Faraday Future Eyes Land In California For Site #2


Mare Island, Vallejo, California

Faraday Future’s Second Projected Site – Mare Island, Vallejo, California (Image Credit: Indianz)

Faraday Future, new electric car start-up, is working on preliminary negotiations to build a second manufacturing site. The site would be located on Mare Island in Vallejo, California. If the project is approved, it will become the first auto manufacturing plant built from “scratch” in California in many years.

The Vallejo city council announced that a special meeting regarding the project is scheduled for May 31. The waterfront site is a former U.S. Naval base, housing 157 acres on North Mare Island. It is over 1 million square feet of property zoned for light industrial, commercial use.

For years there have been prospects and hopes of a major employer moving in. Osby Davis, Vallejo mayor said:

“When we first started marketing this property, our first objective was good-paying jobs with green technology and an employer willing and able to make the necessary investment. Faraday Future and its plans to make Vallejo its second manufacturing site and bring green technology to Mare Island checks all the boxes.”

The upcoming meeting will be used to negotiate a timeline and terms. Specifics such as the number and size of buildings, along with the projected amount of jobs created, will be addressed. Negotiations are set to take as long as six months, with another possible three months of extended talks.

If the deal is granted, Faraday will pay the city an initial $200,000 for the site “as-is”. Also, the company will have to agree to pay another approximated $372,000 to cover the city’s legal and consultant fees. The city reported:

“Faraday Future recognizes that the site requires backbone infrastructure, demolition of existing buildings, and other site work to address the geotechnical conditions that are estimated to exceed $50 million.”

Faraday explained that the prospective property will have multiple functions. First, it will be used to manufacture electric vehicles. On top of this, Faraday hopes to build an “experience center” to educate customers. The center may allow people to visit and see the car-making process and even test drive vehicles.

The company is currently working on its $1 billion, 3 million square foot plant in North Las Vegas. Vehicle production won’t begin for a few years. The city reported:

“In recent months, it (Faraday Future) has introduced a first concept vehicle, displayed a vehicle platform designed to enable rapid development and production of an entire line of electric vehicles, and kicked off development of its first U.S. manufacturing facility in North Las Vegas. After evaluating 187 sites nationwide, Faraday Future chose Mare Island, Vallejo and the North Bay in large part due to its proximity to Silicon Valley, an employee base that can be trained to build cars, and a strong market for electric vehicles and new technology and transportation innovation.”

Source: Times-Herald

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“located on Mare Island in Vellejo, California. “…”The Vellejo city council”…” Osby Davis, Vellejo mayor said:”

You got it right in a couple places, and wrong everywhere else. Vallejo.

Independent Observer

Spelling is optional these days.


That’s a horse of a different color.


This company makes no sense at all. There’s no buzz about the company, anywhere. Will people buy a car they’ve never heard of, from a company whose name they can’t remember? At least California will be a little richer, I guess.

Four Electrics

If you try to generate buzz in advance with a concept car, you’re killed for being vaporware. If you stay stealthy until near launch, people complain they never heard of you. Dammed both ways.

Personally, I attribute irrational dislike of this company to Chinese xenophobia.


Actually, I disagree. If the company produced something Model 3-esque as their concept car then folks would take them more serious. But all they have is a ridiculous looking unrealistic concept car, so the vaporware comments follow.


No, it’s Chinese xenophobia.