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Faraday Future FFZERO1

Faraday Future FFZERO1

Faraday Future’s FFZERO1, unveiled at 2016 CES, was designed to attract attention, which apparently worked as we took a seat at the VIP press release party earlier this month.

It’s not a concept for a production model, which according to many comments (and media in attendance) disappointed some Faraday followers.

We gathered a lot of video presentations by media outlets, as well as a few blogger videos to present more insight on how Faraday Future was received and maybe so that we can learn something more.

While most of the videos are short, above you can watch a great interview with Nick Sampson (the face of Faraday Future) with a bunch of tough questions from TechCrunch.

The first is “What the hell is that?“. Absolutely a must watch.

The completely different production model (the one they will actually sell) is said to be available “in couple of years“. There probably will be another presentation and reservation launch before sales start, just like in the case of Tesla.

Faraday Future intends to use small cells instead of large ones and bring more than competitive range (which we assume means more than Tesla range).

The basis on which Faraday Future will build its future is VPA (Variable Platform Architecture), which would allow the company to build multiple cars, SUVs, trucks in FWD,RWD, AWD configurations for less cost. ¬†(It’s basically the skateboard concept that we are seeing many EV makers now develop towards to some degree or another)

Here are interesting insights from Frost & Sullivan’s Mobility Automotive & Transportation about the Faraday Future unveiling, followed by a whole bunch of other presentations, interviews and opinions:

“Richard Kim is the Head of Design at Faraday Future. He takes John McElroy on a design walkaround of the company’s first concept car the FFZERO1. But Kim doesn’t stop there. Also get a taste of where its production cars are headed and how Faraday Future is not designing your typical car.”

Secretive Tesla competitor Faraday Future unveiled the FFZero1 concept car at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show.

The startup automaker introduced an electric concept car, the FFZERO1, at CES 2016. But its goal is modular car design that makes fast development easy, much like a tech company. If it works, it could be a win for consumers.

Faraday Future unveiled a concept electric race car in Las Vegas. The California-based company backed by a Chinese billionaire could potentially rival Tesla. Fred Katayama reports.

Faraday Future, the upstart EV automaker from Gardena, California that aims to build a series of ‘rolling smartphones’ to compete with the likes of Tesla just unveiled its first-ever concept car. And we’re tingling all over.

KBB’s coverage of the Faraday Future FFZero 1 Concept at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show.

Faraday Future: Tesla-Killer or Huge Disappointment?

Faraday Future have unveiled their long awaited concept car at CES2016, now known as the FFZero1. It’s pretty radical, and not at all what everyone was expecting…pic from Tech Insider


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I sort of wonder if Faraday even has a Future.

They have lots of videos though, apparently..

They basically didn’t tell us much… yet.

Rule of Corporate Naming #126 –

Any company or product with the word “Future” right in the name, has no future.

It seems that they think they can repeat the Tesla “Secret Plan” of building an expensive sports car, then a less expensive luxury car, then a moderately priced mass market car. But Tesla already started that process a decade ago. It is too late for another company to start all over with the same plan.

Yes, like the Mirai, future in Japanese, and how is that future working out?
Humans are funny. You say in conversation and then a few moments later someone says it back to you, like they thought of it.
So, FF is like that person, while Elon Musk has already moved on.


Farady Future, we need an EV for the MASSES. Not another carbon fiber trimmer supercar. Or a stereo that ‘knows’ what music we like and generates a playlist for us.

Sincerely, Planet Earth

This FF thing is a huge dissapointment, we basically don’t have any more info than 3 months ago…

“Faraday Future”? More like “Faraday Flop”.

We will come back in a few years to review your comment. It is easy to criticize difficult to be constructive.

So now that we know behind the curtain was the goat, not the shiny new car, why is Faraway Faraday Future still getting attention?

I believe formula e racing (I mean the electric cars racing, not sure it is called formulla e) is more important for car electrification than this. IMHO we should not be here the echo chamber of all the hype produced by very few EV/PHEV car makers taking into account that many mostly shut up and deliver (Chrysler for example) and therefor deserve more of our attention. I am very glad to see a very high volume of comments on the Bolt recently for example.

Is it just me, or does Nick Sampson remind you of a thinner/older Karl Pilkington?

Wow, that first video was painful to watch.

It sure was. A rude arrogant interviewer and and a interviewee with no appeal, charisma, or good information to reveal, I cringed alot as a viewer.

I’ve been working on it for days, and I’m still not finished. It’s painful to watch more than three minutes at a time.

Let’s make an amendment to Betteridge’s law of headlines. The amendment will state that any product or review that has the phrase “Tesla Killer” in it is NOT a Tesla killer.

This is just plain dumb. I don’t want a bat mobile. I need a car I can use

I still can’t figure out what they were thinking.

Seems like the hype, attempt at mystery, then the disappointing reveal– seem eerily similar to when “IT” (i.e., the Segway), was poorly mishandled in one of the most classic PR fiascoes to promote a product / company.

But this is actually worse: because this wasn’t even a production intent design, that in no way helped pragmatic consumers see if they might be interested in this company’s products.

I have been tempted to post this very comparison, several times. Yeah, this seems to be the EV equivalent of the IT / Ginger / Segway publicity campaign.

Generate a lot of hype and publicity, yet show nothing to keep people curious… then when you finally do a reveal, it’s nothing special and a huge disappointment.

Gratified to be able to say I called it right on my very first post in response to InsideEV’s first article about Faraday Future… even though I got jumped on by several people castigating me for my skepticism.

Why am I thinking of the Fisker Karma?

They probably have the same future…

If they can put a normal car body on their platform, they can have a future.