Faraday Future FF 91 Spotted Following A Tesla Model X – Video


A camouflaged Faraday Future FF91 prototype was spotted on public roads in West Hollywood recently and it was seen following closely behind a Tesla Model X.

FF 91 Following Tesla Model X

The video above shows that both the FF91 and Model X are outfitted with a unique suite of sensors for self-driving.

We’re not entirely sure why Faraday is using a Model X for testing purposes, but it seems both vehicles have at least some of the sensors FF had mentioned awhile back:

“FF 91 will be the first production vehicle to feature retractable 3D lidar, a critical component to FF’s multi-layer redundancy features for autonomous driving.

Lidar is part of a complex sensor system including 10 high definition cameras, 13 long and short range radars and 12 ultrasonic sensors.”

Though testing may be underway, there’s no factory yet for Faraday to build its vehicles; in fact just yesterday we reported on the fact that all there is some flat, well-manicured dirt at the company’s North Las Vegas site.

Factory construction is far behind schedule; it has now been 16 months since the company ‘unleashed the Bobcats’, thus announcing the start of the build, and financial issues have been numerous for the startup automaker. It remains to be seen if FF can overcome its struggles and bring to life an actual vehicle for us to buy.

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Looks like the Model X will have a couple of competitors, before long. This FF91 and the Jaguar, as well.

They are not my cup of tea (too big) but I am glad to see them, anyway.

I agree need a 3/4 size model

The jag looks great.

Wow, Trashy Lingerie is still there! I never saw anybody in there when I used to drive by like every day. Wonder how they stay in business 😉

re-bodied Tesla ?

I love the comment at the end, “Is that the model 3?”, Hilarious.
How stupid do these other Auto makers look? Here’s Tesla, revealed the Model 3 well ahead of production, basically exact car you will buy. Then they do a pre-production run and have it on the road, no camouflage, just exactly what you are going to get (sans instrument cluster and all). While all the other manufacturers try to camouflage their vehicle, basically don’t tell you anything about it, and consequently lose any excitement or anticipation.
Tesla has shown them so many new ways to do this business and they still have not been able to leverage it, replicate it or otherwise change the way they do things. Pretty sad, really.
Oh, I guess VW are trying hard with all their concepts, but they just have to get a product on the market, so they are really no better and actually probably a bit worse because of it.

“We’re not entirely sure why Faraday is using a Model X for testing purposes…”

The obvious answer is that Faraday Failure Future is backed by a Chinese entrepreneur, and the Chinese habitually (if poorly) copy tech from first world countries… especially the Tesla Model X with its cutting-edge semi-autonomous driving technology.

Less clear is why FF would still be spending money trying to develop a car, since it’s obvious the company is rapidly heading for bankruptcy.

That ‘cutting-edge tech’ is looking more like ‘corner cutting’ the further along we get into seeing where other manufacturers are in the autonomous game.

Weird. They claim to be a Silicon Valley and also a So Cal company, “building” a factory in Nevada, but the car has Michigan manufacturer plates on it.

Michigan is probably the ‘friendly’ state to license prototypes for the road.

Kirk Steudle, director of the Michigan Department of Transportation, told The Detroit News that the electric car startup contacted him in January – when they hired Becker – about how to apply for plates to test self-driving vehicles in the state.

The state official has confirmed that the company has since applied for three manufacturer license plates, which is part of the requirements to test autonomous vehicles in Michigan. A Faraday Future representative did confirm the plates will be used to help test “various FF-vehicle prototypes”, but it didn’t confirm (or deny) that the prototypes will be autonomous.

Probably one of the three.

Well, we’ll see if the Faraway Future FF 91 ever enter the market.
Nice if they do, and no disaster if they don’t.

So after I hear ‘be sure to get the interior ( couple of times), and ‘have to be obnoxious’… I was like, hell yeah. This guy knows what he is doing.
Then I hear, “Is that a Model 3?”. *facepalm*

Either way. Huge thanks for the couple that uploaded the video. Kinda cool to see how far the FF91 has, or hasn’t, come.

Probably trying to school the FF how to drive by following the Model X.
Like monkey see monkey do.