a huge fleet of Bobcats to do much of anything worthwhile on an automotive manufacturing plant (and why would you want to do it?). This looks more like the start to a light construction project like a supermarket…

…or a tennis court.

Interesting. Tesla’s finalizing plans for a factory in China while China is starting construction on a factory in Tesla… er, Nevada.

Can they coexist? Or can THERE BE ONLY ONE…

What car will they “produce” there?

A fleet of autonomous cars for Google….

You mean they are not going to produce their Batmobiles?

Get real, Get Real. 😉

Good to see they are finally getting rid of all those desert tortoises and other pests that are constantly trying to steal water and land that rightfully belongs to us!

Anybody notice the two F’s in the building roof outline?