Faraday Future A Farce?


Faraday Future Revealed Its FFZERO Concept Recently In Las Vegas

Faraday Future Revealed Its FFZERO Concept Recently In Las Vegas

Faraday's Electric Concept Car

Faraday’s Electric Concept Car


It’s starting to look that way. After unveiling a non-marketable, non-functional electric race car exoskeleton instead of the automobile 2.0 it promised, a few eyebrows moved upward to askance position.

Now we read that even insiders don’t know exactly what’s going on. FF’s secrecy is starting to look more like a simple lack of anything to show us. Even its self-promoting video, aptly called “What If?,” (shown below) has no FF product in it. Just highway overpasses.

Leaving something to the imagination worked in The Blair Witch Project and Rosemary’s Baby. But it’s starting to wear thin here. Time for FF to show us something, lest we assume this “What If” company will never escape the subjunctive tense.

*Editor’s Note: This post appears on TeslaMondo. Check it out here.

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I agree, I doubt it will amount to anything. It’s a rich kid with more ambition than abilities.

Some folks try hard to emulate their idols. This is not a bad thing. Significant individuals over the course of history, have shaped and guided the world as we know it. For example, we are still validating Albert’s Theory of Relativity with respect to Gravity Waves, 100 years later. Talk about leaving a legacy.

But if it were easy to emulate Elon Musk, the realms of automotive, energy and space exploration would be a much different place. A much more sustainable and innovative place.

Faraday: A for Intent, F for Execution.

Well, I’ve started calling Faraway Faraday Future a vaporware company, because their lack of achievements don’t at all match their wholly unrealistic claims; claims not only for what they say they’re going to do, but unrealistic in how soon they can do them and how little money they say they will need.

But let’s put this article in perspective: TeslaMondo is a website (or blog) written by a Tesla investor, promoting investments in Tesla (not affiliated with Tesla Motors).

So TeslaMondo is far from a neutral source of information. The investor has a motive to persuade would-be investors to invest in Tesla rather than FF.

That said… I don’t think he’s wrong.

It looks like the state of Nevada has gotten smart and is making FF post a 75M$ bond before the state dumps anymore money in the project:

“But Schwartz is now insisting that Faraday Future provide a $75m performance bond – essentially a guarantee that the factory will be built – before Nevada starts work on supporting road, rail and utility projects. That bond has yet to appear. Schwartz said Faraday Future did not assure him the $75m would be available even when LeEco shares are unfrozen next month.

“Right now, the state is not out any money,” said Schwartz. “We’ll see what happens after the shares begin trading again.”

It’s good to see when state municipal governments have their act together, enough not to blow public funds.

It appears they’ve been hard at work, at least on some components:

“Tesla rival Faraday Future invented its own power inverter, and it’s just as cool as the FFZERO1”


Gosh, yet another hi-tech startup touting its tech on the basis of filing patents. EEStor filed a lot of patents, too. How did that work out, again?

For those who have some experience with hi-tech startup scams, filing lots of patents doesn’t make FF look better. It makes them look scammier.

And an online wide-eyed, gee-whiz article doesn’t give readers capable of critical thinking any confidence in this vaporware company.

P.S. — The article headline calling FF a “rival” of Tesla is pretty funny. That’s like claiming Tonka Toys is a rival of Toyota, because they both make cars.

So, by your logic, they should not file patents? Tesla has several hundred patents–far more than FF–so I suppose they’re the “scammiest?”. Of course, had they not filed any patents, you would have attacked them for not having substance, just as you attack their factory drawings for being too nice. You truly have used every trick in the book.

Three Electrics said:

“Tesla has several hundred patents–far more than FF–so I suppose they’re the ‘scammiest?’.”

If Tesla was promoting their patents as a reason to invest in the company, then I certainly would say that. But they aren’t, and I’m not.

“Of course, had they not filed any patents, you would have attacked them for not having substance…”

I have found plenty of good, solid reasons to cast aspersions on FF, even before this patent issue came up.

“You truly have used every trick in the book.”

Hmmm, no, that’s the kind of feldercarb that people like you pull, 3E. I leave trickery, truth-twisting, and fact-free FUD to those like you. The only reason you’re defending FF is that you want people to view it as an alternative to Tesla, not because you think FF might actually accomplish anything.

I prefer to stick to actual facts and give my honest opinions. I think most readers can tell the difference, 3E.

3E also forgot that Tesla opened up their patents so that competitors could use them. They even took down their “patent wall”. An inconvenient truth…

The building photos they showed looked as if a high-school drafting student had drawn them. BS like that is so easy to spot, but people get blinded by the potential of big bucks.

Yes, I find it astounding that anyone could believe an auto assembly plant would be built to look like this:


As a concept drawing for a Jetsons TV show, it makes sense. As an auto assembly plant… not so much.

It’s what on the factory floor that counts.

Also wonder where’s you comments on Telsa’s Gigafactory, not matching up to the concept drawings, while being 1/5th the size.

Tesla’s plan to build the Gigafactory in stages, rather than all at once, has been well known for some time.

And if Tesla doesn’t waste money on prettying-up a factory and the surrounding landscape, you won’t find me complaining about it. Does anyone really expect a factory to look as pretty as the initial artist’s concept paintings? I see those as an idealization of the project, not a realistic depiction.

By comparison with the FF concept paintings, the Gigafactory concept drawings are quite utilitarian. It’s got straight walls and a flat roof; no silly and non-functional roof segments shaped as giant letters as in the FF concept painting. Even the Gigafactory’s corner cutouts have a functional purpose, because of the uneven land surrounding the factory site.

Of course, AlphaEdge, you are entitled to your own opinion.

Vaporware aside, we don’t really need another electric supercar. The market understands and appreciates instant torque; that point has been made already. Porsche and Audi have the wherewithal to expand on the Model S theme with confidence.

It is eminently easier to build an expensive EV than an affordable one. I’d be much more interested if they were pursuing a $30k car that didn’t look like the Batmobile.

Point well taken. Could not agree more.

Hopefully they don’t end up being vaporware and we will have another “gigafactory”. That will help bring down prices.

I am flabbergasted and flummoxed. How could this fiasco have come to such fruition?

Flummoxed? Well – they use ‘Flox’ when making Fibreglass Parts, maybe that’s how!

Flabbergasted? With an Electric Car? Maybe it’s a Hybrid!

Coming to a ‘Fruition’ near you, after they add the Corn Syrup!

It seems to all make sense now.

I figure that formulating financial forays are far from the forte of this feckless foreign funder.

On the flipside, it’s feasible this firm is frankly a front for a fetid flim-flam fomenter.

LOL. Love it.

Dah, So why does one scene show a barbecue fire roaring to cook dead animals over charcoal. How caveman can they get.

I’ve always preferred my animals to be dead before barbecuing them, but if you prefer to roast them alive, that’s your business. 😉

(Lobster anyone?)

It is a company founded from zero just 2 years ago. What do you expect, that they would just teleport functional car from outer space in 5 minutes? It is not possible. They expect to launch a car in 2017 at best, and it would fast advance if it will happen.

Tesla Motors for example was incorporated in 2003 and showed Roadster 3 years later only, with minimal production in 2008 only.

Tesla Motors’ founders (not Elon Musk) were inspired by AC Propulsion’s street-legal tZero prototype electric sports car. That car essentially served as the prototype for the Tesla Roadster, and Tesla licensed EV tech from AC Propulsion.

If Tesla had started out by creating a website showing nothing but a ridiculously impractical concept painting for a factory plus a “vice president”-heavy list of supposed company executives, and followed that up by putting on a show with a wildly impractical, non-functional, so-called “prototype” which was nothing but an empty shell that looks like a one-seater “batmobile”, then Tesla would have been laughed at and dismissed just as Faraday Future is today.

During the Tesla launch party the motor mount on the prototypes literally broke. I think you are overestimating the sophistication of that early effort.

Gosh, then, I guess Tesla should have done what FF did in its Reveal: Left the motor out of the concept car! [/sarcasm]

Faraday Future isn’t the only farce here, 3E. Your posts fit that category to perfection! 😀

Here is the quote about the broken motor mounts from Business Insider:


By the end of the day, both cars were making some alarming noises.

The drivers were hearing a loud clunk in the back of the car whenever they punched the accelerator. The upper motor mount — which they had built out of magnesium — had broken. You couldn’t see it by popping open the trunk; you had to crawl around inside the car.

“The cars nonetheless did a perfect service,” Eberhard said. “From the audience perspective they didn’t have a problem. Anybody who got into one of those cars had their opinion of electric cars instantly changed.”


Even though the motor mounts did break, the cars continued to drive all the way through the demonstrations. That shows me good engineering — there was enough redundancy and strength that the cars continued to handle full-power launches even with a broken motor mount. Not bad for PROTOTYPES.


They are the ones claiming to be able to produce a supercar in record time.

when they came out with their car it was disappointing. It wasn’t a salesman selling an amazing car, it was an engineer trying to sell the structure under it. It was a good entrance to the market saying what direction FF wants to go with its product but they fell flat with most ev enthusiasts. These articles on FF or Tesla etc really are just soap opera drama. Money, no money, stock up stock down. I hope they get a production car to market.

I’m really indifferent until one of their deadlines is reached, or they show something legitimate before that.

So by 2017, I want to see something they actually plan to sell, even if they only want to sell drive-trains or technology.

And while we’re at it, whatever happened to Fisker Karma?


bought by chinese investors

new grand plans (first they plan to restart production of their original crappy car)

*soon expecting another bankrupcy*

IMO affordable car electrification will come from the usual suspects (GM, Nissan, VW, BMW etc…) however with a valuable contribution from Tesla as regards the EV image, architecture and need of a fast chargers network (contribution somewhat diminished lately due to reliability issues).

Faraday Flop.