Faraday Future Concept Unveiling Scheduled For CES 2016

DEC 1 2015 BY MARK KANE 10

Faraday Future Concept

Faraday Future Concept

Faraday Future Concept

Faraday Future Concept

CES (January 6-9, 2016 in Las Vegas) will be especially interesting, not only because the production Chevrolet Bolt is expected to debut there (early spy photos of production Bolt here), but also a concept from Faraday Future is scheduled to be shown.

The stealth start-up intends to presents its vision of the future of mobility.

The unveiling is scheduled for January 4.

“FF will unveil a new concept inspired by our design & engineering vision at #CES2016.”

Some guesses are that the Faraday Future concept will be a 100 kWh all-electric car. We’ll find out for sure in January.

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concepts suck

Depends who’s concept you’re talking about…

What do they suck? Money, people, attention, …?

Without concepts, nothing would get done at all. Take the Dodge Viper. It was a concept car that was never destined for production until people saw it and shouted, “Shut up and take my money!”

100kwh? Considering Tesla has sedan and mid suv, sounds like a truck or big SUV to carry all that battery weight.

If Tesla upgrades to the newer NMC cells in the next couple of years, they can (and will) fit over 100kwh in their skateboard frame. It would be an easy adaptation with that platform.

My point being, Tesla already has close to 100kWh sedan and mid SUV, and it makes no sense for a newcomer to try and compete directly against Tesla. However, there is lack of trucks and large SUV, a wide open market. 100kWh would be a nice starting point for such vehicles. They wouldn’t try to stuff such large battery into compact car like Bolt.

Pickup trucks and SUVs would be a difficult market to penetrate in the US. Especially with an offering that cannot do what an F150 can do.

Faraday will get about as much traction as Karma in the US.

… Not unless they’re a front for Apple.

Anybody guess what part of the car we are seeing in the teaser picture?

If it is part of the car, that is…
A gullwing door? A rear hatch lid? A frunk? What could this be?

And maybe Faraday will offer exactly what Tesla isn’t: A mid-size family car with ample boot/trunk space and oriented towards range rather than acceleration. I’d personally love to see an estate/wagon EV asap.

But my hopes are low: the concept will probably try to outdo Tesla’s Model S (hence 100kWh, more for advertisers, even if only 5kWh) and thus be a rather sporty saloon/sedan.
Truck, I don’ think. SUV maybe, but if they go for a large vehicle I would speculate that it would be more of an MPV – think Prius V or Mazda MPV. Actually, that would be rather cool, I find.