Faraday Future Reportedly Logged Only 60 Paid FF 91 Reservations

Faraday Future


FF 91 Live At CES

FF 91 Live At CES


(That’s out of 64,000 logged reservations, almost all of which we’re the free type, apparently)

So says this credible piece by Business Insider.

It’s all over, folks. But be careful in your wording. You can’t say FF is about to evaporate, because it was pure vapor all along. You can’t say it’s going to crash and burn, because it never moved. You can’t say the operation will grind to a halt, because there never was an operation to grind.

It’s tempting to write this post in the past tense, but someone wrote about Tesla in the past tense in 2011, and boy has he lived to regret it.

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Nissan CEO Count Carlos recently described the high barrier of entry for automotive startups. The castle walls are indeed high, and the moat wide. Dead bodies abound. But FF had such a vast army, such deep pockets and such a grandiose takeover plot, that some of us really bought into the notion of a Chinese invasion. To see the company face down in the moat, weapons floating away — well, it’s a blow to any other Chinese-backed squad hoping to establish a beachhead in the US.

*And unfortunately for FF, all 60 customers checked the box that says, “I want mine to work.”

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Reportedly is, perhaps, less conclusive than we’d like to hear. I clicked to view the article from this one a number of times, and was eventually able to make out where the figure of 60 appears in the article, which is otherwise full of other information revealing more certain financial struggles for FF’s American (and Global) operations.
It seems that the policymakers’ restrictions on the PBOC concerning getting substantial funds raised in China to the US (or global) operations which need it will be a continuing challenge, perhaps creating a larger problem for FF than that of the reportedly 60 existing reservations not being 60,000.

The car is ugly compared with Lucid.

FF is currently the Titanic right before it snaps in half.

There is no saving that ship. GTFO while you still can.

“almost all of which we are the free type”?

Actually I think 60 is a high number. Usually reservations cannot be made until a much higher confidence level for the company is attained. I.E. Big stable company with other models already on the road or start-up with production intent vehicles (built on the production line) publicly seen in testing.

These 60 people plunked down $5k after being shown bulldozers clearing ground for a factory! And one single prototype hand-built somewhere. Requires a lot of faith.

And what do we know about the prototype? I mean hard facts as opposed to hype. Now I don’t want to make false accusations here, but how do we know FF didn’t buy a P100D, strip off the body and put their own body on a Tesla chassis? What motors are they using? What batteries are they using? I mean for the prototype, not promised production.

Now FF has $300k in the bank lol

And that might be enough to pay for 1 FF

Yes it’s way to early to order this vehicle. I wonder how many of the 60 are employed by FF.

This post was a stupid waste of time, but I encourage people to read the article it’s based on. Very interesting. I don’t think FF will be around much longer, as the market for a $180K car is pretty tiny and you can’t build a car without a factory and a supply chain. A lot of people stretched themselves thin to buy a Model S, but the difference in the payment for an $85K car and one that’s almost $100K more is pretty staggering.

While I’m all for competition in the EV space, I think companies like FF make the entire sector look fake and damage our chances of advancing EV’s to a broader audience.

“While I’m all for competition in the EV space, I think companies like FF make the entire sector look fake and damage our chances of advancing EV’s to a broader audience.”


I can’t agree with those who say we should advocate for all EV startups, without making any attempt to discriminate between those which actually appear to have at least a slim chance of succeeding… and those which, like Faraday Future, make wildly absurd, impossible claims right from the start.

Discriminating against groups of people is something we should all take care to avoid. But in other respects, discrimination is an excellent skill to exercise. Advocating for companies like FF just make EV advocates look as though they lack discrimination; that they lack judgement. That’s not the image of EV advocacy that I think we should be presenting to the public.

“The Truth About Cars” once did an infamous series entitled the “Tesla Death Watch”, which went on for (if I recall correctly) 44 blog posts before they finally faced up to their galactic cluelessness, and pulled the plug on the series.

A “Faraday Future Death Watch” would be far more likely to be worthy of reading! Watching the collapse and disintegration of this ultra-hyped vaporware company is going to be interesting and entertaining… altho for those of us who saw it coming from the beginning, it’s inevitable rather than educational.

60 paid reservations for FF’s vaporware? That is exactly 60 too many, but I’m glad to see they didn’t manage to fool any more than that.