Faraday Future Gets Green Light For Factory In California


Faraday Future FFZERO1 Concept

Faraday Future FFZERO1 Concept

As we previously reported, Faraday Future was set to have a meeting with the Vallejo City Council concerning the purchase of property on Mare Island for a future vehicle manufacturing plant. The meeting was held on Tuesday, May 31st and the vote came out unanimous for the six-month negotiating agreement to move forward.

Faraday Future VPA Platform

Faraday Future VPA Platform

The deal will be for the acquisition of a 157 acre former U.S. Naval shipyard that Faraday will demolish and rebuild from the ground up. It will qualify as the company’s second site (Faraday broke ground in April for site number one in North Las Vegas, about 500 miles south of Tesla’s Gigafactory) and will house a manufacturing facility, plus a customer experience and education center for test driving and taking delivery of vehicles. Kathleen Diohep, Vallejo’s manager for economic development said:

“It’s going to be a destination and a factory. It’s going to bring people to Vallejo.”

The agreement will be initially negotiated inside of a six-month time frame with possible extensions. The goal will be to set details in place for Faraday’s forward movement on the project. Just the negotiation process will cost Faraday $200,000 plus any legal and consulting fees that the city incurs.

The new site will be an ideal location for Faraday as it’s in the San Francisco Bay Area, close to Silicon Valley. This area is very sought after for tech companies and much property is already accounted for. Faraday’s manufacturing VP, Dag Reckhorn shared:

“We like the maritime flair, we like the history. It will fit very, very nicely into what we want to be.”

Faraday Future, at first thought to be a farse or some secret spin off of another established company, is becoming very forward with its movement and intentions. It was only January when the company publicly unveiled its FFZERO1 concept car at CES in Las Vegas. Although it will be a few years before the first plant is completed, and negotiations are pending on this second site, Faraday is showing its seriousness.

Nick Sampson of Faraday Future assured that the company will have fully developed prototypes of production level vehicles ready prior to the close of the year.

Sources: LA Times, Business Insider

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Why two factories?

They need one to cut the cardboard and another to glue it together.

One on each side of the San Andreas Fault?

That would make their production “Fault Tolerant”.


HaHa! so when it fails they can say it’s not our fault.

They’re expecting demand to go plaid.

I’m sure they’ll announce a third and fourth factory soon. Easy to build cars when they are made of vapor.

One factory to generate the vapor, the other to package it? 😉

Nuclear submarines are soooooo….. .. yesterday.

Nuclear cars, on the other hand, are soooo… faraway future!

> Faraday Future, at first thought to be a farse

At first? I’ve seen nothing so far to suggest anything but farce! As a matter of fact, they seemed a lot MORE serious when the only thing we knew about it was they lacked the inventiveness to come up with an original name.

Lets make a new electric car company and name it after some physics dude other than Tesla that is also associated with electricity. Check.

Let’s get a site next to Gigafactory. There’s probably some reason why it’s a good place to be… Check.

Let’s get a place close to Unnamed Car Factory in Fremont. Yay, we’re gonna be the Silicon Valley car maker!

The unveil of the hopelessly crude and perfectly irrelevant FFZERO1 concept, and especially the way it meshed with their announced plans (in that video about car sharing) in much the same way that bricks hang suspended in air (hint: they don’t), was just the clincher that convinced the doubters this is a kid with too much money making a fool of himself, not a company that’s going to bring stuff worth considering to the table!

Rename request: faraway future.

Faraday Money Laundry

Maybe that “fool kid” has got rail service that’ll connect his ‘final assembly’ plant to his battery plant…. an ocean to connect to cheap Chinese parts and labor….and we know he’s near the intellectual nerve center for autonomous drive development.

Maybe he’s got Tesla’s open patents …. and maybe he’s just far enough back to avoid all those arrows that end up in the pioneer’s back side.

Maybe he’s smarter than you think.

Umm,yeah. +1

Sounds like someone is short LeTV stock.

” …the same way that bricks hang suspended in air… ”

They do, you just need to purchase the Siemens Airhooks™.

Yet another example why this company appears, at least to clueless me, utterly clueless:

“Although it will be a few years before the first plant is completed […]

Nick Sampson of Faraday Future assured that the company will have fully developed prototypes of production level vehicles ready prior to the close of the year.”

What kind of plan is that? Fully develop he product by end of 2016. Plan to begin manufacturing it “a few years” from now. In the mean time, relax and take a deep breath or something.

Whatever you do, don’t HOLD your breath!

Perhaps you missed the word “prototype.” As we’ve seen with the Model X, a prototype is pretty far removed from the production version.

For a company that, so far, has no tangible vehicle, they certainly spend a lot of money. So far there is no car, no distribution network, no completed factory, no charging network, and most importantly, no interested customers. What can they build that will be even incrementally better than a Tesla? Maybe they are building for the Chinese market, where they can use political muscle to sell cars.

Google is working on “something”
Apple is working on “something”
Faraday is working on “something”

Something = subscription based autonomous EV

It’s not really a car. It’s a replacement for the car.

Inside Faraday Future, the secretive car company chasing Tesla

“Both Apple and Google are angling to gain control of people’s digital lives, whether at home, on their phone, or in their car. The two tech giants envision a model in which you don’t have to own a phone or a car. You merely buy a subscription to the services these devices provide.

That helps explain the feeding frenzy among automakers trying to pair off with ride-sharing companies, including GM’s $500 million investment in Lyft back in January, Volkswagen’s stake in Gett, and Toyota’s investment in Uber, among others. As Forbes contributor Bertel Schmitt points out, however, none of these mobility services could exist if the automakers didn’t manufacture the cars.

But to ignore Apple’s well-financed march toward mobility services would be a huge mistake for established automakers. The question is, will they be able to stop it?”

Why Automakers Should Fear Apple, Not Tesla

Hmmmm…I didn’t realize how “very near” north Las Vegas was to Reno/Sparks.

I caught that too. I wouldn’t describe them as near to each other, let alone very near.

The story in general seems poorly researched and written, but maybe it’s just me.

I agree, the story is not well thought out…It’s like saying Stanford University is just located right next to Sea World San Diego. (With only 8 hours of driving time)

Its simple, Gigafactory will deliver batteries to Farady ;D

“Faraday Future, at first thought to be a farse [sic]…”

Thought to be a farce at second and third, too!

Why is it appropriate that the non-functioning prop they’re pretending is a “concept car” is named the “FFZERO1”? Because it has ZERO chances of leading to an actual production car.

Without a compelling product, the investments they are making are rather risky. What little they have announced and shown thus far hasn’t appealed to, or impressed me in the least either.

Even worse than the lack of a real, driveable prototype is the lack of a realistic business plan. You can’t start a new auto manufacturing business with only 250 million dollars. You need something like 1.5 billion dollars.

The original claim that they would start producing a car within two years of the original announcement is equally unrealistic.

I really, really cannot understand why any informed person would defend Faraway Faraday Future. Either the entrepreneur is hopelessly clueless about the reality of what’s needed for an automotive startup — significantly more clueless than Tesla’s leaders were in its early days, and Elon recently admitted they were pretty naive about what they were getting into — or else FF is simply a scam.

I would say it’s because you really, really can’t think outside of the box.

Uber is valued at north of 50 billion dollars. Company was started in 2009. They have proven the business model (as has Lyft and several others) and they’re just getting started.

Now imagine that you own “new uber”,
— new uber drivers work for free.
— new uber drivers work 24/7 and never complain.
— new uber gets fuel at about 1/2 to 1/3 of old uber fuel
— new uber vehicle maintenance is about 1/5 of old uber maintenance.

Can you hear that bell I’m ringing?
Can you smell what the Carcus is cooking?
Are you picking up what I’m putting down?

/Jia Yeuting is worth something like 4 to 7 billion and I’d be surprised if he doesn’t have partners. He can build a factory.

… having said all that,

What’s really, really important is all that intellectual property … all the silicone valley know how that can get those autonomous taxis to navigate around and coordinate through “new uber”. Once Yeuting’s got all that, … I don’t suppose there would be anything stopping him from loading all his factory robots off the dock at Mare Island and heading back home to China.

carcus said:

“I would say it’s because you really, really can’t think outside of the box.

“Uber is valued at north of 50 billion dollars. Company was started in 2009. They have proven the business model…”

Uber is a service business. Auto manufacturing is a heavy industry. Uber doesn’t have to spend billions of dollars on a huge factory, nor buying, installing, and fine-tuning mass production lines. Nor does it have to train workers to build cars. Uber has relatively few actual employees; what it has is a lot of contract workers for whom (according to a Forbes article) “training” consists of watching a 13-minute video (link below).

Do you actually not see that there is virtually no similarity between the two business models at all? Thinking outside the box is good. Completely losing sight of the goal, not so much.

Link to Forbes article:


Pushmi, very little is publicly known about Faraway’s business model. Nothing you’ve mentioned is a physically impossible show stopper. Even a small start-up can make cars. Only the people Faraday has shared their model with are really in a position to say whether it is viable or not. Plenty of reason to be skeptical but that applies equally to current industry giants.

Pushmi-Pullyu said:
“Even worse than the lack of a real, driveable prototype is the lack of a realistic business plan.”

Apparently, Pushy doesn’t have to wait long before a real, driveable prototype hits the road. What will he say then?


I heard a rumor that they have about seven mules already testing on the road with nondescript bodies on them.

Port Chicago?

What’s with all these jokes? They haven’t issue a IPO so your money is not riding on their success. We should be celebrating another EV automaker. This is, after all, Insideevs not insideTesla.

If Tesla was a vaporware company repeatedly making grandiose and physically impossible promises while having neither a real prototype for their supposed product, nor a realistic business plan, then we’d be laughing at Tesla too. As a matter of fact, there were some calling Tesla a vaporware company back in 2008, for a short time after they announced the third delay of putting the Roadster into production. But even then, Tesla did have actual prototypes which investors could actually drive. And I’m not an investor. I can understand that those short-sellers who obsessively post about Tesla in an (apparently wholly futile) effort to drive down the stock price want to believe that everyone is as greedy as they are… but many of us watch the EV industry in general, and Tesla Motors specifically, because we’re interested in this tech revolution and how it will affect our world. And not in an effort to make money off it. I’m a fan of Tesla Motors because of what it has accomplished and is accomplishing. If and when Faraday Future actually accomplishes something worthy of praise, then I’ll praise them. But as they say: If it looks like a duck, walks like a… Read more »

Really? What promises has FF made to the general public? Did FF go on tweeter announced 500,000 EVs by 2018?

Here are the facts.
1. Ff has poached talent from all the leading automakers, spacex, Tesla, apple and other fields.

2. They are combining tourism and manufacturing by opening plants in Las Vegas and Bay area.

3. They are setting up agreements with technical schools to train future employees.

4. They are creating jobs in America when Ford, Mazda, VW, Toyota, Honda are running off to Mexico .

“The deal will be for the acquisition of a 157 acre former U.S. Naval shipyard that Faraday will demolish and rebuild from the ground up.”
It looks pretty demolished already. Just a bunch of grass/dirt.

They might be setting up a test track for autonomous features. A factory tour complete with autonomous test drive.



I wonder what the perfect “VPA” grocery delivery vehicle looks like?