Faraday Future Debuts The FF 91: 378 Miles Range, 0-60 MPH In 2.39 Seconds

Faraday Future

JAN 4 2017 BY JAY COLE 121

Live from Las Vegas ahead of the 2017 CES show, Faraday Future has taken the wraps off its first production-intent vehicle – the FF 91.

Faraday Future introduces the FF 91 (click to enlarge)

Faraday Future introduces the FF 91 (click to enlarge)

Right from the word ‘go’, Faraday’s Peter Savagian touted the FF 91’s performance saying that:

“We have developed the world’s greatest electric propulsion system.”

Total power of the FF 91 is reported at 783 kW/1,050 hp, and 0-60 mph in 2.39 seconds, making it faster than its most obvious competition, the Tesla Model X, and by a decent margin.

Faraday even brought both the Model X and Model S (P100DLs) and FF 91 on stage to show off its EV’s abilities in comparison (see video above), calling the Tesla EV’s abilities “commendable”.

Faraday Future Debuts The FF 91: 0-60 MPH In 2.39 Seconds

Faraday Future Debuts The FF 91: 0-60 MPH In 2.39 Seconds

Faraday Future FF 91 - Arriving in 2018

Faraday Future FF 91 – Arriving in 2018

As for the battery capacity, Faraday says it has both the high energy density cell and largest in the business at 130 kWh (which reminds of sister-car company Lucid Air’s optional 130 kW pack).

Faraday Future FF 91

Faraday Future FF 91

Total range?  In excess of 378 miles on the EPA adjusted scale, or 700 km on the optimistic NEDC rating system.

Faraday notes that a constant speed of 55 mph, the FF 91 will travel 482 miles.

L2 charging is offered on the car up to 15 kW, while the FF 91 can charge on DC fast charge at up to 200 kW.

Faraday classes the FF1 something between a mid to full size vehicle thanks to a large wheelbase, and 150+ cu feet of interior space.

Faraday Future FF 91: "A New Species"

Faraday Future FF 91: “A New Species”

Pricing is yet to be announced – other than to say that it will be “priced as a premium flagship model“, with estimated start of deliveries in 2018.

But if you just have to have the first one… Faraday Future says they will be “auctioning off” the first “Alliance Edition” Unit_01 in March – with proceeds to a environment protection fund (that will be revealed later).

Faraday Future FF 91 - reservations open now

Faraday Future FF 91 – reservations open now

And off you go FF 91. Ok, now off you go. Hrm, well how about now? Well, nevermind all that self-driving then.

And off you go FF 91. Ok, now off you go. Hrm, well how about now? Well, nevermind all that self-driving then.

Overall, the presentation went off fairly well, closing with an embrace for Faraday Founder Jia Yeuting

Overall, the presentation went off fairly well, closing with an embrace for Faraday Founder Jia Yeuting

We should note that the presentation was not flawless.  After announcing Faraday Founder Jia Yeuting (and his exit from a FF91 on stage), he was asked to demonstrate the EV taking itself off stage and “self parking” in valet mode.  Only problem…it didn’t happen.  Whoops.

“Ok, it seems like it is a bit, uh…lazy tonight.”

We should note that the FF 91 did eventually motivate itself under its own power at the end of the presentation, after a fairly intense dramatic pause.

Faraday Future FF 91

Faraday Future FF 91

Doors open for the FF 91

Doors open for the FF 91

Remote doors in operation

Remote doors in operation

On reservations:

Faraday Future FF 91 does a little self parking

Faraday Future FF 91 does a little self parking

Faraday Future has already opened “priority reservations”, for an initial deposit of $5,000.

This deposit gives one the ability to “upgrade” the reservation for one of the first “exclusive FF91 Alliance Editions” this March (think akin to Tesla’s “Founder’s Edition” we suppose), as well as a factory visit, test ride and a ticket to future launch events.

Faraday on the special edition:

The Alliance Edition

We will only release 300 exclusive FF 91 Alliance Edition models. Each will be uniquely personalized according to your customization preferences and specially built with a rare, edition-exclusive, paint color. You will also have the distinction of being one of a very select group of early owners.

Alliance Edition Benefits

  • Limited to 300 units with priority delivery
  • Exclusive exterior color: Silicon Valley Aluminum
  • Unique & personalized Alliance Edition digital interface
  • Unique Alliance Edition external badging
  • A portion of FF 91 Alliance Edition sales proceeds will be donated for environmental protection
  • Exclusive Membership to our ‘Futurist Club’
Faraday Future's Nick Sampson opens the presentation of the new FF 91

Faraday Future’s Nick Sampson opens the presentation of the new FF 91

Faraday Future FF 91 Quick stats:

  • 0-60 mph in 2.39 seconds
  • 1050 HP
  • 378 miles range (EPA)
  • Charging L2: up to 15 kW
  • Charging DCFC: up to 200 kW
  • ADAS Sensor Suite: 13 long and short range radars, 12 ultrasonic sensors, 10 high definition cameras, 1 3D retractable lidar
Faraday Future - more than 450 miles range at a consistent 55 mph

Faraday Future – more than 450 miles range at a consistent 55 mph


Length: 206.7”/ 5250mm
Wheelbase: 126″ / 3200mm
Width: 89.9″ / 2283mm
Height 62.9” / 1598mm


  • Driverless Valet Parking
  • Keyless Entry
  • Facial Recognition Tech
  • “Best in class” high-speed internet on the road

Also:  Check out Faraday Future’s mini-site on the FF 91 here.

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Cool beans, when is delivery and for what price ?

Did you ever get an answer regarding the price? I was wondering that as well…

That is what I like, futuristic good looking cars. They know how to design a car. Seems a bit wide though. Unless it is a typo.

Are you serious or sarcastic?
I know that everybody has different tastes, but this is one of the ugliest car designs i`ve seen. Something like Pontiac Aztec ugly kind of design. I would take a Tesla any day over this horrendous car even if it has less range or slower lol.
I don`t understand why they have to design electric cars ugly. I`m not a Tesla fanboy , but they know how to design a car lookwise.

I bet it won`t even make it to production!

But how does it look inside? There is no pic on the net at all!

I heard prices are 150-175’000USD

Does this car use Chamo or CSS charging or will it merge with the Tesla network?

I think it would be a deal killer if they made a forth charging standard.

I would personally use the Chamo network in that it’s quickly growing and already built and growing.

I got the distinct impression that they were going to use their own proprietary connector. They talked about that a bit. I was really disappointed.

That seems really short-sighted considering the proliferation of chademo EVSE out there. Must be relying entirely upon home charging then. But who wants (or would need) a DC fast charger at their residence?

I wouldn’t buy a $100,000 dollar car right now if it can’t use one of the three.

The logic now is this car company is having finical trouble and is only a start up. And if the car company goes under or becomes a not so big operation then they are not going to spend money on building charging stations.

They said it will use a universal connector to work with any of the existing major standards

Seems most manufacturers are letting go of Chademo. Even Renault (Nissan group), is going for CCS. Tesla is in the CharIn team, promissing 350Kw charging. Everything is pointing towards CCS.

I’m confident that you know that Renault was NEVER a CHAdeMO company. They were committed to “Chameleon” AC 22/43kW three phase charging. They jumped in with CCS-Combo 2 almost on day one (I doubt they’ll ever have an SAE CCS-Combo 1 inlet, since Renault doesn’t sell cars in the USA (I guess Canada is possible?).

Anyhoo, I’ll bet you can’t name a single company that “dropped” CHAdeMO in favor of CCS (or vice versa).

As to power levels, CHAdeMO and CCS are nearly identical:

CHAdeMO specification is:

50kW = 500 volts max * 125 amps max (really 62.5kW capable… 450 volts max for CCS)

100kW = 500 volts max * 200 amps (max initial design… 450 volts max for CCS)

150kW = 500 volts max * 350 amps (2017 launch, really 175kW capable… 450 volts max for CCS)

350kW = 1000 volts max * 350 amps (proposed summer 2016)

350kW = 850 volts max * 400 amps (possible CCS future standard)

Yes, I do know Renault was 3phase AC 43Kw. But they did announce the next ZOE would have CCS. I think this is a sign to come of where Nissan will be going too.
As far as I know, Chademo is still limited to 100Kw. I haven’t seen any indication of it going higher, but might be wrong. Interestingly, Japan (been there recently) is covered in Chademo points (7000 of them), and so stubornly hangs onto Chademo, that BMW had to adapt the i3 to Chademo for the Japanese market. I do think overall, CCS is a better system. There is no reason why we would need 4 systems. I think even Tesla will go for their own version of CCS (with the type 2 part of the combo plug allowing supercharging in Europe).

> Anyhoo, I’ll bet you can’t name a single company that “dropped” CHAdeMO in favor of CCS (or vice versa).

Hyundai offered CHAdeMO on the Soul EV (under the Kia brand), and switched to CCS for the IONIQ. All of the DCQC stations they have installed at their dealers are compatible with both CCS and CHAdeMO. I doubt they will offer CHAdeMO again in the US / EU.

BMW i3 in Japan dropped CCS in favor of CHAdeMO – inlet on rear quarter panel, J1772 inlet inside frunk. Bit of a hack job IMO and clearly done to make use of Japan’s overwhelming preference for CHAdeMO.

“Anyhoo, I’ll bet you can’t name a single company that “dropped” CHAdeMO in favor of CCS”

OK, how about Peugeot/Citroën? The iOn/C-Zero were CHAdeMO. Even if you discount them as rebadged i-MiEVs, PSA could have specified CCS for them originally and they didn’t.
More significantly, the homegrown compact vans Peugeot Partner / Citroën Berlingo were also CHAdeMO.
They are switching to CCS:

And what about Kia? The Soul EV is CHAdeMO. However, the Hyundai Ioniq plug-ins (BEV and PHEV) are CCS. Since it’s already been announced the Kia Niro will have the same drivetrains as the Ioniq, it’s a pretty safe bet the Niro will be CCS as well, which matches the rumors that the next Soul EV version (officially a late 2017 model with extended range) will also switch to CCS.

Tesla was and is a member of the CHAdeMO Association before there was a “Char-in” group… years before.

Can you point to an authoritative citation indicating that Tesla is, and has been, a member of the CHAdeMO Association?

All I find by Googlins is that CHAdeMO recognized the Model S as a compatible vehicle after Tesla started selling a CHAdeMO adapter for the Model S:


Your Google-fu is weak. 😉



Thank you.

Here in CA, all the DCFC stations popping up are both CCS and CHAdeMO.
So, two standards…..lol

The CHAdeMO network is far weaker than the Supercharger network. Most of their chargers are located in and not between cities.

Neither CHAdeMO nor CCS are networks. They are standards / protocols for public DC automobile charging.

The companies that are networks are free to put chargers any place they like. Network providers in the US are companies like:

AeroVironment (West Coast Electric Highway)

Tesla, on the other hand, is quite different:

1) Private network
2) Both Network and Protocol
3) Used by Tesla only

this was very awkward presentation lol

sounded more like a pitch to their investors than an actual presentation to interested buyers

I agree,

It was truly painful to watch.

The CEO needs a translator big time.

I’m usually sympathetic to people in these speaking situations, but yeah, this was a bit difficult to watch.

When did this forum turned from EV enthusiasts to bunch of Narcissists. Deal with it car is cool, they beat Tesla in all aspects, mainly interior space. I am sure Tesla will better it , by the time FF come to market. if they would be able to make it get successful is a different story. Lets cheer for EV every model, designed. Its all about EV.. EV…

I’d rather cheer for a company that actually does have a realistic chance, no matter low slim, of actually making a mass produced EV. Faraday Future quite clearly does not.

So why is it that if people aren’t suddenly wildly enthusiastic about this pitch, with no real details, no price (a very worrying sign), etc. that they are narcissistic?

As a follower and fan of plug in vehicles, who is seriously eying buying a PHEV as a practical and relatively green transitional car — I now have practical choices.

So I’ll be eyeing sketchy marketing pitches with little substance and less details (as Tesla is so fond of) with plenty of skepticism.

And I only look in the mirror about once a day.

I feel like Faraday is trying to duplicate what Tesla did with the Roadster before 2008. That made sense when there were no other EVs and people wanted to kickstart a company to finally bring them to market. But now? That ship has sailed. Tesla created a new market. Faraday is trying to take market share from a highly-successful company and compete with existing car makers finally waking up to the need to make EVs. Faraday’s chances are slim to none, but I wish them luck. We can’t have too many EVs.

Well spoken.

judging only based on the pictures, it looks to me that this car is going after the luxury segment in ways that tesla has not.

I agree one of my cousin an electrical engineer works for Faraday. He was the Mentioning, that they are running out of cash and unable raise enough to keep the company going. He was expressing the doubts about company’s viability, unless they get big investment from venture capitalists. I wish them success.i own Tesla roadster and model S(70,000miles so far) 4 years on both running well and excellent support from Tesla.

The next most refeshing thing to happen to full EVs is avoiding a Sulicon Valley one, or another bastard from a major OEM. There is still so much room for a great car.

Does the website not disclose the price or did I just miss it somewhere? I also didn’t see a good presentation of the interior. It was mentioned a lot…but I need visuals.

Looks like a nice vehicle and the specs are great but the presentation was a bit awkward at times. I wish they would have celebrated the Tesla a little more….considering they opened the door to luxury meets EV. Elon encourages other companies to join in that legacy and FF made it seem like a competition vs a lifestyle.

$ 180.000 is the price tag.

Cool specs for the prototype. It sounds promising and comparing this to the vaporware Ford EV SUV announcement earlier today… At least FF has a working prototype. Good job guys.

I have no idea what it fully looks like, the pics are too dark to see much of anything. Quick, somebody use thier cameras flash and take a pic 🙂

Pics and article have been updated. The car looks cool actually. Good job FF.

It looks like your car is not a joke like we all thought after last year’s sad unveiling.

The vehicle is HUGE, just look at the specs. Almost a foot longer, over a foot wider and 6+ inches taller than the Model S, which itself is big. Won’t even fit in many gargaes, let alone parking spaces.

it’s the length of a mercedes-benz s-class but considerably wider. an s-class is a tight fit in a standard garage, but i suspect that the customer segment for this car will not be people with standard garages.

If it’s truly a foot wider than the S, then it’s intended for the Chinese market. That’s too wide for American mall spots; chauffeur needed.

In the unlikely case they produce this thing, it would be the wdiest car in the world by 6″ or so…

I don’t think there’s a single parking spot in my country where it would fit (many SUVs don’t)… Bizarre.

let’s not exaggerate here; i’ve seen people get ford f-150’s in parking spots. if you can get an f-150 in a parking spot, you can get this car in there.

It’s not the world’s quickest production car, because it’s not yet in production, nor will be for at least 1.5-2 years, and a lot can happen until then.

Not to mention, who does a comparative speed test without having it witnessed by some independent organization like Guinness? Really?

No mention of top speed or weight…

That smartphone-based recognition system, with no door keys or handles even… What fun if you lose your phone, and are locked out of the car some dark night. Yes, there’s probably a wireless fob for emergencies, but if you don’t have it with you?

wavelet asked:

“…who does a comparative speed test without having it witnessed by some independent organization like Guinness?”

Someone who doesn’t want it revealed that they rigged the test, of course. Like pitting a stripped-down, specially built prototype against a stock Tesla car.

I think I missed the price and charging standard. 200kW of what?

They’re trying to create a luxury EV, and I don’t think that worked. Had they made gas engine car, this would’ve been ok. But lacking details of the most important aspect of EV, public fast charging, it’s like you’re looking at Nissan Leaf in 2009. You’re not going to make a luxury brand when you’re waiting for Nissan Leaf that is charging at 2kW plugged into 50 kW DCFC.

The comment toward the end “this car may not be a car at all” is telling. Entire presentation felt like there was death in the air.

Very impressive achievement, but of course none of it means anything until we get a price. If it’s the same as a comparably equipped X, then they have really done something. Well, they will have when they actually deliver some vehicles.

Considering Lucid is pricing their Air around $100k with the 130kWh pack, the FF91 should be in the same ballpark.

Yes, FF appears* to be aiming at the “more expensive than Tesla” market, along with Lucid and Karma. In fact, I thought even their earlier teaser images suggested something pricier than Tesla’s cars.

*A verb chosen carefully here for its precise meaning. Appearances can be deceiving.

Pretty impressive list of specs there and nice looking car as well. I can live with them not releasing some of the specs for charging etc – you can claim almost any charging capability and blame the standards for not delivering.

It’s a bit difficult to judge without having at least some indication of price though.

The key is the same for the Tesla Model 3. They have to start building them.

Its difficult to see right now how FF can achieve 2018 deliveries when they haven’t got any further than moving dirt around for the factory.
People doubt Tesla can get the Model 3 ready for 2018 – and they already have one car plant with operational production lines and a half built battery factory.

More EVs is better and you can’t accuse FF of not providing exciting specs.

This just seems like an empty attempt to copy Tesla. They’re just playing a specsmanship game.

This company will actually have to show some more concrete results to gain my attention.

“We have developed the world’s greatest electric propulsion system.”

I dunno about that, but certainly FF has developed the world’s most inflated hype machine!

As as Tesla Motors fan who is sometimes embarrassed over Tesla’s level of hype, I for one welcome our new mega-super-ultra-giga-über-hyping overlords. 😉

Double LOL!

i find the drag racing comparisons to be pretty stupid, really.

Yeah. I was so glad to see the recent parody of a drag racing video highlighted here at InsideEVs; a video featuring such things as a car performing the classic “pull the tablecloth out from under the dishes” stunt! (link below)

I think the endless procession of off-track drag races, used as unofficial advertisements for high-performance cars including Tesla’s, has gotten just that pointless.

No offense to drag racing fans; one of my good friends happens to be in that group.


Seems like they left “Being sued by our vendors and contractors” out of their timeline.

So it’s 2017 now and there is no factory, not even the beginnings of one, so where are they planning on building this “new species” by 2018 (or 2020, even)? FF seems as unlikely now as it did last year.

Car looks fantastic and I’d love to have one. Unfortunately I think their company is on shaky ground. A bit of a shame, really. This level of competition in the EV space is fantastic for us. New, creative, inspiring products coming out frequently!

My guess is that this car will be produced in China years before the US factory opens. Faraday seems to be an effort to generate EV designs and IP using existing American EV expertise, for eventual use in both the US and Chinese markets.

Very disappointing! Seems like an inflated pitch with iffy results. $5000 reservation, not a set or even estimated price, and an expected release date of 2018…but where is the factory? All they have done is cleared the ground for one. Excellent marketing, Ill give them that, but the Presentation failed to deliver anything to grasp. The future, at least in my opinion, looks grim.

There is probably a reason why they did not call it FF18

I guess they named it after a famous slalom windsurfboard, the FF91 (Fanatic Falcon 91) 😉

Maybe Toyota can take over the project. Pretty sure that would kill concerns about reliability/bankruptcy.

hm.. Numm-E.. it could work, maybe GM will join in too (/s)

or perhaps Toyota could build a 150-200 mile EV that looks like a Camry with a regular Chademo charger and sell it for $25k.

FF is just a cheap Chinese knock off of Tesla, it’s like we’ve gone back in time 20 years. I don’t understand how BYD can be so good and FF be so bad.

20 years? It was just a few short years ago when BYD’s e6 had a build quality that was truly embarrassing when compared to cars that sell in first-world countries.

I’ve seen reports that BYD’s build quality has sharply improved as of late, but that is certainly a lot less than 20 years ago!

And besides that, I don’t think the FF prototype qualifies as a “Chinese” car. Development may have been backed by a Chinese entrepreneur, but I haven’t noticed that the list of high-profile engineers and auto manufacturer execs which FF has hired includes many Chinese.

A mockup prototype vehicle presented by Elmer Fudd and some engineers he found living under a bridge with some cool video of a construction crew spewing greenhouse gases and wasting water. That was exciting.

I LOL’d at “Silicon Valley Aluminum”.

Yep seriously is the topper.

The FF is Fairly Fugly.

Plus, it is YUGE: it’s almost a foot longer, MORE THAN A FOOT WIDER (Yikes), and over 6″ higher than a Model S, which itself it large (indeed, too large for some).

Also, note that there is no mention of weight above. With 130kWh battery, I bet the beast weighs over three tons!

yeah – It looks like a skinny, long, wide, mini van – not a fan – ik – I don’t care how fast, or how big a battery it has. Very vague about the price as well. It sounds like a fishing expedition for investors…

That’s a lot of cowbell (and potential failure points). I hope they sell enough of these to people with $100k lying around, so they can make a more K.I.S.S/affordable car for the rest of us.

I hope that FF goes bankrupt within the week, freeing those auto engineers and execs to find work on an EV project which might actually produce something worth buying. Not to mention ending the danger of wasting more investment capital.

Mind you, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with the car, which does look pretty nice; it’s the astoundingly inept management of the company, and its ludicrously over-the-top claims, which appear to guarantee failure here. Given that failure seems inevitable, the sooner it comes the better for every honest person involved.

As long as they are using there money fine and I do wish them good luck. I like there ideas and the design works.

But I would never buy a new EV without a Supercharger network. So Tesla it is. Thank you Elon for showing the way.

I see they used a stripped out version to get that 0-60 mph time!

OMG you are correct.

What, FF cheated in order to make it appear their prototype accelerates slightly faster than a Tesla car?

I’m shocked, SHOCKED I say! Never would have guessed. /sarcasm^2

For a 1000HP that 0-60 time doesn’t seem spectacular, especially considering the Tesla virtually tied it at the demonstration. Perhaps traction limited. So the telling measure would be the quarter mile and trap speed. If this thing can pull off a lower 10 second qtr mile, that would be impressive. But to run a 10.3 the thing would probably have to trap 135mph+, or like a Tesla Model S with another 200HP or so. My friends modded GTR runs 10.3 at 137mph, traction limited!

Why’d they have to turn out the lights to get it to move?

So you can’t spot the shoes of the workers crouched under the chassis moving it Chinese dragon style

Faster than a Model S P100D with Ludicrous mode… is definitely too fast. Nobody needs to break the necks of their unsuspecting passengers.

FF said:”…“Ok, it seems like it is a bit, uh…lazy tonight…”

That about sums up the entire FF reveal event…lol.

I thought for sure FF would throw in one or two genuine FF innovations but nope…it was a straight up attempt to 100% take what Tesla Motors has already done (years ago) and repackage it as FF innovations. Comically sad but not surprising…typical Chinese copy mentality in full display.

Great specs but will be interesting to see the price and if they offer a slower and as a result cheaper version. I also don’t get why everybody thinks we need fancy doors.

Over the top lighting, but the overall design is pleasing. I don’t like the Lidar Puck popping up out of the front. I sense lack of Frunk.

Still seems more like a polished prop, than a production ready machine.

Awkward presentation. The Brit reminds me of the Sham-Wow dude. Similar sales patter…

All those sensors better mean full self driving ability. It will be interesting to see how self driving cars changes the ownership paradigm of cars. I probably need only 5-10% of a self driving car, most of the time my “dumb” car is just taking up space on my driveway or parking lot at work. That probably means some kind of “network” ownership and you pay for what you use: elapsed time + distance + premium (more during rush hours, rain, snow, new years.. Etc. Ie Uber supply/demand pricing).

Since i work shift work i could see my transportation costs dropping significantly in a self driving car world as i only need a small fraction of a car and i rarely would need it in rush hours.

I like the design, Tesla is bit boring, not futuristic. It would be great if we see some of these on the road, hope they go not bancrupt.

Tessa harm to be conservative in styling just to survive. I suspect they will remain somewhat conservative, as all stodgy and successful auto companies do.

LOL are you f****** kidding me

This car’s design is not appealing in any way. Its not ugly but its not good looking at all. Looks stupid. Not a clean design.

The Model S is pure sex. It is not boring. It has a timeless classic design. Cleanest designed sedan on planet earth. Ooozes sex.

What you call “classic”, to me is “fuddy-duddy-European”. Different strokes…

I actually like the looks of the Model 3 more, simply because it has a distinctive solid nose that makes it stand out. Assuming they keep that for the production version.

Is it me, or were the two cars shown dramatically different. The white and black car seems like a performance test mule with almost no interior, while the silver one only moved very slowly and had a complete interior. If the final car can’t meet the stated acceleration due to the weight of the complete car, that would be a shame.

Correct two cars, the one parking outside had not interior and they were doing their best to keep light off the insides both cars.


Big battery, great range, 60 amp charging.

Large Luxury auto.

Odd charge connector offered with normal adapters.

‘Competitive’ (100-150k) pricing.


TOO wide: (I’d have to rebuild my garage.).

Too powerful (I’d question the reliability of 1059 hp), but a light foot might make things last longer.

No track record yet.

What is the warranty on this thing supposed to be?

there is a bit of exaggerating going on about the implications of the dimensions of this car…

i don’t know the size of your garage, but if you can get a ford f150 into your garage, then you can get this car into your garage. the standard double wide garage door is 16′ wide. it would be a very tight fit, but you can get this car into a standard garage.

Width is only 2006 mm. 1:04:00 in the keynote.

They should have lifted the car a few inhes, it would create a perfect SUV look. with the back slightly higher than the front.

All in all I am still not convinced about FF at all. I don’t trust them.

Oh yeah, Tesla is screwed!

Nah, just kidding but it looks pretty good so far. I haven’t seen the presentation yet though. It remains to see if they are able to bring it into production.

I respect the work of the engineers, they must have had a hard time and will continue to do so until the cash runs out. Whoever was responsible for the presentation or marketing, should be fired. THE WAY YOU SELL PRODUCT IN THIS CENTURY IS BY BEING HONEST, TELLING IT AS IT IS AND NOT PULLING A PT BARNUM ON EVERY OCCASION. People are not stupid, especially the potential customers to a 100K+ car. FF Tries to sell the car like a “new, whiter, brighter washing detergent”. If i were there, id just say hey, we have hit a rough patch, but its ok, heres what we have so far, lets talks and make it better

Yeah, that parking demo wasn’t totally rigged at all..! It doesn’t look genuine at all, it looks like they have pre-recorded a driving sequence considering how unsure it seems to be. It’s a closed and tightly controlled environment, it would be easy to rig that situation.

“The multi-motor power train is only possible with our platform”
Except everybody else also provides multiple motors as options or even standard.

It’s also quite interesting how people cheer loudly in the background but when they film the audience they seem moderately impressed. Did Faraday hire a group of cheerleaders for this event? It would kind of make sense to avoid the disaster of last time, so they can at least pretend that their presentation was a success.

“Someone out there” asked:

“Did Faraday hire a group of cheerleaders for this event?”

Would it be a surprise if they did? Just consider that they touted an over-the-top, empty shell “batmobile”, without even steerable wheels, as their concept car!

LOl how about u add MIRRORS TO THE car vs cameras and then test speed???

If tesla would do the same thing it woud go faster than 2.39 s too

+1 Good catch

What great advertising this was… for Tesla! How many runs did they have to make to have footage where they beat the Tesla? Considering they only beat it by a mere meter that could be just because of reaction time of the drivers.
Granted, being just as fast as Tesla is pretty neat too.

Well, I’m sure the 0.00000000001% of the car market that has $100k + to burn on an ugly bloated electric version of the DeLorean will be over the moon if they ever get the factory built, back in the real world, the masses will not care if it can do 0-60 in 2.39 secs one bit.

Personally, not impressed with it at all, more interested in Nissan’s upcoming announcement !

As I’ve said before, until they’re available to purchase on demand in Pennsylvania, it’s vaporware. But with an initial line of 300, I don’t expect to see one, except on the internet.

That being said, it’s a nice looking car, and I wish them the best of luck.

Oh, and “flying buttresses”, the ’88 Pontiac Fiero GT had them too.

How many more 100K+ cars do we need? Been trying (and failing) to justify to buy a normal looking EV (read Tesla). The obvious roadblock is price. How many more manufacturers have to go after the same so called “Premium” market? Why don’t they try to tap the *rest* of the market is beyond my understanding. Do we really have to have one more flashy car? Just a normal looking car with long range would be have been just fine. But oh well, who am I to tell these people. It frustrates the hell out of me when the manufacturers keep insisting on 0-60 statistics. Who really cares if they shave off 1 sec from it. How many people in this country buy a car with that 0-60 criteria? Its not like majority of folks go to a dealer and say, hey I want a car with 0-60 under 4 sec. So not sure why this racing statistic keep coming up all the time. Its like they are confusing EVs with racing cars. And finally, I am not 100% sure if I like that style. Looks sort of futuristic (look at me I am electric type of situation). But then… Read more »

So, outside of the self-parking fail and the CEO that looked like he never saw the car in person before his presentation (and brutal speech during his presentation), the car itself looks……interesting. Not the disaster of an unveil that they had last year.

Still think it’s just a matter of time before FF goes belly-up though.

Fiskers Karma was a real beauty, Teslas design is ok, Lucids Air is pretty interesting, but this monster… i dont know… it doesnt look pleasant to my eye, not clear, not dynamic, just confused… and it’s huge, way too long and too wide, it wont be a good car in town. It really is not difficult to build an EV that is fast, just size it up, pack in a lot of cells and you did it. Quality is, when the car is small from the outside, big from the inside, proper quick, efficient, handles well, looks good and the price is reasonable. I really hate that Tesla and FF act like 0-60 times are important. In fact they are not. You will never want to go faster than 4-5s 0-60. The difference from 2,4s to 2,5s or whatever is only appealing to people, who should not be allowed to drive on public roads in the first place. If they want to tell us, it’s a car made for races, it’s not. Show me what it can do on a racetrack. It wont be any good. If you want to have fun, you need a small car like an BMW… Read more »

Much as I love Tesla, I totally agree with you about the race car stuff.

Well, of course it can go faster and farther – if you pack 130kWh worth of cells in it!! Cost be damned!

Tesla could do the same thing, but not without making their price points. The based Model S had to be a compelling vehicle that was cheaper than the Roadster. After 4 years on the market, the base Model S is more compelling than before, and it starts with more standard features and has remained far below the old Roadster price.

Obviously, the P100DL is over $130k, but unless FF has some real cheap manufacturing options, there’s no way that they can produce a 130kWh car for that with a profit margin in the black. Maybe they’ll have pack options like Tesla does?

once someone has decided to spend over $100,000 on a car, consumers don’t tend to be particularly price sensitive.

Those doors are incredibly thick.

I noticed that too. Not sure what’s going on there.

Yeah, that was my strongest reaction to seeing the photos posted here. WTF would be the purpose of making the doors so much thicker than I’ve ever seen on any other car? And how much of the interior space does that waste?


if you notice in the photo, there is a considerable offset between the front seat and the sill of the door. the only possible motivation that i can imagine is that they are planning to produce an armored version of this car.

I came away sort of bored, but still somewhat positively surprised. I actually like the look of the car – to my mind, it looks quite futuristic without looking ridiculous, and I had frankly expected it to be very ridiculous! The doors looked insanely thick! I wonder if it has way better sound-proofing than other cars? That is something a luxury EV should have – although preferably without making the doors take so much space – since road and wind noise is even more audible when there is no engine noise to compete with. But the main problem for FF remains the same: Lack of credibility. They had a LOT of vague talk about how great they are and how they are going to change everything, but I for one am not convinced their vision of a car that adapts to me personally is truly being realized in a way I would like, rather than in a way that would annoy me endlessly. When he said the car would greet him with a welcome message I couldn’t help thinking sarcastically “yeah, because that’s what our cars are lacking today”, but I really fear that is the level of their ideas… Read more »

Half expected them to say at FF we build the machine that builds the machine… That builds the machine 🙂

Hideous and disgusting looking. I’ll take a P100D any day of the week over this thing.

Totally agree with you +100!! This thing is Fugly! Reminds me of a Pontiac Aztec more futuristic. What a waste of ressources.
Tesla is so much better. Tesla will not stand still and they have the advantage of having supercharger network. If the car ever makes it to production I doubt they will sell many cars. I would not take this car even if they give it for free.