Faraday Future Snags Senior Volkswagen Exec


Rendering Of Faraday Future's North Las Vegas Site

Rendering Of Faraday Future’s North Las Vegas Site

Joerg Sommer

Joerg Sommer

Faraday Future’s communication department emailed us to let it be known that FF snagged a top-level executive from Volkswagen.As the email states:

“Joerg Sommer has joined Faraday Future as VP of Product Marketing & Growth. Joerg has an incredibly strong background in strategic planning, engineering, sales, and marketing, having served in international leadership roles at prestigious automakers, including Mercedes-Benz, Renault, and VW. Similarly, Joerg earned a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration from the Technical University of Berlin, as well as an MBA from the Sloan School of Management with the Sloan Fellows Program in Innovation and Global Leadership at MIT.”

Sommer is highly qualified with more than 24 years of automotive experience, including his most recent stints as director of the electric vehicle divisions at both Renault and Volkswagen.

At VW, Sommer served as Head of Electric Mobility, Group Sales & Marketing. There, he directed the company’s global development and implementation of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles across Volkswagen’s Group brands, including Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche.  Mr. Sommer’s most recent position was Vice President of Product Marketing & Strategy for Volkswagen of America.

Sommer issued this statement on joining FF:

“Joining Faraday Future is an incredible opportunity which allows me to play an integral role in the future of mobility. As the company continues to set the blueprint for smart, sustainable, and connected EV transportation, I look forward to what I can accomplish in my role within the company.”

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During the interview process I wonder if anyone at FF bothered to ask Joerg about his role in VWoA’s massive decline in sales and market share?

He might have responded something like… Outside of America we have maintaned our sales and the VW group is currently #1 in worldwide sales… The US is however a challenging market with Obamas economic warefre launched against a foreign company… This is the same country that let GM off with a handslap on the wrist after knowlingly and willingly selling cars with faulty ignition switches that direcly led to the deaths of over 100 people… This is also the same country that let Toyota off with a tiny handslap on the wrist after knowlingly and willingly selling there drive by wire cars that killed many and only fixed there product after State Farm got pissed off and went to the US goverment multiple times complaing that Toyotas drive by wire cars were involved in a statisly larger amount of accadents then all other cars… The outcome of State Farms lawsuit against Toyota was of coursed sealed… This is also the same goverment that did not even give the US banking industry a slap on the wrist for fraudulent banking practices but instead gave them trillions of dollars in a bailout with freshly printed money… Now the US department of injustice… Read more »

They will also was supposed to read…
They will also slow down VWs transation to EVs and geeener cars in general by restricting the funds they have for manufacturing and R&D…

Even if we recognize “Green Car Congress” and the study they link to, “Transport & Environment”, that study makes clear it is comparing only Euro 6 rules (~2014). This was about VW completely ignoring United States regulations, which were ahead of Euro 6 by six years. They just blew us off. We went to .07gr/mile NOX, before they went to .08gr/km. We required Selective Catalytic Reduction before Europe. This tech isn’t landing rockets on barges. It has been around. You refill, you use *enough*, you comply. West Viginia University was contacted by ICCT http://www.theicct.org/news/epas-notice-violation-clean-air-act-volkswagen-press-statement , which appears to be a slightly more robust agency than “Green Car Congress”. “I would sugest the US gov tries to fix their faulty laws that allow every auto company to sell worse polluting deisel cars than VW if they actualt carred about the enviorment or morality…” This is why so many customers are hitting the road on VW. Upstairs, it still thinks it “didn’t lie” and that it somehow has the moral high ground. The tech was available. It wasn’t a quarter the price tag VW charged its customers, for diesel filters they wouldn’t clean. Not profitable enough. Isn’t that how it goes, Yogurt?
“Even if we recognize “Green Car Congress””?? Dont know why you question a news reporting website no different than this one?? Yes the study is for Euro 6 which they were caught cheating with in addition to the outdated Euro 5… “United States regulations, which were ahead of Euro 6 by six years.” That is exactly the point!!! If no manufacture can meet Euro 6 then no manufacture can meet US emissions… “which appears to be a slightly more robust agency than “Green Car Congress”” Why the hang up with green car congress they are not an agency they are a news site… There is not one single diesel manufacture whose emossions can meet this less striguent test in the real world includiing the “honest” manufactures who didnt cheat and they polute worse than the “cheater”. “The tech was available.” Wrong there is no clean deisel tech capable of meeting US or Euro standards in the real world and that is why every manufacture polutes worse than VW… “Not profitable enough. Isn’t that how it goes, Yogurt?” It is not about profitability as I dont care about VW anymore than Toyota but I do care about the enviorment and this… Read more »

..deserting a sinking ship to swim towards an illusionary island.

Swam to the oasis island

Yet more money FF’s spending, with nothing to show regarding actual street EVs (even luxury ones).
And hiring wars benefit noone — just ask Apple, Google & Facebook.

Faraday future has grown from zero to one thousand employees in two years. Impressive, and yet, nine mothers cannot make one baby in one month.

Ha, another aerospace refugee! Looks like part of the marketing strategy is to get press talking about big name executives pinched from some other company. Real curious what if and when there will be a domestic EV offering?!

A domestic offering? Have you ever heardm of Tesla, and the Chevy Bolt?

” Impressive, and yet, nine mothers cannot make one baby in one month.”
Exactly. So why 1000 employees? 100-150 should be plenty.
That’s impressive in a very bad way.

Deep pockets notwithstanding, the only advantages a startup has vs. larger companies is being able to move quickly, using innovation and being highly focused.

With 1000 employees, you get a ton of internal politics, and here’s it has to be worse since there’s no actual large-scale activity to keep them busy.
Big companies don’t have a choice once they need to scale — they need a large workforce to produce & sell a large amount of products. But a startup?

And hiring all those automotive execs (this one’s typical) is highly counterproductive at a startup:
“strategic planning, engineering, sales, and marketing, having served in international leadership roles at prestigious automakers”
Neither this guy or any of the other high-profile exec hires have done anything innovative for decades: They’ve been concerned with high level decisions at huge, stolid, companies.
They’ll get in each other’s way, and most will eventually leave without having done anything productive.

wavelet said:

“So why 1000 employees? 100-150 should be plenty.
“That’s impressive in a very bad way.”

Indeed. The only thing FF “impresses” me with is how much money they’re spending on executive salaries, without having one single thing to show for it.

A company top-heavy with executives, but not actually showing that it has accomplished anything — not even an actual working prototype (that ridiculous “batmobile” doesn’t have a drivetrain, or even front wheels that can be steered!) may not be proof of a scam, but it certainly is one of the things which makes FF resemble a scam. It make FF look like a scheme to bilk investors of money which is used primarily to pay salaries to people who are not actually doing anything, rather than using that money for what they claim to be doing — which is developing a practical EV and building a factory to produce it.

And it also isn’t helping their public image that FF repeatedly shows renders of a “factory” that looks more like something from “Tron: Legacy”, like a virtual reality model created without any practical constraints, than an actual building which anyone would construct in the real world.

They’re in the process of building and road testing Their preproduction vehicles at the moment. There’s a run of 50+ for this phase. I figured they were vapor ware as well, but they are actually making something.

So with 1K employees no rumors are coming out re the actual prototypes?
And why do they need 50 preproduction cars of a non-street-legal race car, which the only cars they’ve mentioned doing (not a sports car, not a luxury car. Racecar)? The entire production run should be ~5 .

I don’t buy it.

The first ones have been seen on the street. The show car they did last year is not the car they are building. The production car is a crossover type vehicle. 4 door (suicide doors in the back) hatchback, all aluminum

My question again, where is the factory? As of a couple weeks ago they were still no further than the two bobcats driving around “grading” several months ago. I just don’t see any central direction to this company, nor any passion, just a bunch of expensive hires, ridiculous show car, nonsensical presentation by top execs muttering about it being a media company too, some Lincoln test mules, and an ugly SUV prototype.

Hmmm, well if that “ugly SUV prototype” was actually built by Faraday Future, then that is the first real evidence I’ve seen that this company is capable of producing something that can be driven, whether or not it’s street legal.

I see that the “Electrek” website has published a “spy photo” of a camouflaged car which they claim is a FF prototype. If that turns out to be true, then that makes FF look much less like a scam.

Here’s the photo:

Electrek is usually a reliable source, so if that is indeed a prototype (they’re relying on their own unnamed sources, who didn’t publish the photo — it was published by someone who didn’t know what it was), things look a bit better.
Still, this car wouldn’t have anything at all in common with a racecar — so why the racecar concept?

Copying Model X maybe? Tesla did gave patents free.

Does this mean we will see more vaporware announcements form FF and less from VW? 😉

LOL LOL LOL I needed a good laugh thanks.