Faraday Future Hires Former EV1 Boss


Now Meets Old: Tesla Model S Lined Up Next to GM EV1

Now Meets Old: Tesla Model S Lined Up Next to GM EV1

Electric start-up Faraday Future is in the process of building a team of highly qualified individuals, as it pushes towards the launch of its first electric car.

Now, we’ve learned that Faraday has landed Pete Savagian. Though not a household name, Savagian is actually one of the electric car pioneers from the modern era.

Savagian’s most notable accomplishment is the General Motors EV1. He lead the powertrain development team that worked on the EV1.

As Autocar reports:

Savagian announced his move on LinkedIn, where he lists himself as Faraday Future’s vice president for engineering and says he will “lead engineering operations for powertrain, battery and related high voltage systems.”

Savagian has more than a decade of experience in the electric car field in a variety of roles.

There’s been all sorts of Faraday-related news of late, but little concrete information is available in regards to the launch date of its first electric car, which itself is still shrouded in a high level of secrecy too.

Source: Autocar

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I was under the impression that all EV1’s were destroyed by GM.And that Done were left in private hands.

I’ve seen contradictory claims; that a very few were saved from the crusher and are in the hands of collectors, or that the EV1s you see today are just salvaged (or replica) shells of the car, without the original powertrain inside.

I have seen the one donated to University of Wisconsin, Madison, and it has been driven! The ones donated to Universities, were stripped of Motor, Battery, and controller, and except for the donation to the Smithsonian Museum, which was required to be a running copy, all others had to scavenge parts from commercial Chevy S10 EV’s, as there were generally the same parts, to make them work, and reprogramming was required, too!

They weren’t given to private collectors (unless you call museums private). There were a few dozen, 40 or so cars given to museums and universities. A few universities demanded the car to be in pristine condition, on the promise from GM that they would not be driven on public road.

The FACT is GM also made over 100 EV1 S-10 pickups with the same drive train and various batteries. The trucks were all bought by EVbones and re-engineered to take the NiMH advanced batteries, touched up and sold to people who wanted them all over the Northeast and North Central cooler areas. They got the EV1 car batteries from the people who were driving them to the recycling yards. GM never figured it out until it was over.
Also a few of the cars were donated with no batteries or drive system and with the rule they would never be used on the road. BYU has 1 that got a used EV1 Truck system put in it. The Washington Smithsonian museum has one and a few other educational places.

From wiki…

The majority of the repossessed EV1s were crushed, and about 40 were delivered to museums and educational institutes with their electric powertrains deactivated, under the agreement that the cars were not to be reactivated and driven on the road. About 20 units were donated to overseas institutions. The only intact EV1 was donated to the Smithsonian Institution.

Chevron-Texaco bought the patent for the NiMH battery and then insisted that you “Never can plug it in” thus allowing it only for hybrids with the gas engine as the primary power source. GM had leased the EV1 so Chevron forced them to take (most of) them back after the lease expired and crush them. However, Toyota had also used the NiMH battery in the RAV4 EV and ‘sold’ those (instead of leased) so Chevron couldn’t force the crushing of RAV4 EVs but they did force Toyota to shut down their large NiMH factory in 1999 and stop further production of the RAV4 EV from using the NiMH batteries. To this day Toyota still seems to be leery of plug-ins probably because they don’t want to jeopardize their NiMH battery supply for the Prius hybrid.

Ovonics sold the rights to GM believing they were interested in EVs, then GM sold the battery rights to Texaco, who was bought by Chevron. It was a shock to the Ovonics founders that GM would sell the rights.

One of the restrictions placed by Chevron was NO large format batteries were to be produced by any of the licensees. That left D size as the largest cell, hence the use in hybrids but not plug in hybrids nor EVs.

What is your source of information?

I wonder in Chrvron-Texaco has Consumer Reports shares?

Faraway Faraday Future keeps polishing up their vaporware. See how shiny it is? (Pay no attention to the fact that they haven’t shown a working prototype.)

Magna International is one of the biggest players in the automotive industry,.. and yet still haven’t “shown a working prototype” despite having been founded in 1957.

Is Magna a scam?

Magna is Not a Scam & was not found in 1957 …Frank Stronach wasn’t even on these shores in 1957 …He was still in Germany .They are as Real as it Gets. Even though their EV may not Be real..

BTW…Frank Stronach Started a one man tool & die shop Called MUTIMATIC in 1957..In Germany

Toronto is in Canada (where what is now Magna International Inc. was founded) and Frank Stronach is originally from Austria.

Besides missing those 2 things, I think you’re missing my point as well.

It appears Faraday (like Apple, like Google, and probably others) is looking to be a big part of the coming autonomous drive revolution even if they don’t (or do) produce a “final product”.

I missed your point, too.

So, are you suggesting that FF, like Magna Steyr, is going to specialize in assembling cars for name-brand auto makers? And if so, what indications are there that this is FF’s plan?

Last I saw, FF’s plan was to make EVs here in the USA to be sold in China. I’m not seeing how that is at all similar to Magna Steyr’s business model.

I believe Magna supplies the power train for the Ford Focus EV.


Actually, that is not quite true! Magna DID SHOW a WORKING prototype – to Ford, of a Focus EV, from which you got the Ford Focus Electric, that you have today!

Carcus said:

“Magna International is one of the biggest players in the automotive industry,.. and yet still haven’t ‘shown a working prototype’ despite having been founded in 1957.”

Magna Steyr, a subsidiary of Magna International, in addition to assembling cars for established auto makers, created its own MILA badge to showcase its technology.

Several MILA concept cars have been showcased at auto shows. Here’s one:


Those would be working prototype cars, Carcus. And not the fake concept/prototype that FF shows; the one that doesn’t have a drivetrain or front wheels that can steer.

More info about the MILA badge here:


I think you’re purposely mixing terms (concept vs. working prototype) and treading into sophist territory.

It makes NO SENSE to hold a “normal looking/working prototype” up as proof of viability when the business pursued by Faraday (and Apple, and Google, and others) is NOT normal because there is no precedent. That business has not yet come into being and those products are not yet available for sale.

Autonomous electric drive vehicles (in whatever form they take) for use on public roads will be a whole new ball game and could bring more change to the world than the internet has.

If you’ll back up and take a look, I think you’ll realize that there is a ton of money flying around with this “new ball game” in mind. Whether or not Faraday Future will succeed as part of it remains to be seen.

You Are right to Question their intent. My take on this FF Faraday Future or as I like to call them ”Final Fantasy” is that all they have produced so far is Questionable Inverters . Seems like a ponzi scheme to me!!!

I think Faraday Is far away from building an actual working car , Faraday is blowing smoke up our collective Butts.

I am sorry that they are not Tesla but calling out Faraday as vaporware/scam at this point is pure FUD…

It’s not at all FUD to point out that FF has made some pretty big promises, promises that industry watchers find wholly unrealistic, such as claiming they were going to put a car into mass production within two years after first promoting the company, and promoting “artist concepts” of factories with absurd designs which appeared inspired by watching “The Jetsons” rather than being practical designs for an auto assembly plant. It’s not FUD to call FF a “vaporware” company, because at the moment, that’s all their over-the-top, frankly unbelievable claims amount to. Despite all the top talent the company has hired, they have yet to show they can build even a working drivetrain for an EV automobile, let alone a driveable prototype. It’s also not FUD to point out the many disquieting similarities between FF and companies which, in the past, have turned out to be scams. Now, it would be premature to state as fact that FF is a scam. There isn’t sufficient evidence to claim that. As has been pointed out by at least one reasonable person here, it’s possible that FF is the result of a rich entrepreneur with deep pockets, but a wholly unrealistic business plan.… Read more »

Sounds a bit like Tesla…!

It looks like this news is solely based on a LinkedIn status change. Changing one’s job on LinkedIn is “polishing vaporware?” I’ll wager that, had he not updated LinkedIn, you would have claimed he was too embarrassed to admit to working for FF. When you have no standards, the pejorative possibilities are endless.

Four Electrics said: “When you have no standards, the pejorative possibilities are endless.” Yes, your own posts certainly show that in action. Your strategies of ignoring facts and never, ever acknowledging mistakes certainly does leave you free to throw out undeserved insults as you please, doesn’t it? As you demonstrated right there. Four Electrics also said: “It looks like this news is solely based on a LinkedIn status change. Changing one’s job on LinkedIn is ‘polishing vaporware?’ ” If this was an isolated incident, then you would have a legitimate complaint about my post. But FF has established a pattern of hiring qualified, experienced auto designers and engineers, and using that news as PR to try to convince everyone that they’re on the road to accomplishing something real. If FF has not yet put out a press release bragging about hiring Pete Savagian, we can be sure they will soon. Faraday Future needs to keep polishing that vaporware, because without anything except a fake, non-working “concept car” to back up their claims, the shine keeps wearing off rather quickly. It’s very noticeable, “Four Electrics”, that perpetual Tesla bashers like you never compare Faraday Future to Tesla’s early startup days. A… Read more »


Navigation engineer departs for mysterious automaker Faraday Future

Also of interest is Lyft’s rejection of a takeover bid from GM.

Lots of money and personnel being tossed into the autonomous future.

I guess that means you can own a Faraday Future only for a year. After that they will take it away from you again and crush it.

Great score for Faraday. Savagian played a major role on the electrical side of both the Gen 1 and Gen 2 Volt’s powertrain engineering. His skill-set is world-class and very current. A few more key engineers like Peter with the right skill/experience set can turn FF’s current vaporware vision into street-driveable hardware/software. Maybe we better quit chuckling so much about FF’s seemingly-impossible dream.

Faraway Futures have been on a hiring spree of some big talent, let’s hope they make something out of it.

Congrats to Mr. Savagian on the new gig! 🙂

Few if any brilliant EV1 Folks left at GM anymore. No wonder they farmed out the Bolt electronics to LG…

If Las Vegas/Nevada keep screwing with Faraday I am all for Tucson offering them the same deal they offered Tesla for their battery factory…

It will be interesting to see how this pans out. With a big enough checkbook, you can certainly hire a lot of rock stars, but getting all these folks (and their egos) to work together as a cohesive and productive team is the real trick. I am not sure I have seem the person or the vision that can get all these marquee hires pulling in the same direction.

Yes. If Faraday Future is going to actually accomplish anything, then their first challenge isn’t to build an EV prototype. The first challenge is to build a functioning team of engineers and designers who can build that prototype.

Peter Savagian is the guy who clarified that 2014 SparkEV motor does indeed produce 400 ft-lb of torque after lots of comments in insideevs couldn’t believe such high torque from “tiny” car without gearing. It’s a huge loss for GM, but FF just got a lot brighter. Best of wishes for Pete on his new adventure.

That whirring sound you are hearing?
That’s Michael Faraday spinning in his grave.

Spinning? Like an electromagnetic rotary device ….?

You got it.