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JAN 20 2018 BY MARK KANE 9

Faraday Future has released a new video on the aerodynamics of its all-electric model FF 91 that hopefully will move towards production in the not-too-far away future (one can dream).

Christmas at Faraday Future

Aerodynamics is one of the most important parts of EV design as it influences the most critical parameter – range.

In the case of FF 91, the target for drag coefficient was 0.26 – significantly less than 0.30 or more for an average passenger car.

Faraday Future states that the 10% better aerodynamic efficiency translates into 5% more range at highway speeds. Because the battery pack is set to be 130 kWh, 5% equate to a 6.5 kWh savings.

Testing the FF 91: Aerodynamics

At highway speeds, a 10% reduction in aerodynamic drag gives you a 5% improvement in range. FF 91 was designed to maximize airflow around the vehicle and increase energy output and efficiency, all without sacrificing luxury.

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But isn’t Tesla S 0.24?

Yes Tesla’s are .24. Their car it is the same as a Prius – good but not “overly stylistic video” worthy.

Stop stop just stop.

Moaned Michael Faraday, as he rolled over in his grave, again.

Tesla Model 3 is Cd =0.23 as per the Wiki page “Tesla Model 3”.

IMHO, the spoiler should be ‘below’ the back window to allow smooth airflow down the sloped back window and beyond.

You can explain that to the pros I guess lol. The top spoiler actually smoothes the separation of the air from the back or the window. Otherwise the air doesn’t just “flow” down the back it actually expands to fill the empty space behind the window creating a low pressure area and thus more lift and drag.

Awesome! So much better than the overheating Tesla.

John, as in the toilet? Don’t you love it when according to you vaporware is better than a current production car? Then again how much money have money have you lost on the short? I heard it is over a Billion that the Tesla shorters have lost in 2018 alone. Now like a big brown one please flush your fudness down the John.