Watch Faraday Future EV Reveal Here Tomorrow At 6 PM PST (9 PM EST) – New Teaser Video


The big Faraday Future reveal event is set for tomorrow (January 3) at 6 PM PST (9 PM EST) at The Pavilions located at the World Market Center convention space in Las Vegas.

The reveal comes before the official opening of CES 2017 and we’ll be on hand live for the event to bring you details straight from the scene; and as we do with most major EV events, one can watch the live-stream of the debut here beginning shortly before 6PM (PT).

Prior to the reveal, Faraday Future has released yet one more teaser…a brief video again.

Faraday will livestream the reveal on its website here.

From the video above and from previously leaked info, it’s believed that Faraday will show off more than one vehicle. It could be that Faraday shows off several body styles, all with the same underpinnings. Or perhaps several completely different models will be shown (doubtful).

We’ve also learned that Faraday has an outside area set up in which it intends to showcase the vehicles on a closed course, as the company has told us to “…please dress warmly as this
event will take place both indoors and outdoors.”  Temperature are expected to be around 50°F in the evening.

Despite its recent struggles, we’re still hopeful that Faraday can pull off tomorrow’s event without a hitch and that the automaker remains afloat so that it can bring the vehicle(s) shown tomorrow to life in the near future.

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I might watch just for the impending fail.

S**t, meet fan.

Are they, too, aiming for the luxury market?

At this point, I think they’re aiming for the “Find a last few suckers investors to give us money before the collapse of this venture becomes too obvious for even us to ignore” market.

Have you noticed that you can have the animated car completely dissapear on their homepage, by zooming it out? Is there a deeper meaning to that you think?

as in going..going….gone?

I wish them all the best.

I do as well, there is room for more high end luxury electric sport sedans.

I do as well. Hopefully, they worked with Tesla to share the SuperCharger network or they’re coming in at a much lower price point than Tesla … something in the i3 price range would be great.

I’m more interested in what Ghosn has to say on Jan 5.


And for entertainment, they’ll have a juggling act… performed by accountants. 😉

LeEco somehow managed to buy a bunch of land in China and broke ground on construction of a factory last month so I dont think FF is dead although I dont know why they dont merge into one…

They don’t merge because FF is a dumping ground. They are taking on debt for the other companies.

Yogurt said:

“LeEco somehow managed to buy a bunch of land in China and broke ground on construction of a factory last month so I dont think FF is dead although I dont know why they dont merge into one…”

Well I know, as does SJC.

There has been at least one report that the person or persons behind both FF and LeEco was taking money out of FF to fund LeEco. If that’s true, then there’s a very good reason he won’t merge the two companies. When FF goes bankrupt, which seems inevitable, then LeEco won’t have to assume liabilities for its debts.

My joke about juggling accountants actually did have a point.

Spot on, better than a 50/50 change FF goes bankrupt this year. A merge would NOT be the plan.

I WANT to welcome a new EV company to the US and wish them the best of success.

But these two stories make me just hope as an EV advocate, I’m not force to defend another EV failure being used by anti-EV attackers to go after ALL electric cars, like Coda or the original Fisker.

Or Miles Automotive or GreenVehicles or Wheego or Aptera or Myers or ZAP or . . . . etc.

The EV space has long been a graveyard of dreamers and con men.

I don’t see why, as EV advocates, we should feel pressured to “defend” startups which obviously have clueless and absolutely unworkable business plans; especially in the case of Faraday Future, which has many earmarks of an outright scam, and furthermore the Nevada State Treasurer has stated flatly “This is a Ponzi scheme.” Points to speculawyer for mentioning ZAP, which did actually build some low-speed NEVs, but the company was set up as a multi-level marketing scheme. Another example is the MDI air car, which wasn’t/isn’t an EV but touted/touts similar “green” credentials, falsely claiming to have a car which was vastly more energy-efficient than gasmobiles. That scam has been serially offered in several countries over the space of more than 20 years now. As soon as the scam collapses in one country, they just move to another. Scams should be outed as soon as possible, for the same reason that if you see a bridge is out, you should put up a warning sign. If we EV advocates made an effort to distinguish between EV ventures which have, or may have, at least a chance of actually being successful, and those which very clearly do not, then perhaps the public… Read more »

Pushy — I probably wasn’t the most clear in that post.

I was trying to say that I hate it when anti-EV folks use the failure of one EV company as a way to make a broad-brush attack on all EV companies.

I’m hoping I won’t have to defend the rest of the EV industry from attacks on EV’s in general, if FF fails, and their failure is used to attack all EV’s.

The classic example is the trolls who bring up Solyndra chronically in any conversation about green energy or green cars — as if Solyndra’s failure was a condemnation of the entire green movement. We don’t see that here anymore, but it certainly comes up elsewhere regularly.

I hope that makes more sense, than having to defend FF themselves.

Yep, I was going to bring up Solyndra. People that bring up Solyndra as proof of failure of the solar energy industry are complete idiots. Solar PV is now a HUGE and fast growing business.

All early stage industries have failures as various concepts are tried and some fail. The personal computer industry as a huge graveyard of companies like Atari, Commodore, the Texas Instruments computer, the Tandy/RadioShack computers, etc. But obviously the PC industry is massive now.

Thanks for your response, Nix.

My apologies for not understanding what you originally said.

..meanwhile, I am driving my I3 for three years now, still loving almost every bit of it and saving on gas and maintenance, let alone saving my city from exhaust gases and noise…

Will there be test drives at CES or will it be a VR experience lol

Tests Drives? Oh good one. You could get a great job in the 16th century as a court jester.
The King: “Tell me Mister G, what thing ye of FF, are they for real?”
Mister G: “Methinks they are a virtual reality.”

Nothing wrong with “please acquire us before we go completely BK”…