Faraday Future Releases New Teaser Image


Faraday Future has just released a new teaser for its electric car that will be fully revealed on Tuesday, January 3rd in Las Vegas ahead of CES.

Faraday Future Teaser

Faraday Future Teaser

This latest teaser presents more of the vehicle than the previous two images (follow links below) released over the past few days by Faraday.

Teaser 1

Teaser 2

The teaser appears to show something we’d generally classify as a concept (it certainly appears more radical than the road-going cars we’re used to seeing these days), but Faraday promised this is a production-intent vehicle.

InsideEVs will be attending the live debut of Faraday’s first production-intent EV from The Pavilions at the Las Vegas Market, as well as the subsequent action from CES in the following days, so stay tuned for more on Faraday’s first real electric car.

Faraday Future Teaser

Faraday Future Teaser

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24 Comments on "Faraday Future Releases New Teaser Image"

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I thought this company went bankrupt? They are here, their gone, bankrupt, back in business. Boy am I confused.

It’s a farse. I still think that nothing will come out from this company in the end, but noone would be happier than me, not even sven, if Faraday Future actually would start manufacturing real cars.

I like how you spell farce. 😀

English is not my native language. In my language the particular word is spelled fars, so I just added an e for english. :p

Faraday Faraway Goaway Faraday Please come back some otherday ,,0n When you get your Sh!t Togetherday ..you’re BECOMING A THORN IN THE SIDE FARADAY.

They ran out of money to pay their bills. Then they got more money. They have never filed for bankruptcy.

This looks like something they should have showcased the first time, instead of the batmobile with no place for robin..

I’ll try to not let it spoil my Christmas dinner having to wait until the 3rd Jan,

At least they won’t be part of the “Alliance” if nothing else !

Tired of spinning clockwise in his grave Michael Faraday is now spinning counter-clockwise.

I heard he was buried in a cage.

Nice. Both of you. Cute, even. Electro-cute.

Hey, thanks. I was waiting for someone to say, well at least now he is regenerating.

Grave moved to Australia?


..ah, good one.

At least this company isn’t lobbying the gov’t to try and kill CAFE and CARB. So they have that going for them….


100 years investment in ICE tech is the difference between startups and legacy automakers…

I get the feeling there will be a lot of very accomplished auto engineers on job market in a few weeks, and one very cheap unimproved piece of property in Nevada. Would be funny if Tesla bought the property for pennies and built a second factory there.

You should start a website and call it Faraday Future Death Watch. 😉

I have a feeling that a Faraday Future Death Watch would end rather differently than the one “The Truth About Cars”* did regarding a certain other, better-known, electric car company! 😉

*If ever there was a website which was misnamed…

More the merrier. Looks different. I’m sure it will have a lot of cowbell (prob. more than i would like), but i’m interested to hear the details, and if the price will be in the stratosphere.

Without more cowbell, Faraday Future should, er, fear the reaper: https://vimeo.com/55624839 (not embeddable)

Looks like a black POKÉMON BALL..LOL

It seems to look a lot like the NextEV car. Not suprisingly… that one looked cool, I wonder how much of that special look FF will keep into production.

Kimberly L. Gray, CPA

Guys, Please have some faith on this company. All startup companies go through a struggle and growing pain. They will produce “sexy” and trendy fuel efficient cars and much more….I project once production begins, they will be a dominate car manufacturer in their space. I support them 100% and hope nothing but great success for this young company!!!Cheers and Happy Holidays to everyone!!