Faraday Future Reveals First Body-In-White FF91

JUL 31 2018 BY MARK KANE 34

Faraday Future claims that its FF 91 is on track for first deliveries in December of this year.

The proof of that is this first completed structural frame of FF 91 (also referred to as Body in White) made at the new Hanford, California factory, slightly ahead of schedule. According to FF, key suppliers are working side-by-side with the FF BiW team to meet or beat deadlines.

The pre-production prototypes were earlier tested at high-speeds, so the progress is seen in several areas.

Faraday Future says that first batch of deliveries will take place between December 2018 to mid-2019. We can just assume that it will be a rather low volume figure though with two or maybe three-digits total, but that’s just a guess.

First Complete FF 91 Body-In-White(BiW) For Assembly Starts Build Path At Faraday Future Hanford Facility
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First Complete FF 91 Body-In-White(BiW) For Assembly Starts Build Path At Faraday Future Hanford Facility First Complete FF 91 Body-In-White(BiW) For Assembly Starts Build Path At Faraday Future Hanford Facility First Complete FF 91 Body-In-White(BiW) For Assembly Starts Build Path At Faraday Future Hanford Facility First Complete FF 91 Body-In-White(BiW) For Assembly Starts Build Path At Faraday Future Hanford Facility

More in the press release:

Faraday Future (FF) announces today that the first complete body-in-white (BiW) for the FF 91 all-purpose fully connected luxury EV has successfully initiated full-vehicle assembly, following its arrival at the new FF Hanford factory two days ahead of schedule.

FF 91, first introduced to the public and media at the January 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, has undergone over two years of intensive validation testing in all possible conditions to be certain that the final product exceeds the expectations of the most discerning VIP users..

FF Tooling and Equipment Manager for Body-in-White, Hector Padilla, helps oversee this entire process on site and reports, “It is honestly inspiring to see how hard we as a team are working to achieve FF 91. And it is not that we must push people to work, but everyone is more and more eager to do so as they see the complete car become a reality.”

Several cutting-edge manufacturing technologies are used on FF 91 BiW (and by December all to be possible under the same roof at FF Hanford):

  • 1,500+ self-piercing rivets for joining the aluminum body structure
  • Among the several job-specific body-joining technologies: Aluminum resistant spot welding, cold metal transfer (CMT) welding
  • Flowform® screw technology allowing an innovative uni-directional joining process not possible with conventional sheetmetal joining methods
  • Among first applications of Flexweld® resistance element welding (REW) on “Class A” panels that facilitates aluminum-to-steel welding – a particular challenge
  • Earliest use of wireless “transducerized” torque tools for all appropriate safety-critical points (a great help in comprehensive error-proofing, total process connectivity/traceability, and precision of assembly)

Senior VP of Manufacturing for FF, Dag Reckhorn, said, “There is no question that this team and our suppliers have faced many significant challenges in getting FF 91 to this point, and even slightly ahead of schedule. This is really a huge accomplishment over these past two years. All while focusing on the true luxury and quality of the final product. Our constant focus on teamwork, avoiding functional ‘silos’, has paid off.”

FF Founder and Global CEO, YT Jia, said, “This is one of many big milestones ahead for FF as we enter the final stage in introducing ‘our new species’, the FF 91 flagship. In the truest FF spirit, our teams and global partners have gone above and beyond to get to this important phase ahead of schedule.

”Everything we do relies on our proven UP2U (User Planning To User) approach. FF will redefine the meaning of customization at a whole new in-depth, high-end, and personalized level – each user in the near future will have the opportunity to provide input and witness the creation of their own personal FF 91 along the bespoke production line at FF Hanford.”

The order book for FF 91 early users – aka “FF Futurists” – has been open since the start of 2018 and first deliveries are due starting in December of this year through the middle of 2019.

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About time. They are like a cat with nine lives.
We hope that this is another electric car company that will join Tesla

Yeah, will be interesting to see whether they can survive as a luxury electric car maker… Or even harder, try to outgrow that niche.

Is it me are they hoping to be brought off by ford

Lincoln FF91

FWIW, there have been rumours about Ford buying Lucid a while back… Does not seem to have materialised, though.

Neat. Chinese billionaires will finally have an option. Go China!

If the same Clueless People as before have anything to do with this one , THEY ARE BEATING A DEAD HORSE ! It will never come to fruition..


I hope these guys make it, but I am still a bit skeptical.. I also think their design shape was ok when unveiled, but BEV’s are getting better and better looking with the latest models from Europe, they might want to revise their design to compete.

Ironic that you want Faraday to make it but yet want Tesla to fail. There’s other folks at this forum who feel that way, too. Makes no sense to me.

John, I want to see Tesla succeed too… I just do not have much faith in Tesla’s management… And their cult members constantly attacking me, does not make my opinion less strong. Everybody who likes EV’s Bull or Bear should take a moment to watch this video and understand where Nikki is coming from… Lots of Wisdom in this short video…


This – no one wants Tesla to fail (well, no rational person), but lots of people are really tired of the over-promising-under-delivering twitter megalomaniac currently running it. Tesla desperately needs a professional who has extensive management experience in car manufacturing, not a celebrity who launches cars to Mars one day, sells flamethrowers the next, and calls beloved heroes pedophiles. Musk deserves credit for having the audacity to move the EV needle, but it’s time to step aside for the good of the company. This is not a novel idea, btw – history is full of examples where a dynamic entrepreneur starts a company, but eventually ends up being replaced out of necessity and for the better. Let Elon go launch rockets or dig tunnels or build tubes, but at this point he should be kept as far away from Tesla as possible.

“Beloved Heroes” Bahahaha, yea Im sure they deserve that title.. LOL

I think you (and many others) may be a victim of the media, who have their own agenda. If you want to tie all the Tesla failures to Elon Musk, then to be fair you have to tie their successes to him, too. Which, right now, is very difficult for folks who want to see one narrative. There are also folks like me who aren’t happy with some of his shenanigans, but also still find their products to be good. Unfortunately, I’m a “cult” member if I still prefer the devil I know (who happened to get Tesla this far) to the alternative. Because there’s not guarantee that his replacement will do a better job. At the end of the day, if we both want the same goal (success), then we’re merely disagreeing on the method to get us there.

But I do see your point, and it’s nice having courteous discourse with another fellow EV fan.

They said the same thing for Steve jobs but Tim Cook have been wonderful

Has he? I can’t think of a single disruptive thing Apple has done since he took over. Sure, Apple is still doing very well on existing momentum — but if things go on like this, it’s just a matter of time until they lose their magic aura.

I just see a human being trying to get along in life and building something great. That is…. a few things great. Making mistakes along the way, but still pushing on and succeeding.

He seems to be better at it than you. Is that your gripe?

If you consider me a cult member attacking you, then I suppose we have very different definitions of ‘attack’ and ‘cult.’ Sorry if you felt attacked. But I simply made an assertion based on the totality of your comments at this site. Forgive me if I’ve mistaken you for pulling for Tesla- you seem to show it in a very unconventional way.

No, I think you are mostly fair in your replies, and my comments do come off as offending to Tesla fans at times… What kills me though is these fans rarely come after the facts, or numbers I post, but mostly after me personally, which I find odd. Have we lost the art of discussion or even debate? We can disagree on most things, but still have a peaceful discussion, and maybe even respect each other at the end of the day. We have several friends that own Tesla vehicles or stock, they know how I feel about Tesla, but also know I am still very open minded to their thoughts, and listen to what they say. I feel like discussion is great, fending off personal attacks not so much. I define a cult member as a person who passionately follows something based on faith, instead of reason. I define an attack as a comment replying to my post that starts out with “David Green is…” fill in the blank with any derogatory comment you can think of. I commented above that I am skeptical about Faraday, and think the design of their car has not aged well. A reply… Read more »

@”David Green”:

But you’re not interested in facts or honest debate. You’ve shown your true colors elsewhere, such as carpet-bombing just one Clean Technica article with no less than 37 (!) naked anti-Tesla shorter troll posts. Here are a few “highlights” of your Tesla Death Cult posts:

“…all of the dev engineers that were working on future product are now working at the factory… in the sewage..”

“CleanTechna [sic] is quickly losing quality and value. A piece about Tesla shorts is nothing more then propaganda… Zach wastes his time with a propaganda piece about Tesla shorts? …Tesla shorts have been winning recently, why would they feel desperate?”

“GF1 is a little baby building out in the dessert [sic]… Dessert [sic] land (aka useless)”

The title of that Clean Technica article is “Tesla Shorts Are Scared, Exposed, & Desperate”. David Green showed how very true that is, with his desperate level of carpet bombing!


But your comments are usually nothing but biased pot shots at Tesla even when they aren’t the subject and regardless of whether the pot shot is true.

Please feel free to post a correction of anything I post… The way I see it posting facts is not a pot shot…

What you are doing and saying is intellectually dishonest and is a matter for site moderation. I’m paid to do other things.

No that’s bro

So true

Every forum has it’s trolls who claim to be interested in rational discourse, while posting obvious flame bait, and feeling all smug and superior when flames is what they get. *You* are responsible for the noise you provoke. You know full well what you are doing.

Not holding my breath.

Oh look, Faraday has another mock-up! Cool..


If Faraday Future can try and mimic the Tesla EV “cool factor”, and put an actual production car (FF 91), in real customer hands, then EVen a half hearted attempt will be a welcome and interesting sideshow, to the continuing Tesla media circus and drama, that’s seems to be unfolding almost daily!

St. Elon will be thankful to Faraday Future, for the distraction that keeps Tesla out of the constant media news cycle, that’s filled with spin and scrutiny.

Any news on pricing?

I just don’t see how they can move this at $200-300k (what they announced some time ago).

$100-150k would be more reasonable

To be fair, I didn’t even see them getting more/fresh $ and make it to 2018 / into production a few months ago…we will see.

Timeline looks ambitious too. Probably later in 2019 for real volume deliveries?

(Whatever volume means at these prices),

They better get some build models this year or else their additional money is not going to be forthcoming. It’s been ages for FF to get this vehicle to production and now it’s the time to show it. Agree that the design now looks dated . Chances are slim I expect.

FF91 ugly. They should copy a Maserati or something else sleek.

I truly wish them all the best. They showed some impressive antics, and seem still to be pushing forward.

I’m still skeptical of their super-duper mentality, you know that everything has to be shiny and perfect and grandiose from day one. Simply starting out in an abandoned factory with 2nd hand equipment is usually the better strategy. But apparently having some very wealthy backers, they can afford it.