Faraday Future Shows Off Developmental Mule Program, Kinda (Video)

APR 22 2016 BY JAY COLE 19

Faraday Future says they have been holding mule trials for almost a year now, and in almost any conditions, anywhere in the world, “from the sweltering heat of desert asphalt to ice- and snow-covered roads in sub-zero driving conditions”.

The Closest We Have Seen To A Production-Intent EV From Faraday Is This Concept Outline (behind the FFZERO1) That We Recently Caught At The Formula E In Long Beach In April

The Closest We Have Seen To A Production-Intent EV From Faraday Is This Shadowy Outline (behind the FFZERO1) That We Recently Caught On Display At The Formula E In Long Beach In April

Any if you thought it wasn’t possible for the secretive company to reveal less about their future EV plans as they did in the (now famous for the wrong reasons) FFZERO1 debut from Nevada in January, well they did it!

In releasing a new teaser video on mule development, Faraday won’t even show that vehicle…just the road.

“Some people call a mule [engineering test vehicle] a ‘hacked up car,’” explains Matt Lubbers, FF’s Brakes and Chassis Control Engineer. “They’re built to test our mechanical and technical systems… they may not look like a production vehicle, but they certainly run like one.”

So is the promotional video (above) really of such a deep developmental dive that even it can’t be shown? Or is it a hollowed out Nissan LEAF with a GoPro mounted on the front?  Who can tell?

The full Faraday Future (media messaged) release on the development of the company’s “stunning, viscerally engaging vehicles” is below.

Trials & Calculations: Mule Testing Our Powertrain & Chassis

Engineering a new car requires more than simply combining the best available parts and housing them in an attractive shell. It requires meticulous testing, deep data analysis, and a conductor’s touch to orchestrate the individual interaction of each element, culminating in the product’s overall performance.

Though the end result will make for stunning, viscerally engaging vehicles, the versions we test are a bit more pragmatic in nature.

Faraday Future Mule Testing

Faraday Future Mule Testing

We have been holding mule trials for almost a year now. During that time, FF test mule vehicles have faced the world’s most extreme environments – from the sweltering heat of desert asphalt to ice- and snow-covered roads in sub-zero driving conditions.

Throughout the world, they’ve performed valiantly.

“Traditionally, manufacturers’ early mules are merely existing cars, modified to test maybe one or two newer elements: just the chassis or just the powertrain, for example,” Matt elaborates. “At FF, on the other hand… every key element was engineered and integrated from the ground up. After running pre-vehicle simulation and sub-system validation, we’re able to explore and optimize all sides of engineering in a vehicle from its very first test drive.”

“The powertrain, the suspension, the electrical architecture, the battery, the control system – they’re all here… Aside from its exterior shell, beyond just looks,” Matt smiles, “this car is FF to its core.”

Engineering A Faraday Future Mule

Engineering A Faraday Future Mule

He attributes the remarkable speed at which our mule testing has progressed to our company’s “lack of red tape” and “effortless communication and workflow.”

“All of the innovative technologies at our disposal certainly help,” Matt muses. Our mule vehicles feature 3G/WiFi data loggers, for instance, which let us send testing results back to our labs from remote testing locations in real-time, allowing for carefully calculated solutions to spontaneous problems as they arise.

While our prototypes are being refined, our body structures and design teams have been engineering our vehicles’ look and feel in parallel, collaboratively adapting to new developments in our powertrain, battery, and chassis systems.

“In my mind, I have a dream job,” he confides. “It’s truly a dream opportunity for the right people – with the right experience and the right attitude.”

Despite how swiftly our mule testing has evolved, we’re still seeking more talented engineers to help support this process. Matt encourages anyone seeking to “engage and innovate in the industry” to seek out and apply for one of our available chassis and powertrain engineering positions.

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Sounded more like friction to me

Sounds more like droning hype…

LOL…WTF was that?

Give me a break. How do I put FF on ignore?

Seriously. Although I appreciate the break from the non-stop onslaught of Tesla fluff, FF is clearly noting but smoke and mirrors after that horrendous “unveil”.

Frick & Frack Automobiles /…LOL

I think FF will be Fisker all over again – overambitiously overdesigned without the needed reliability. So the double F might be the omen to this.

But if they build a nice big factory, maybe Tesla could buy it at some point in the future…

Forlorn Future !

Well, we know they own a GoPro, and that someone who works there owns a car. Great video! I think we should all go out right now and make that same video with our own cars. They still haven’t proven they are not a vaporware joke, and this video doesn’t help.

He also says that “In his mind” he has a dream job, not “this is my dream job. I’m just guessing that a Chinese company cuts him a very large check and he cashes it with a guilty and sad conscience.

Also, 3G data loggers? Is he using engineering secret language to scare others away? Tesla logs data from every single production car in real time, and now using LTE.

These comments are, to a T, more groupthink from the peanut gallery. I guess it’s impossible to reserve judgement on the Internet.

I agree, but you have to wonder what Faraday’s PR Department is thinking.
That any piblicity is good publicity?
Well, Faraday’s PR department, ask that fine young engineer (his Linkedin profile, by the way, is very impressive) how he feels about the comments your work is generating!

This kind of video would be OK for, say, BMW to post. Why? Because no one will doubth that BMW has the technology and capability to make a car – ECU or EV or whatever.
But you already raised a lot of doubth about the company with your prior work, and this video certainly doesn’t make the situation any better.

You could have at least shown that patented inverter in action. A part of the powertrain, of the battery pack… What’s there to hide, really?

I have mo reason to doubth that ithia is real and all. But please, read people’s feedback and adjust. Or just stay quiet until you are ready to show something tehnically / techologically meaningful.

I personally AM going to hold judgement until I see what they can do.

Bah. We can judge continuously and revise our judgement as needed. So far, FF looks like something mildly retarded kids cooked up. It seems they imagine that the huge interest generated by Tesla and Apple are caused by the teasers, rather than understanding the teasers only work because people (not everyone! But many) LOVE their products. Only after FF has proven it is something special, in a good way, would it begun to possibly make any sense making teasers like this. Anyone can throw some money at marketers and make their company seen cool in an ad. But when that’s the first thing, in fact so far only thing, the company has to show, it just demonstrates they don’t even know what end to start from. I’m sorry, but it looks STUPID and I shall therefore be SHOCKED if it turns out they have something to contribute.

I can wait to see what these guys are up to. Forever, in fact.


… “something mildly retarded kids cooked up”…

Wow, that’s harsh.

While you wait, go watch the unveiling of LeEco’s LeSEE concept car. I think it is on LeEco’s Facebook page. Should be easy to find.

Jia Yueting (Faraday’s confirmed lead investor and CEO of LeEco) talked about ground braking of Faraday’s future factory in Nevada. At some point, a slide was shown with Faraday’s ‘Variable Platform Architecture’. The translation wasn’t quite clear, but message seemed to have been that Faraday’s VPA will underpin the LeSEE car. The very technology this video tried to get us excited about.

Was the video poorly executed? I think so. With couple of additional bits an pieces the release would have been far more effective. As we both agree, FF is not in a position to release these type of teaser videos yet. They are not Apple, Tesla, BMW, GM…

However, considering other reporting and info available on the net, this activity certainly doesn’t look like just trowing some money at the marketers. This looks a whole lot bigger than that.

Show us the real thing, Faraday. The technology. Or just let us be.

I smell another Theranos in the making…

To put it real simply, I won’t even waste my time to view this video.

I have never seen such extreme BS with such deep pockets.

Have your popcorn ready when it crashes and burns.

Seriously? A video designed to showcase a test mule, but they never show an actual vehicle?

I think FF’s slogan should be At Faraday Future, we put the vapor back in vaporware!