Faraday Future Trying To Sell Its Industrial Park Outside Of Vegas

MAR 14 2019 BY GASGOO 12

Faraday Future seems barely afloat.

Faraday Future (FF) announced on March 13, 2019 that it is seeking the sale of its 900-acre parcel located in North Las Vegas, Nevada. The parcel is partially improved, and  700 acres have been fully graded. The sale is the result of the ongoing optimization of business strategies at FF including global reorganization, R&D resource integration and a reduction of its non-core assets.

FF’s operations strategy has changed since the 2015 purchase of land in the Apex Industrial Park in North Las Vegas for a planned manufacturing facility. Instead, FF is shifting the production location for its flagship FF 91 luxury EV to a manufacturing facility in Hanford, California. Construction build out on this property began in late 2017.

As an existing plant, the Hanford manufacturing facility is a turnkey property situated between Los Angeles and Silicon Valley — the two largest EV markets in the U.S. — offering existing infrastructure, easy access to railway transportation, potential talent pool and a faster pathway to production than the Las Vegas property allowed at the time.

Based on FF’s manufacturing strategy, the Hanford facility is expected to be an ultra-high-end electric vehicle manufacturing facility, equipped with leading technology applications and FF’s UP2U (user planning to user) concept, where FF users can participate in the holistic production process.

FF is appreciative of the City of North Las Vegas and its partners in Nevada for their continued support throughout this process. FF seeks to raise substantial capital in 2019, bring the 1,050-horsepower FF 91 to market as soon as possible and continue preparing the subsequent mass-production FF 81 for its introduction.

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Are the infamous Bobcat rentals included in the deal?

Sorry, I’ve been camping out overnight to be first in line for those!

Is it possible Faraday Future from the beginning was an elaborate China Inc intelligence operations… IP suck-up?

If not intended seems to have been the happenstance result.

The early days of FF sucked in a bunch of Industry execs, software engineers, hardware engineers, battery chemistry engineers, production engineers, etc…. a huge talent pool eager to share all they knew about making EVs to secure their new position at FF…. the majority of them now moved on from FF.


Magic 8-Ball: Signs point to yes.

It is! The owner is wanted by CCP. He intended to play the same trick of getting money from US stock market to play his tricks! DO NOT BUY THEIR STOCKS! In exchange for clemency, he lurks as investor without any of his money. There was a Hong Kong company bought its shares and he is under CCP espionage wing.

At least the 700 acres of graded desert is *real*.

I find it amazing that we are still uttering the words Faraday Future in 2019.

Think how far they would have gone if the money wasted on that acreage had been spent on an already existing factory like they now have in Hanford. We might already have a car for sale today.

I doubt FF will ever release a production car at this point – unless a new saviour invests a few more billion AGAIN. But who is willing to do that this point…they burned so much $.

The FF 91 was/is much too expensive and there’s too much competition within 12-24 months. Their window is gone.

Lucid, Rivian and other EV start-ups seem to manage their $ more carefully (at least up to early 2019).

They won’t! The whole setup is cheat investor’s money and getting technology for free!

Maybe the land could be used to set a a “vaporizing factory” which is churning out vapor ware — just to follow the FF tradition…..