Faraday Future Concept FFZERO1 Reveal – Watch Live Now

JAN 5 2016 BY JAY COLE 52

On The Scene In Las Vegas (InsideEVs/Tom Moloughney)

On The Scene In Las Vegas (InsideEVs/Tom Moloughney)

Faraday Future breaks cover on its first concept EV, the FFZERO1 tonight in Las Vegas from CES. Β (Full recap can be found here)

“See our concept inspired by our design and engineering vision. The future of mobility is closer than you think.”

The event kicks off a 8pm (PT)/11pm (ET), and you can watch it here live as it happens. Β We are live at the event and will bring you all the details, photos as it happens as well.

UpdateΒ 8:50 PM (PT)/11:50 PM (ET): Β Live press reveal is now over – will have presentation on loop soon
Update (2) 9:49 PM (PT): Full reveal ceremony is now online/on loop for viewing

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So painful to watch. I can only understand about half of what he’s saying. I’m guessing Elon Musk doesn’t give presentations in Mandarin.

Am I right in hearing they want to be an entertainment content creator? And what was the gibberish about Internet? It just sounds like they want to be Tesla, but ten years late, and if not Tesla, Disney.

The Flexible Battery Layout WILL NEVER WORK, Unless “POSSIBLY” If Heavier Steel Is Used As They Increase wheel Base..IF N0T, As they Increase Wheel Base ,They Will Also Increase “BODY FLEX” THIS WILL NOT BE GOOD! BTW…”THEY WILL NEVER CATCH UP TO TESLA….As much as he praised TESLA., All the While He Was Insinuating that They Were Doing things faster & Better…..I Predict they will fail…..

They have a lot of buzzwords.

They have a lot of concepts.

But can they design a practical car?


A single seater with a 45 degree seat position. NASA astronauts have the benefit of not having to check their blindspot in traffic. I’d like to see that car survive narrow Boston roads.

What about price and range? What about low drag aerodynamics?

It is a “race car”? Where would it be raced? They copied Tesla and the Nissan Le Mans car – and somehow they will build all this technology into actual street cars?

Way too much hype and virtually no substance.

The leaked pictures were accurate.

Completely ridiculous imho!

ahem.. wtf.

as stated quite well elsewhere, this presentation was at least unprofessional, and, IF FF does in fact produce something that they can sell to an Appreciative public, tonight’s disaster will forever remain their darkest day.

Disaster! Darkest day! Unprofessional!

Wow, just wow!

Must be hyperbole, as you can’t be serious.

I think he was being serious.


Well… the intro video is a load of BS.

Is the model doing the intro someones sister? Certainly not a professional.

Can’t understand hardly a word being said with the damn translator stepping all over everything.

Part of what is printed on the backdrop says- “We are very fast” HAHAHAHAHAHA

Finally cut out the translator. Much better.

This is some billionaire’s pet project. Would bet this means important decisions are based more on someone’s personal preferences than on hard science, logic, and wise marketing savvy. (yeah, I know this is bait for Tesla haters)

The “Modular Platform Architecture” video pretty much proves that they don’t have an experienced automotive design engineer at the helm.

Opinions are like a**holes, we all have one. Mine is that this concept vehicle is ridiculous.

Outta there at the 40 minute mark. Had enough BS. The fake racing video is too much.


FF’s funding is not clear, but it looks like the billionaire involved will invest far more of his personal fortune in Faraday than Musk ever put into Tesla. Elon treats Tesla as a part time gig, so it’s really a tossup as to who is putting fewer resources into their respective hobbies.

I’m thinking that SpaceX will always be the closest to Elon’s heart πŸ™‚

1)Jia Yueting’s day job is “The Netflix of China” Faraday future is his pet project.

Elon’s main gig is making humanity a multi-planetary species so we can survive an Extinction Level Event on Earth like a Super Volcano or Global Thermonuclear War. A tad more important than streaming movies.

2)Jia is worth ~$7B. When Elon became Tesla’s Angel investor in 2003 he was worth ~$180M. He went all in on Tesla in 2008 and invested his last $25M.

At least get your facts straight. Musk put a lot of his personal fortune behind Tesla. I used to think you comments were at least worth reading, sadly I now realize my error.

the BIG Difference here is…..MUSK KNOWS WHAT HE’s DOING…..

Disappointing. Another concept car that will be more hype than practical.

πŸ™ Yes. Still waiting for something that exists that can compete with Tesla.

Why does it take soooo loooong??? πŸ™

Well that was definitely not what I was expecting for a first concept – looks more like it belongs at LeMans. Disappointed that it was a rendered video – I would have been more impressed with actual footage of the car going around a race track somewhere.

Anyways, this VPA idea looks an awful lot like Tesla’s skateboard – but why reinvent the wheel right! If they can control themselves in the extras department (ahem FWD), perhaps they could produce different model configurations without the extreme lag time that the ‘X’ saw.

I say all power to them at this point, and let’s see what they have one year from now at Detroit if they are serious.

The skateboard design wasn’t invented by Tesla. See GM’s Autonomy concept from 2002 http://www.supercars.net/Pics?viewCarPic=y&source=carGal&carID=754&pgID=1&pID=1020817

Thanks for that historical tidbit in the link. Maybe GM will get back on that same thought pattern with the Bolt and its successors.

This is painful. I’m ….what…about 20 minutes of my personal time into this “presentation”, and so far we have a pie-in-the-sky concept car, a Powerpoint graphic of what a skateboard platform is and can become – and a flashy sci-fi-esque film of a fake concept car zooming around some utopian highway from the next century. Why are red flags flying around my head? Why are these people speaking to an audience who has seen three models of Tesla prove out what they are painstakingly ( and very tediously ) trying to explain about the potential of electric cars?! This just rings of vaporware and some big investor trap built around no more than a bunch of prospects and what-ifs. Seriously – Shut up and cut to the chase. Nix all the theatrics. Each and every “new” revelation about FF seems to point to some large scheme to prove out something that has already been done by Tesla – which is a tangible, viable business with real customers, real product flowing out it’s factory doors, real battery factory being built and real progress being made. I shall stop here and go back to this extremely tedious video – and hope to… Read more »

What James said.

You said it better than I did πŸ™‚

The presentation is very much Apple. VPA is interesting, but it may be tricky to implement. Too early to judge, but not a terrible start.

Dude, what were you smoking to get you to compare that train wreck to an Apple keynote?

If they want to prove they are really 2 years away from having a production model, they should show something representative of that rather than a pie in the sky race car concept.

It’s clear the car they showed is not one they ever plan on producing. If their platform really was ready to the point where they could slap any body on it, then why don’t we ever see the actual car moving? Their entire presentation was computer generated and I’d bet anything that the concept is built on a dummy platform and not actually capable of driving.

They have grand ideas, but I’m afraid they will quickly discover how difficult and expensive it is to bring an actual car to market. Good luck, Faraday Future. You’re gonna need it.

Notice the entire “concept car” is set on an island surrounded by a moat? Very clever. Should any pesky, curious journalist jump onto the stage he/she is still unable to determine if the car is real-or just a clever prop. I kept hoping the ridiculous “race car” which appears to have absolutely zero chance of even rolling due to no ground or wheel clearance, and silly vanes that have no use but to look dramatic…This is a sculpture, a work of art to which images can be projected onto. It’s a load of B.S. and nothing more.

I bet if Elon got a gander at that trainwreck, he will sleep well tonight, knowing just how unique and miraculous his car company is – to bring circuses like this out from the shadows to try and capitalize with vapor upon the true terra firma that he and his fledgling company have already brought to fruition.

– I got sidetracked…I kept hoping this model of a concept race car would suddenly do a GREEN HORNET and spin upside down, revealing a wonderful production-possible-looking street car that had more than an iceberg’s chance in hell of actually being purchased by an actual consumer who views his purchase as a usable mode of transportation on public streets. Wouldn’t THAT have been great?

It’s a concept race car, and obviously not their production vehicle. Looks cool, and looking forward with what they come up with. They have a lot of talented people on board.

Video must be a nightmare. It is already set to private…

I’d say Biblical fail would nearly cover it

So, Faraday Future’s plan is to make a single-seat, large and very expensive Batmobile-style race car, which requires the driver to wear a helmet?

I only caught the very end of the live video, but it looked like they were showing a non-functional, stationary mockup; not even a real concept car. Is that right?

Hey, I know it’s very early in the year, but I think Faraway Faraday Future has the “EV Hype of the Year” award locked up.

When you race a car, you wear a helmet. Clearly FF’s version of the Roadster is intended to be a true halo car, and race worthy, unlike most other electrics. It’s always a tricky balance, but they have chosen early mindshare over stealth. I don’t expect this is the last design we’ll see from them this year. We’ll see if they can do a better job of producing their concepts on time than “Mess-la Motors”, which is now in its 12th year.

I would have thought that even an FUD-spouting, Tesla-bashing, short-selling troll would have realized that comparing Faraway Faraday Future’s hype to Tesla’s hype would only make Tesla look good… very good… by comparison.

Apparently I was wrong. πŸ˜‰

@ Pushmi-Pullyu –

What he said πŸ™‚

Apparently a hard core troll never ever quits no matter what.

Please don’t encourage him.

I don’t know if anyone here recalls the original Roadster launch–a car shown in another manufacturer’s body, where the upper motor mount of the prototype literally broke off.

The hypocrisy shown in this thread is almost palpable. I’m glad it isn’t, as it would likely make me retch.

Absolutely agree with you TE.

If you got onto the feed late, you missed the part where Richard stated explicitly that it was a “car of concepts”, and he pointed out some design language that would go into future production cars.

Anyways, I’m wondering what I will be thinking of FF in a few years time. I remember stumbling across Tesla Motors a decade ago while in university and dreaming that this was the future of cars, and that their model of starting at high-cost and driving down to low-cost made a heck of a lot of sense.

If you were following Tesla at that time, you will remember that the amount of skepticism around TM at that time was insanely high. I sure wish I had bought stock a few years later (just out of university and a kid on the way meant no money to gamble with though!)

I tried to find an example of old articles on Tesla, but the internet seems remarkably hard to find anything ‘old’ on it. This 2010 Wired article is pretty good though -> http://www.wired.com/2010/09/ff_tesla/

Thanks for that – I had heard some of it, of course, but context is everything and 9/2010 was certainly a Different time.

Will be waiting with popcorn in hand for reviews of this “presentation” in the serious automotive press.

Also… something like this is always good for separating the automotive writers that know something from the way-too-many who don’t.

@Roy Lemeur –

Amen! Expect actual bloggers and writers who take this as a literal presentation of something that actually has a chance of existing as a consumer product that can sell in large numbers. These writers are obviously the ones targeted by this waste-of-time malarkey.

Too bad the video was taken down. Would be great for lotsa laughs when I get together with my buds who are actual EV industry professionals.

If anyone sees it put up anywhere please let us know πŸ™‚

@James –

“Expect actual bloggers and writers who take this as a literal presentation of something that actually has a chance of existing as a consumer product that can sell in large numbers.”

So unfortunately true. Just like there are so many who don’t know “quick” from “fast” or a kW from a kWh.

A: A UFO line.

Q: What will my next car definitely not have.

Seriously, the design language I just heard was enough to make me sick. They are not the only ones talking gibberish, though.

Faraday Failure

I don’t understand why so many comments focus on the concept, and say that it is not viable as an every day car (oh really?) ,while the important thing is the variable platform architecture.
If they do it right, I think they could be able to start producing multiple types of cars faster than Tesla did with S, X, and 3 (and I am a Tesla fan).

Yes, the variable platform architecture was the important part of the presentation. If it can lower development time, development costs, and production costs, it will be advantage for Faraday. But it remains to be seen, whether Faraday’s engineering is better than their marketing.

VPA, huh? So, how do you make a narrower or wider car?
It’s not exactly rocket science to make the middle of the car longer or shorter.

When it comes to speed, it’s always easier to be a follower than to be a leader. Tesla has taken a lot of the hits and pitfalls and gained experience that FF now can use. That wasn’t the case for Tesla.

And using Computer Aided Design and simulations, huh? Wow, that’s really the future! Except that other car manufacturers have been doing that for 40 years now.

The “Aero tunnels” does NOT decrease drag, they INCREASE drag! Compressing air like that requires energy and where does that energy come from…?