Faraday Future Poached A Ton Of Former Tesla Employees

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I’m from Tesla for example

TechInsider recently conducted research on how many Tesla employees were attracted by emerging automaker Faraday Future.

A few of the former Tesla employees now lead FF:

  • Nick Sampson, Senior Vice President of R&D and Engineering – Former Director of Vehicle & Chassis Engineering, Tesla Motors
  • Dag Reckhorn, Vice President of Global Manufacturing – Former Director of Manufacturing, Tesla Motors
  • Alan Cherry, Vice President of Human Resources – Former Senior Director, Human Resources, Tesla Motors
  • Tom Wessner, Vice President of Supply Chain – Former Director of Purchasing, Tesla Motors
  • Richard Kim, Head of Design – Founding member of BMW i Design and Lead Designer, i3 and i8 concepts.

But it seems that FF’s head hunters were sent for many more engineers and designers. According to the article, about 73 out of the 410 FF employees listed on the LinkedIn were previously at Tesla Motors. 47 were at Ford, 39 at GM and 22 at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

Faraday Future announced some 750 employees as of early January at CES.

Other talents from Tesla, according to TechInsider, are:

  • Brennan Boblett, lead designers for Tesla’s user interface inside its vehicles, joined FF as creative lead for user interface and user experience
  • Sue Neuhauser, a former senior automotive designer at Tesla – now Faraday’s chief designer for color, materials, and finish.
  • Bryce Shawcross, designer of Tesla branded products, like clothing – now at Faraday as a creative manager for its brand design

Source: TechInsider

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I prefer my former Tesla employees over easy, but hey if poached is your thing…

I like alien Model S beam up.


to assign Keller as apple employee?. Keller after K8 worked for many companies: apple, back to AMD, Samsung and now Tesla

These idiots that recruit., think, that if they get the rite guys from say, Tesla, it will make them succeed….HOWEVER , they don’t realize that the “MAIN MOTHER BOARD” is needed to direct these recruits too make the right things happen.IN OTHER WORDS IF THEY CANNOT RECRUIT THE LEADERSHIP THESE GUYS WILL NOT DO THEM ANY GOOD! Because., these guys are “N0T” Leaders” & they just do what they are told to do! Period!!!! thankyou…

It is fair to hire, the market system.

Imagine 20 years from now Tesla and FF becoming biggest EV manufacturers in the world.

Apparently they didn’t poach the employees that are smart enough to stop them from releasing their idiotic FFZERO1 prototype.

They should have poached some smarter folks.

+ 1

I wish I could have been at the meeting when they decided that they wanted to design the FFZERO and show it to the world. Someone must have said: “As you know we want to move away from the idea of people owning cars, because its a waste of resources. So my Idea is that we build a one seater 1000hp car.” And the others must have sat there, nodding, instead of throwing their pens at him.

Meh. It’s just a concept car, like the countless other concept cars that you see at auto shows that will never see production.

It’s not just another concept car, it was their FIRST concept car. It is THE DESIGN that will set the idea of the direction of the car company in the minds of many, many people. It was a very poor choice.

If the choice is to show all my cards or tease with a publicity stunt, I’d choose the stunt. It’s classic PR. Why give Tesla and others hints as to their medium term plans?

This is not some magical new device that nobody has ever made before. It’s going to be a near luxury mid to large sedan that will go ~300 miles on a charge. What they showed had nothing to do with the product they plan on selling.

Indeed. If I was an investor, that ridiculous mockup of a supposed “concept car” would have me running, not walking, away to look elsewhere to invest.

As far as not letting Tesla know what their future plans are… somehow I don’t think any Tesla execs are losing sleep worrying about what this vaporware company is gonna make.

Their stunt was a big embarrassment and certainly not anything that will gain the company.

Even a concept car should demonstrate some degree of practicality.

Agreed. And who thought it was a good idea to let the founders founder on stage with their ridiculous speeches? As many companies have discovered, you can’t reproduce Steve Jobs by hiring his employees, and the same is true here. I expect Faraday to go up in smoke as the Chinese economy cools and funny money disappears.

They can do all the poaching they want, but it seems to me they haven’t done much else while poaching…

They built a bat mobile? Faraday is far away… maybe apple will grab them and turn them into something some day…

You mean it was almost CGI? It still had a hook at the front of the car, because it could not even move by itself.

Throws pen at speaker! Walks off…

There is a serious lack of loyalety in US.
Money sluts…

It’s not specific to the US. Good professionals move from company to company to find new and interesting companies no matter if it’s Apple, Tesla, one of the traditional car manufacturers or whichever tech company or other company.

” now Faraday’s chief designer for color, materials, and finish”

Srsly? That’s a full time position?

Certainly. Especially materials. The BMW i3 is entirely defined by its materials.

Traditional car companies all have several full-time positions for engineers who do nothing but “design” the exhaust sound from the ICE engines.

Yes, but it’s a temp job.

I wonder if this Tesla brain drain is FF’s main mission. It’s hard to imagine anybody investing serious money in this bizarre charade for any other reason.

Exactly. In the same way the bizarre Tesla charade har just been a way to drain Apple of their brains. 😉

Ignorance is bliss…

It’s also hard to believe anyone who left a solid, good-paying job at Tesla to work for Faraway Faraday Future is not regretting their decision.

It would be wrong to lump all those employees into the same category, but I hafta wonder if at least some of them were not exactly Tesla’s “A” team. In fact, I wonder how many were not actually poached from Tesla, but rather were ex-Tesla employees that FF managed to hire relatively cheaply.

I’m not surprised by all the poaching. Probably FF really wanted to get person X from Tesla but only under the condition that X could bring a select group of friends along. Given enough stock options it’s relatively easy to convince people to leave the ship. Or maybe there are really quite a bit of unhappy people at Tesla looking for an out. Or maybe they all know something the public doesn’t know yet.
What I expect to happen is that as soon as the former Tesla employees at FF get a critical mass the entirety of FF will slowly evolve towards Tesla culture and the same mistakes / problems / behaviors from Tesla will happen at FF. Another reason could be huge referral bonuses, that’s also a good way to transfer a team to another company as all buddies refer each other and split the bonus.
There must be some psychological explanation for the “I hate my current job at company X so much I want to leave and do everything the same way at company Y”

They would have to promise them all to get Tesla Model X’s too 🙂

How is Richard Kim from Tesla?
Richard Kim, Head of Design – Founding member of BMW i Design and Lead Designer, i3 and i8 concepts.

FF really likes the title Vice President. Like how some companies love the Engineer title, Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Engineering Analyst, Bathroom Engineer, Copier Engineer, Vice President of Bathroom Engineering.

….Warehouse Executives, Quality Control Engineer, Quality Executives, Production Engineer….

and that is from my workplace alone.

Sometimes the having is not nearly as good the getting.

Just sayin

“After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true.” — Spock, (Classic) Star Trek: “Amok Time”

Same story like how Blue Origin poached SpaceX employees away…

Blue Origin did at least build an operating prototype (suborbital) rocketship that was capable of rocketing up into the upper atmosphere. Contrariwise, Faraway Faraday Future only showed a mockup.

Doesn’t Tesla do contracts with something like a “don’t work for competitors for two years after you leave the company”-condition?


Some targeted Tesla employees are being told “Go ahead, take a job at FF for a year, and then report back to us, your job is safe…”

Tesla will still thrive… these folks are moving back to the maxi performance exotic space which is fine… but not where the real punch is… gets you on the map… but the mass market is where the long term money is. Tesla should expedite Model III and then bump the truck up in the plans… You get a solid full size truck that has a 120kWh battery and prepaid Supercharger access. 1 hour empty to 85% range recharges… or better… the secret sauce of Tesla is the charger net. That is what no other company can replicate in this space for the next 5 years. It gives them an enormous lead. They are catchable eventually but they will dominate for the next 5 to 10 if they keep their eyes on the prize and produce the IIIs and Gigafactory and ideally a truck next that steals away massive share from Ford GM and FCA. Especially if they also intro some kind of trailer base platform in a joint venture with Airstream or something to add an additional 120kW battery to the trailer maybe even a trailer with its own small electric motor so it adds no load to the car… Read more »

So, Faraday cars will be the illegitimate children of Tesla Motors.:)