Faraday Future Prototype Versus Tesla, Ferrari, Bentley – Sneak Peek Video


Faraday Future Prototype Versus Tesla Model X

Faraday Future Prototype Versus Tesla Model X

The teases continue with this sneak-peek video from Faraday Future.

According to Faraday, this video captures some head-to-head powertrain testing of Faraday’s prototype electric car versus some hot competition, including a Tesla Model X P100DL.

Video description:

“First look at how far our powertrain testing has come. The benchmark cars: real and fully-featured. The prototype: competing head-to-head. The results: stay connected.”

This is simply a teaser video, so we don’t get to see the results of any of the races. For that full results video, we’ll probably have to wait another day or two.

Faraday Future’s production-intent electric car is expected to be fully revealed on Tuesday, January 3rd in Las Vegas ahead of CES. We’ll be on-scene for the reveal, as well as subsequent action at CES in the days following FF’s unveiling.

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Let me guess, the result is that it beat the Ferrari, Bentley and Tesla. 😛

Imagine a company releasing a result video that they made themselves showing that they lost.

So it will most likely have a 0-60 time that is less than 2.9 but more than 2.5.

It was Just a Dream , Just a dream , Just a Dream , & so on …Just a dream, Just a dream ….La da da da da….as the song goes..It’s Time wake up & Build Real Car !

Another Euro point of view

There is no merit whatsoever in making an EV that is quick off the line (see Datsun “white zombie” made in someone’s garage many years ago). Real challenge is making an affordable long range EV and that is (still) really tough. So far only GM as tried (Bolt) and even in that case there are rumors that GM will be loosing $$ for every Bolt sold. So I hope this car will come with other merits than issuing drag race video’s. We have seen enough of those IMO.

Depends on the market you are selling to.

Wow, had a Ferrari and a Bentley to kick around for half a video. Well, at least we know where the money was going. Faraday Future should get suddenly very interesting while they attempt to secure funding to resume their start-up work. Like paying construction workers, hiring a sales team, building a store presence /anywhere/, arranging suppliers, buying manufacturing equipment, and everything else this start-up has failed to, uh, start.

Some FF test Mule is racing some different production cars! Wow, how many cars beside the racing dragster test Mule has FF sold to individual EV consumers here in the US? Keeping up with Tesla on the Race track is a start I suppose.

They are that cute girl that just keeps finding excuses to take pictures of herself.
It gets old fast.
Or Stuart doing his:

Quick fast EVS are welcome if it can be brought to us cheaper than Tesla prices.. Not more..Any guesses on the price segment this will occupy?

Taking an educated guess

Over 100k

I think the fact that they’re showing the car competing with a Bentley and a Ferrari is a big clue.

In the unlikely event that FF does actually manage to get this car into production, I think it’s safe to expect it to cost more than the Model X. I’d guess somewhere in the neighborhood of the Karma Revero, which has a base price of $130,000.

Model X P100D based price is $138,800.

We should not forget the claim made by this video. Being, that the upcoming FF product is on par with Tesla MX, Bentley, Ferrari. It tells a story about the capability of the product, and FF. Yes, FF needs to deliver. Yes, FF needs to do that soon. But still, when it does, it’s bound to be a product that is on par with range and performance. And that’s a good thing.

This is to build hype and raise money but we don’t actually know what’s underneath.
It could be a Tesla drivetrain on their mule

Imitation is the finest form of flattery. Any newcomer is welcome, but the biggies are waking up and even Tesla better get better, cheaper and broader to keep their share. Fariday might just be the next fisker, as they are building a brand whilst vw starts to develop Ev’s for the common folk.

So are they going to build them one by one in a garage? And will there be anywhere to charge these things? Same problem with the Bolt. Great city car, but where am I going to charge it for a trip?

The Model S is a wide-bodied car, the MX is — correct me if I’m wrong — just as wide, but from the photo above, it looks like the Faraday Future prototype is considerably wider than even the MX. And here they are comparing their car to a Bentley and a Ferrari.

It looks very much like FF is aiming at the luxury market. I think that even if FF does actually manage to put a car similar to this one into production, they’ll be competing with the likes of Karma, not Tesla. That is, it looks like their potential car (still vaporware at the moment) would be made and sold in very low volumes.

Hmm . . . if you’re going to test your car against a Tesla, you’ve got to ask why they ran a test against the (slower) Model X vs the 0-60 in 2.5 seconds Model S P100D. I’m sure that we know the reason.

Really, who cares? If you’ve got the money you can buy a Tesla that is faster than anything most people need, or you can buy a Ferrari, or whatever. This car is years away from production and given Tesla loves to improve their performance, no doubt next week Elon will release a software update and that will be the end of FF drag record.
Now, what we want is super light batteries, Super cheap, that holds 100kwh. Do that and I think everyone will sit up and take notice.
First One with sub $5k, 200kg, 100kwh battery will be the king!