Faraday Future Claims To Have Logged Over 64,000 FF 91 Reservations


Faraday Future Says Its Has More Than 64,000 FF 91 Reservations

Faraday Future Says Its Has More Than 64,000 FF 91 Reservations

In the first 36 hours following the reveal of the Faraday Future FF 91, the automaker says that it logged 64,124 reservations for the electric car.

Faraday Future FF 91

Faraday Future FF 91

While that number seems impressive, there are a few caveats that make the figure questionable at best.

First off, Faraday accepts two types of reservations, one of which is absolutely free. There’s the option to log a $5,000 paid priority reservation or a $0 free (sign-me-up-for-updates) sort of reservation. Faraday hasn’t listed a breakdown for the two types of reservations, but the consensus is that the vast majority are of the free variety.

Secondly, a single user can log multiple reservations. As Jalopnik points out:

“While the official reservations for the FF 91 should be $5,000, the site allows you not only to make a low-priority reservation for free, it also allows you to make multiple reservations.”

Indeed, it seems there may be no limit to the amount of reservations a single user can make.

Jalopnik reached out to Faraday for comment on the types of reservations it has received. Jalopnik received this response (non-response):

“Standard reservations confirm the intent to reserve a non-priority spot in line when the FF 91 becomes available for purchase. Priority reservations require an initial fully refundable deposit of $5,000 to secure a priority spot in the reservation line, as well as provides eligibility for upgrading the reservation to the exclusive FF 91 Alliance Edition this Spring.”

“While we are thrilled to receive such overwhelming interest in FF 91, we are unable to provide specific details with regards to reservation type.”

Faraday Future FF 91

Faraday Future FF 91

You can bet that if the majority of the reservations were of the paid variety, then Faraday would be willing to discuss that figure in detail. The automaker is not willing to discuss reservation type, so we are left to assume that most of the logged reservations are free.

Lastly, we think it’s safe to assume that Faraday has at a bare minimum at least 300 paid reservations. As iTechPost states:

“Faraday Future is now accepting reservations for the first 300 limited edition vehicles that they would sell starting March of this year. Reservations would require a fee of $5,000 dollars for the mass produced cars, and an unspecified additional amount to get one of the 300 limited edition FF 91. The reservation fee is refundable.”

We have to believe that those 300 limited edition cars are bought up, if only for the sake of keeping them as collectibles.

Out of the 64,124 reservations, what do you think the split of paid versus free is?

Sources: Jalopnik, iTechPost

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Same hype as with Tesla’s Model3 – coupled with impossible timeslines.

Whoever believes in a 2018 ship date for the FF91 is lunatic – even if the new find tons of new $ to keep going.

Mid/late 2019 or 2020 is probably slightly more realistic (assuming they find $ to get the factory construction going again).

* should say: “even if theY find tons of new cash…”

Not the same hype I’m afraid! Facial and mood recogntion and lidar pucks, are likely NOT in the cards for Model 3. I kinda think an existing factory and lots of batteries makes the Model 3 timeline quite possible. I think we’ll see quite a few roll out this year.

The lack of those things for Faraday Future, on the other hand, might be a bit more problematic.

400,000 reservations with a $1000 deposit on a car that has an actual factory for production and has already produced a couple of hundred thousand cars worldwide cannot be compared to a one-off alpha model shown at a press event that doesn’t even have a foundation built for their factory yet and has never produced 1 car to date. And then pretty much all of the 64,000 reservations for this car are with no deposit or commitment.

Anyone who Believes FF have 64000 reservations & That FF will Actually Build that Car,..There are some nice Waterfront Building Lots available for them to BUY & Build On “NOW” In the Florida Everglades., Where They Park Their Fake FF91 in their very own Fake Garage ..

Model 3 is No Hype the car speaks for itself.., It’s for real & on time for production as scheduled.., 0k maybe some hype, Nothing like the FF Hype With Just a Prototype, Lots of debt so many unpaid Bills They halted Construction , And N0 Factory or machinery to Bring it to Production With.. Unless…They have a Trick Up Their Sleeve that no-one Knows about & I truly hope they do!

“Whoever believes in a 2018 ship date for the FF91 is lunatic –”

That is not a ship date, only when price will be announced.


Pretty sure that the number is 300 actual paid reservations and 63,824 “free reservations”.
Of course “free reservations” really means nothing more than signing up for email updates and not actually reservations at all.
I wish FF would succeed – but offering free reservations is nothing more than a publicity stunt.
Labelling an email signup as a reservation is pretty bad, but characterizing them as actual reservations is worse.
Presenting both paid and free as somehow the same just takes the cake – that proves that the only purpose is a kind of pre-order theatre.

Spot on!

Sham Wow says “Spot Off”, if you have really seen a “clean machine”!

Considering how much crap they are talking in every other situation I think you are spot on, it’s just email signups or something like that.

its the same AS Tesla with its powerwall “reservations”. not that this makes it better…

It’s always better the first time around.

I very much doubt that number. 64k reservations for a cheap car would be a lot, for a dubious $180k car, no way!
People that can afford a $180k toy don’t usually throw money around like that. Most likely most of these 64k are simply people emailing them or something. Maybe it’s the number of views on their Youtube video?

In fact, I’ve been in that situation. I used to work for a dotcom company and our boss liked to claim that we had 150k active users. In reality our database had about 120k entries but the vast majority of those accounts where one-off accounts where somebody signed up with a free throw-away email, browsed around for a bit and then never came back. In reality we had maybe 500 active users, i.e. users that made us any kind of income at some point.

300 suckers lol

Just a ploy to get a couple of hundred of thousand reservations to make their acquisition more attractive…A major automaker should buy them out…

Tesla should buy them and pocket another 200,000 ev sales eligible for federal tax credit. You hear me Elon buy FF.

It doesn’t work that way. The 200K number is for all sub-brands a company may own. For example, BMW and Mini are counted together. Mercedes and Smart are counted together. Audi + VW are counted together, etc

Having Tesla buy FF would mean that Tesla + FF would hit the 200K limit when Tesla hits 200K, and both be out of credits.

“A major automaker should buy them out…”

Why? What does FF have that anyone would pay good money for? They’ve got some high-profile executives who are apparently being used mostly to promote the company to investors, rather than actually designing and building cars or a factory. Those execs will be free to find jobs elsewhere when FF goes bankrupt, which apparently will be soon.

Other than that, I don’t see that they have anything anyone else would want. Certainly the name “Faraday Future” has become enough of a laughingstock that I doubt anybody would want to buy it.

Here’s hoping they get their financial house in order! Would’ve been a lot smarter to buy an existent property.

LOL. So I’m guessing they now have an extra $20k in the bank.

So basically, every body that works at the Harbor Gateway headquarters, here in Los Angeles, CaliFraudnia, has gotten their buddies, friends and family to log on, and put down some bogus reservation info. I’m am wondering who else got wrapped up in this Vehicle launch hype? I’m wondering if it is the usual suspects!

Or perhaps FF just paid one Chinese guy $20 to click on their website 64,000 times. Given the level of hype here, it wouldn’t at all surprise me if they did exactly that.

“Out of the 64,124 reservations, what do you think the split of paid versus free is?”

Based on the performance of FF to date, the fewer the better. Unless things at FF change drastically — and that seem very unlikely to happen before it goes bankrupt, since they’re already not paying their bills — then the only thing giving FF more money will accomplish is to stave off the date of bankruptcy a bit. The chances that FF will actually produce any cars beyond the… two?… prototypes it already has, are very slim and none.

If one were to sit down and make a list of the number of things FF would have to do differently, in order to be a successful business, then I think any sensible person would quickly realize that there simply isn’t any realistic scenario where that’s going to happen.

I would bet the split in the reservations is 64,124 FREE & 0 at $5,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The article should concentrate on what price or models FF offers. Instead the article speculates on veracity of registrations — that’s not relevant right now.

“we are unable to provide specific details”
That’s a lie. They are not unable, they are unwilling. That’s completely different