Faraday Future Says Revealing Of Tesla Model 3 Is “Fantastic News”

2 years ago by Mark Kane 15

Faraday Future Shows Off Its FFZERO1 At This Weekends Formula E In Long Beach...but more importantly was the teaser behind it!

We Caught Faraday Future Showing Off Its FFZERO1 At This Weekend’s Formula E In Long Beach…but more important than that was the teaser behind it!

Faraday Future FFZERO at CES - Nick Sampson

We Also Saw Faraday Future present The FFZERO1 at CES In January- Presented By Company Exec Nick Sampson

TechCrunch recently caught up with Nick Sampson, Faraday Future’s Senior Vice President of R&D and Engineering, at the Formula E’s Faraday Future Long Beach ePrix.

The racing event happened to coincide with Tesla’s Model 3 unveiling and a intense interest in the company’s growing reservation numbers – which stood at 325,000 after just 1 week.

Nick Sampson (formerly of Tesla Motors fame) asked about the Model 3 said couple of interesting things:

  • “It’s not our competition,”
  • “It’s fantastic news.”
  • “It opens people’s minds to the possibilities.”

A well received Tesla Model 3 is a good news for the whole electric vehicle industry, because a new start-up really  doesn’t want to join the market with no proof of demand. Tesla really paves the way in this regard.

It’s the same reason, he said, that Faraday Future jumped on board as a title sponsor for the Formula E race at the last minute. “Formula E is what we’re about,” Sampson said, though the company does not have a team racing in the series. “We’re trying to show that electric cars aren’t dull and boring. We’re both pushing in that same direction.”

The real question however why the Tesla Model 3 isn’t Faraday Future competition? And that is because the first production FF is stated to be a premium competitor to the higher-end Model S.

source: TechCrunch

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15 responses to "Faraday Future Says Revealing Of Tesla Model 3 Is “Fantastic News”"

  1. Omar Sultan says:

    Based on the silhouette, I would think the Model X is the competition.

  2. evcarnut says:

    Tesla Model is “Fantastic News”..Duuuuu..Yea, For Tesla !

  3. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

    A Faraday Future rep said:

    “It’s not our competition”

    Yeah, that’s certainly true. Tesla isn’t making vaporware.

    1. ffbj says:

      Oh, Snap!

    2. Gouldness says:


  4. proxymusanonimy says:

    They’re still around?….lol

    1. ffbj says:

      Perhaps they will be. In the future..in the year 3000:

  5. CDAVIS says:

    Nick Sampson of Farady Future said: “…“We’re trying to show that electric cars aren’t dull and boring…”

    Tesla already done that.

  6. James says:

    They are a media company, remember? So their competition is HBO and Showtime and Netflix, not Tesla or Chevy. The FF Zero is less a car, and more of a rolling TV, so while it can be driven, it’s designed to sit in and consume content, or stored in your living room so you can watch content on the rear wing. Brilliant!

  7. Someone out there says:

    Yeah, Faraday Future is pretty alone in the cardboard batmobiles market.

  8. Fabian Lamaestra says:

    I think Faraday and a handful of other EV manufacturers will magically appear with compelling offerings as soon as Tesla gets close to running out of credits…

  9. Chris O says:

    I can see how Tesla’s success is be great news for a company that basically tells investors it wants to copy every thing Tesla is doing except bigger, better and faster.

    I don’t see how the company it’s copying could somehow not be FF’s competition, though I can see how FF really needs to convince investors that it’s not up against competition as formidable as Tesla.

  10. Priusmaniac says:

    Come on FF is not a negative thing. They have no car yet but they are further on the track than others.

  11. Paul says:

    Either Faraway Future folks are giggling in their offices that they have something so advanced that it will blow away Tesla, or they’ve succeeded in duping their investors for a few years’ salary.
    C’mon FF, end the tease, put up or shut up.

  12. Dan says:

    Batman is probably the only logical competition to that thing.