Faraday Future Prototype VS Tesla Model S P100D…and a new teaser of course (videos)

DEC 23 2016 BY JAY COLE 35

...and they are off!

…and they are off!

Faraday Future has put out a couple new teasers for its upcoming production-intent electric vehicle.

An EV it intends to show off on January 3rd to kick-off this year’s CES show.

The first showcases the new plug-ins power via its prototype mule, which is apparently now dialed in for even more power, taking on a Tesla Model S P100D (with Ludicrous) over some undetermined race distance (see video above) – with Faraday Future promising even “more torque to come”.

The second is a teaser for the car itself (below):

As a reminder, InsideEVs will be live-attending Faraday Future’s big media reveal in Las Vegas in the new year and will be reporting back all the details!  Also, past teasers on the upcoming EV’s debut can be viewed here.

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Are they ever going to put numbers or distances to any of these videos?

Race needs more details, but fair enough, we get it… it might be quite fast.

I was more interested in the bottom video where they showed the lights. Looks good so far.

Agreed that the race video needs more details. I suspect the FF vehicle is completely stripped inside with just a driver seat, and no trunk or frunk lining, which would save hundreds of pounds and give it an unfair advantage.

Basic things like we need to see the start.

kinda looking a lot like the lucid i-air

My same thoughts “kinda Does looks like a Lucid AIR..Under that Tarp. I wouldn’t be a Bit Surprised If these Bandito’s Are in Co-hoots …l o l …. And are doing Something together…. I hope it Turns out Good if that’s should really be the case.

They’re not even bothering to compare to gas cars.

Some time ago, FF said they’re not competing against Tesla or some such. I guess that’s out now.

It’s a losing proposition, IMO

Faraday Faraway must of Purchased Model S & put their own Body on it..I’ve seen Guys Do Better work in their Back Yard Garages…

Tesla fanboys gonna cry. Obviously everyone can build fast accelerating drag race EVs for henpecked husbands

I will cry a tear, since they have only built one car.

And it’s not done.

I will clap with one hand, since they have only built one car.


Now I know where I’ve seen you before, Sven.


Hey a Zen koan, what do you know.
For that I give you a joke:
What did the Buddhist say to the hot-dog vendor?
Make me one…with everything.


Even James?! Then it MUST be real easy!

I expect CES in Las Vegas to be very, very interesting. @InsideEVs Please make sure you are filming constantly, especially if law enforcement shows up to deliver subpoenas or arrest warrants to Faraday Future executives.

I expect CES in Las Vegas to have “Faraway Fraudsters”, with their up close and personal displays of Vaporous Grandeur. It should be quite and event for one and all to attend.

Autoblog thinks that CES is their last moment to round up funding: http://www.autoblog.com/2016/12/23/faraday-future-could-be-out-of-business-by-february/

Unless Jia can pull a rabbit out of his..er, HAT, yeah his hat!

i’m wondering , that they can give advantage to the FF and nobody will know it from the video.I’m the only one that has thinked of this scenario?

has thought… and it is difficult to determine that no one else has thought of it, since we can never really know what everyone is thinking, or has thought, as it is a metaphysical absurdity.

They gave advantage to the FF when they decided to run the test using a mule instead of a production car. Mules don’t care if you crank up the controller to past the safe “C” rating of the battery and cut the life of the battery in half, generating massive amounts of heat that wouldn’t be acceptable in actual production cars. This is exactly why Consumer Reports buys their cars off of dealer lots. Because the reality is that car makers are well known to hand out one-off ringers as press cars to the magazines. http://jalopnik.com/5760248/how-ferrari-spins “I think it started in 2007 when I heard that Ferrari wanted to know which test track we were going to use for Autocar’s 599 GTB road test, but in reality the rot had set in many years earlier. Why would it want to know that? “Because,” said the man from the Autocar office, “The factory now has to send a test team to the circuit we chose so that they can optimize the car to get the best performance from it.” They duly went to the track, tested for a day, crashed the car, went back to the factory to mend the car,… Read more »

Car makers go to great extents to provide ringers for comparison tests:


When FF has a production version available for purchase, only then will we get a valid comparison test.

Yep! If they ever get that far!

Oops, computer going all WHOMPY!

Yawn. It is a mule. If you can’t make your mule as fast as you want, you are really in trouble. GM could grab a Bolt mule and drop a higher power AWD drivetrain in it, and repeat the same results. Heck, Tesla could take one of their own test mules, stick whatever drivetrain they want in it, and beat their own production car. In fact, that’s exactly how Tesla developed the P100DL in the first place. They stuck a faster drivetrain into a mule that was based upon a slower production version. Somewhere there is very likely a Tesla Model S mule already in existence that has Tesla’s next drivetrain in it, with beta Gigafactory 2170 format cells. Tesla could probably repeat the same test results today, with their own mule beating their own production car. I guess some Tesla haters will be easily amused by this because (like the sun rising in the morning) they see every story as just another angle to make lame attacks on Tesla. But that’s about it. Once they have a 2020 FF production version, it will be interesting to see the car magazines run it against the 2020 Tesla competitor. Until then… Read more »

Not a very impressive win.

So it crossed the finish line two feet earlier?

Tesla can easily produce a performance version.

The headlights look a lot like the ones on the Lucid Air.

The way I see it Tesla has already passed the finish line.

No dice.

The reality is that Faraday needed to start with a Model III competitor and beat (or at least tie) Tesla to the punch. Instead, they seem to want to play in the high end price segment which, while profitable, is never going to offer up significant volume. Tesla sort of caught all the luxury car makers with their pants down, but FF can’t repeat that. It seems to be common knowledge that the Germans are likely working their own Luxury EVs and will likely come to market around the same time as FF (if FF even makes it that far) – at that point, I’m not sure FF will even be relevant.

GM and others have decided to start at the lower end and FF and others probably can’t compete there on price.