Faraday Future Hires Contractor To Build Car Factory

Faraday Future Hanford factoryRendering


Faraday Future has secured building permits and chosen a contractor to begin work on its Hanford production facility.

Despite a laundry list of problems, Faraday Future announced that Bernard will be contracted to work on its one-million square foot automotive factory in Hanford, California. Bernard is a commercial manufacturing firm headquartered in San Fernando, California. It wasn’t disclosed if Faraday selected this company as a first choice or if it was one of few contractors willing to work with a startup that has made a reputation for stockpiling unpaid bills.

Work already began at the site in March, including a mix of demolition and construction. Additionally, an initial wave of production equipment has already made its way into the factory and is currently in the testing stages. Now, Faraday has received official approval from the city of Handford to begin large-scale site work.

Prior to Faraday’s work at the Handford facility, it was vacated as of February first. At that time, the company began setting plans in place for work related to the current structure’s exterior and interior, as well as strategies for implementing production equipment in order to get the manufacturing process underway prior to the close of 2018.

The startup chose the factory in Hanford since it sits between Silicon Valley and Los Angeles (key areas for EV adoption) and was a “turn-key” establishment. Faraday has already connected with the city of Hanford to move forward on recruiting and hiring. Moreover, training programs have begun in the area and some hiring is already taking place. The company’s goal is to hire up to 1,300 workers.

Source: Green Car Congress

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Poor contractor has no idea what they are getting themselves into… But I guess if they do not get paid, they can lien/forclose, and then start their own car company…

To be fair they received another round of financing and abandoned tRumpanomics. (not paying contractors)

Lucid, Rivian, Workhorse, Fisher et al continue to forge ahead. It should get interesting in the next couple of years.

Now that is resilience.. all the best. Meanwhile my EV enthusiasts ant stop bashing them.

“Meanwhile my EV enthusiasts ant stop bashing them.”

Go ahead. They deserve all the bashing they get.

Yeah, Love the BEV movement but FF is a step higher on my BS meter then even Elon Musk, and that is near the top.

Dave, as always, you can’t make a comment on any non-Tesla topic without commenting on Tesla. Instead of taking the criticism on board, feel free to thumbs me down, though.

That is because he is a serial anti-Tesla troll posing as a gravel contractor and probably and almost certainly a shorter and probably insanely jealous of Elon Musk’s ballsy success.

“…you can’t make a comment on any non-Tesla topic without commenting on Tesla.”

You took the words right out of my keyboard.

These guys really need to let go of their obsession with a certain Silicon Valley EV maker!

And You are over the Top ! Have another Scotch ! ……….. lmao

What day is the Bobcat rodeo scheduled for?

Faraday Future, where the next big thing is always in the future.

And the Future is DEATH!

Um, okay.

No, FF, No. ROFLMAO. Neglect the THOTs on teen heirs!

I wonder if the guys dressed in black who pushed the “self driving car” at the unveiling when the lights dimmed and it wouldn’t move, are still working there. It!d be fun to interview those guys.

Very Embarrassing Interviews …I felt Embarrassed for them ..Their Interviews were an Embarrassment and a Sham at best .

Anchor ! Here we go again ! Poor contractor is Right ! I hope the Contractor Knows how to Cover their ASSets .

Faraday Future is a joke many conservatives would love for Tesla to be a Faraday Future in structure and management LOL CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP FOLKS co2.earth

This explains why I’ve been unable to reserve a Bobcat rental in Hanford…..

Hands-down funniest comment EVER posted to InsideEVs was the following picture…

comment image

…with the caption “Bobcats in their natural habitat”.

haha! Looks like some toys out there making dust.. Not going to get ay real work for a 1M sq ft factory with those little toys, they are for landscaping…

Let me guess, they hired the Bluth Company.

Is this zombie company still tottering along? Someone needs to cut its head off!

(But only figuratively, of course.)

Yet they seriously claim they will start shipping cars by year end 2018. Always interesting to watch their story.