Faraday Future Become Title Sponsor Of FIA Formula E Long Beach ePrix

MAR 28 2016 BY MARK KANE 9

2014/2015 FIA Formula E Championship. Long Beach ePrix, Long Beach, California, United States of America. Saturday 4 April 2015

2014/2015 FIA Formula E Championship.
Long Beach ePrix, Long Beach, California, United States of America. Saturday 4 April 2015

Faraday Future will be title sponsor of the upcoming FIA Formula E Long Beach ePrix, scheduled for April 02, 2016.

The electric racing event will be also an opportinity to see the FFZERO1 Concept, unveiled at 2016 CES in the eVillage Fan Zone – although we’d much rather see it drive around a bit.

2016 Faraday Future Long Beach ePrix
April 02, 2016

Faraday Future Long Beach ePrix will be sixth round of second season Formula E, and the only one in the U.S.

Even will start early morning at 7:00 am and race start is scheduled for 4:00 pm. Check the track guide here.

Faraday's FFZERO1 Debuted In January At CES (InsideEVs/Tom Moloughney)

Faraday’s FFZERO1 Debuted In January At CES (InsideEVs/Tom Moloughney)

Additioanlly, here is interesting interview with Faraday Future’s face – Nick Sampson:

Q & A Interview with Nick Sampson, SVP of R&D and Engineering

We spoke with Nick Sampson, our SVP of R&D and Engineering, about his thoughts on the 2016 Faraday Future Long Beach ePrix.

Nick Sampson, SVP of R&D and Engineering

Nick Sampson, SVP of R&D and Engineering

What draws you to Formula E?

Well, I suppose it’s no secret that I am particularly drawn to competitive racing. I’ve spent countless hours refining high-performance sports vehicles and racing cars at Jaguar, Lotus, and – quite honestly – even in my spare time while working at many other positions, thereafter.

I’m excited to experience this new frontier of automotive competition. Some have this misconception that electric vehicles are somehow “boring” – I think Formula E does a great deal to dispel that theory. These vehicles not only rival their traditional counterparts; they will soon surpass them.

Electric vehicles like FFZERO1 operate more dynamically – for example, we have a motor for each wheel, each controlled individually, optimizing power outputs for more deliberate handling and greater performance. This allows drivers to customize the way their platform operates to truly unleash its potential under their individual driving techniques.

These vehicles are far from boring – on the contrary, they harness far more possibilities than anything we’ve seen before.

How does our involvement with Formula E align with FF’s greater vision?

Formula E is about far more than a few individual, competing race cars. The tournament series showcases the rapid advancement of electric vehicles, in general. It’s an exhibition for the breadth of potential that these technologies can offer – oftentimes leading to revolutionary results.

For instance, Formula E is exploring the potential of connectivity with a new in-race voting feature called “FanBoost.” With it, you can directly support your favorite driver by voting for them online – during the race, the top three drivers with the most votes receive a 30 kWh driver-activated momentary speed boost!

It’s a fascinating, community-driven experience that bridges the connection between drivers and their fans. This novel look at “connection” resembles the communicative capabilities that we are integrating into FF vehicles.

Formula E also serves as a celebration of green, sustainable innovation, linked with assertive performance. This interactivity between rapid technological advancement, entertainment and environmental responsibility is absolutely central to FF.

Does FF have any plans to compete in future seasons of Formula E?

FF will always be looking into the possibility of putting cutting-edge engineering and high technology pursuits to the test – perhaps even through entering automotive competitions. We have no firm plans and are not making any announcements at this time.

FIA Formula E Long Beach ePrix layout:

FIA Formula E Long Beach ePrix - Round 6|02 April 2016

FIA Formula E Long Beach ePrix – Round 6|02 April 2016

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What a waste! Why do a sponsorship deal like this before you even have a product? Clearly it’s all talk and no action from Faraday Future

The sad thing is that they get coverage from EV sites without any actual EV-related developments (demonstrating a prototype, giving specs for a car, anything).

Whoohoo, 30kWh fan boost! Totally skip the battery swap with that one. I think they misplaced a few zeroes.

They actually get to increase their power from 180kW to 200kW for a total of 100kJ (or ~28 Wh!)

I’ve watched a number of races, and it really doesn’t do much for them – a slight bump if they try to pass right after drafting etc.

Regardless, I have been enjoying the race format and look forward to seeing it evolve.

Continually showing what misplaced priorities this company has over the interests or demands of the motoring public. How long before they can burn through their cash and disappear?

FF offers: Flashy concept cars no one is interested in, unlikely to see production

Public wants: Production-ready (or at least production-capable) EVs in various configurations

Faraday Future…several words that start with “f” that comes to mind each time I read an article about these guys.

Idiots. Spending so much money on a Batmobile. Who the hell needs that? Give us something we can use.

Wow. Spending investor money on a corporate sponsorship instead of developing and making an actual product they can sell.

Every article about Faraway Faraday Future causes me to have even more doubts about them than I did before… and I had a lot of doubt right from the first.

FF isn’t selling cars; it’s selling vaporware.

Well if this is his word, being the SVP of R&D and Engineering and not understanding the difference between power and energy tell it all.
30 kWh boost won’t make you go faster, unless you depleted the first 30 kWh.
Kinder garden basic electricity course.

The comments about FF are always hilarious. Give them some time and all will be revealed. You people are so bitter.