Faraday Future FF 91 Shows Up In Matte Black


Lookin’ all bad ass, the matte black Faraday Future FF 91 that debuted at the Mother’s car show is the most striking version of the FF 91 we’ve seen to date.

Faraday Future FF 91

Faraday Future FF 91

Recently, we saw a lightly camouflaged Faraday Future FF 91 following a Tesla Model X down public roads, but now with this uncovered matte black FF 91 popping up, we’re not so sure why camo was applied to the road going electric car.

It was some three months ago when Faraday Future first fully removed the wraps from the FF 91, so its days of hiding should be long behind us now.

Back to the matte black FF 91. It perhaps looks a bit more tied together design wise than the kinda two-tone jobs or dotted ones we’ve seen before, but the electric Faraday still is no looker in our eyes. It’s design is rather busy and it’s just not pulled together really, but the matte black example is probably the best looking FF we’ve seen thus far.

Some 64,000 plus “reservations” have been placed for the FF 91, but there’s still no firm start-of-production date for the car, nor is there a factory in which to make the car.

Faraday Future FF 91 Test Drive Time!

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They should rename it to the FF-NOPE.

It’s a dark horse, it’s a dark race horse.

You have to imagine they’re hoping they get acquired…Wonder how much they’d realistically it could sell for?

Anybody else read their name as “Faraway Future” every time you see it?


So many words wasted over a car which will never be produced or marketed.

Dunno why so many people are negative about FF. Making a new electric car and a new car company is not an easy feat despite what Tesla has made it appear. Yes, they will make many mistakes and may likely fail, but we want them to try.

FF91 and Lucid Air looks sooo much better than any Tesla. They look like cars from 2025 🙂 0-60 is useless. And Ioniq EV is also more future (low energie consumpion- thats all about, hello?) than Model S wich is like tank! If there was all 3 available now Tesla would be in truble for sure. Its EV monopole that keeps Tesla hi in the sky.