Faraday Future Gives Us A Peek At Its Future Production Electric Vehicle

APR 3 2016 BY JAY COLE 20

Faraday Future Shows Off Its FFZERO1 At This Weekends Formula E In Long Beach...but more importantly was the teaser behind it!

Faraday Future Shows Off Its FFZERO1 At This Weekends Formula E In Long Beach…but more importantly was the teaser behind it!

Everyone remembers Faraday Future’s big splash into the electric vehicle segment.

The media blitz started, an announced billion dollar factory investment in Las Vegas, comparisons to Tesla were made. Then media invitations to attend Faraday’s private debut for its first electric vehicle.  The anticipation and hyek surrounding that event reached near Tesla proportions.

People Expected The Next Model S or Model 3 From Faraday In Las Vegas In January...instead they got a design project

People Expected The Next Model S or Model 3 From Faraday In Las Vegas In January…instead they got a design project

And then they showed the car…it was certainly no Tesla Model 3.

It was the FFZERO1 – a high-tech, single seat, ~1,000 HP concept car that someone around the office had sketched up earlier “one of the designers was doodling on a crazy performance car looking thing”.

Basically it was everything that nobody wanted, and Faraday Future squandered a big opportunity to impress.

At the event, the company did take the time to map out plans for a future production vehicles, scheduled to arrive in a “couple years” time, and explain its innovative  VPA electric vehicle program (Variable Platform Architecture) – which is basically a plug-in skateboard platform that can morph into any form necessary.

Another Shot Of The FFZERO1 From The "E Village" (InsideEVs/Warren M)

Another Shot Of The FFZERO1 From The “E Village” (InsideEVs/Warren M)

With this VPA architecture (video presentation below) Faraday could easily add or subtract range, have multiple drive configurations, allow for front, rear or AWD, etc.  And those are the vehicles that are promised to be coming shortly from Faraday Future.

“The VPA will enable FF to minimize production costs, deliver exceptional quality and safety, dramatically increase its speed to market, and could easily support a range of vehicle types and sizes. FF applied the high performance FFZERO1 Concept to the VPA in order to maximize the platform’s potential and showcase its flexibility.”

Unfortunately, no one could hear what anyone was saying over the disappointment of the FFZERO1, and we filed them away to the back of our minds.

Faraday Future Title Sponsors FIA Formula E Long Beach ePrix

Faraday Future Title Sponsors FIA Formula E Long Beach ePrix

This weekend however, Faraday was finally ready to give us a ‘new’ sneak peek at the future.

While InsideEVs attended the Formula E in Long Beach (a great production btw), an event Faraday Future came on to be a title sponsor of at the last minute, the company showed off a concept teaser sketch of what could be its first mass production car from that facility that is now being built in North Las Vegas from its Formula E show booth.

Although the teaser was just a silhouette highlighting Faraday Future’s platform, it has a swoopy shape that says “production”.

Will this be Faraday’s first EV offering to the people?  One thing is for sure, they can’t show it off soon enough!

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Oh I so hope it will be a single seater large SUV.

That would be hilarious!

Yea ! These guys are 0ff the Wall! NutS!….But I do hope they have success…Competition is always good!

deborah crazy train flower power

Wow !!!!!! It is the Bat Moblie gone electric !!!!!!! 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!

Is it me or are they TRYING to be irrelevant?

The whole company just oozes of “eight-year-old”. It doesn’t seem like there’s any vision, just wild ideas. First they speak of how people won’t own their cars in the future, but share a pool. That makes a lot of sense in the somewhat distant future where cars can actually drive themself, so that you can summon it when you need it, but not so much in the soon-upon-us era where the car can pretty much drive itself yet still requires a driver, if only for legal reasons… and then they proceed to show us a race car. Then it all goes quiet for a long time and we hear only about a factory in Nevada, and then this – another hopelessly ridiculous car that does nothing to advance the technology, is utterly impractical, and would just make anyone driving it look very stupid.

I’m sorry to be so negative, but I cannot see a shred of good in what Faraday has shown us since that car-sharing video. They could hardly have presented cars that clash more with the vision they initially seemed to stand for, and it just ends up looking confused.

I doubt the majority of people will EVER get their cars from a “pool”. I don’t want to have to deal with vomit all over the seats before taking a drive, or used condoms on the backseat.

Why would there be vomit all over it? You do realize that you can detect that and then have the person responsible pay for cleaning up the damages done? Obviously there would be stipulations in the contract that you are responsible for keeping the car clean.

What about seats in the airplane or cinema – they are used seveal times a day ny different people who could vomit or do other things… and just imagine what happens in puplic restrooms. People literaly do … you know …

..This 0ne SIZE FITS ALL frame Weakens As The wheel Base is increased.& gets stronger & HEAVIER as the wheel base is shortened ,With this Mid Frame Double wall “Frame in Frame” Sliding system .,You Need stronger for a Longer wheel Based Frame , to avoid too much Body Flex… I DON”T KNOW???? This must be an 0ngoing GAG!

WRT body flex; wouldn’t the battery casings, between the frames, offer the stiffening reqiured?

I believe it would as at least the bottom of the battery casing would be a single piece, that should make for a rather rigid structure.

I remember reading that the cooling plate in the Bolt EV battery pack provided extra rigidity to the chassis.

Wow, a “concept teaser sketch”. This is practically at the stage of being a full-blown idea! Make my reservation now!

Yeah, that one step past “talking about it with your mates at the pub”

That “variable platform architecture” is pretty useless. The base platform of a car is a tiny fraction of the development time for a whole car. You still have to design everything around the car, the exterior, the interior, tooling and whatever else. It’s not going to save significant a amount of time to use this variable platform instead of just doing a copy&paste job from the previous car you developed. And what if you need a wider or narrower car? Whoops, suddenly the variable platform became unusable!

Nice video though..

I really like the hook, attached to the front of their Batmobile. It is screaming “I cannot drive by myself…”

>This must be an 0ngoing GAG!

Yeah… the top executives are named Ralph and Chuck.

chelsea sexton said she saw the car already.

A single seat EV is certainly impressive but I challenge FF to design a no-seat EV! Just build an autonomous car that can drive anywhere. The owner programs the destination, steps back, and his FF does all the work!