Faraday FF 91 will challenge Tesla Model S P100D at Pikes Peak

Faraday Future


Faraday Future FF 91

Faraday Future FF 91

Every year, the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb roars to life as a scenic proving ground for any number of vehicles. In the past few years, electric vehicles have learned to win on the 12.42-mile course, like when a Tesla Model S P90D set a new Production Electric Car record last year with a time of 11 minutes and 48.264 seconds. This year, another new EV company wants a shot at the top. Faraday Future will bring its upcoming FF 91 EV to Pikes Peak to challenge a Tesla Model S P100D that’s been tuned by Unplugged Performance.

The FF 91 will be driven up the hill by PPIHC first-time Robin Shute, who was the 2016 Formula Car Challenge Triple Crown National Champion, while the Model S will be driven by Daijiro Yoshihara, the 2011 Formula Drift Champion.

There’s a reason why EVs like Pikes Peak. While it can be a challenge for a combustion engine to perform well all the way up to the 14,115-foot top of the mountain, an electric motor doesn’t much care what altitude it is to keep its top performance going. This year, you won’t even have to leave your couch to see the action, either, since Matchsports is going to live stream the Race to the Clouds to your computer or phone. Other than the fact that it’ll be an “exhibition match,” details on when and how the FF 91 and Model S will challenge each other is not yet known. The PPIHC takes place June 25, 2017. The all-time course record is 8:13.878, and even with the 2016 Electric Modified Class winner (Rhys Millen) setting a time of 8:57.118, EVs still have a way to go to to capture all the glory.


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Will they also have to park their car on ice, literally??

THAT’S BIG TALK FROM A PRETENDER CONTENDER.. A “SO CALLED CAR COMPANY” THAT HAS NOT YET SOLD A SINGLE CAR..R O T F L M A 0….These guys are bored and have nothing to do..instead they should be putting out product…

It will be a sad day for Tesla fanboys. The marginally better 0-60 mph time won’t help the overheating Model S.

Right, like the time they overheated when they won the fastest ever ev time.
Updated proverb:
It is better not to type and have people think you a fool, than to do so and remove all doubt.

Yeah, the heavily modified Model S that had to be kept on top of ice to cool it down.

True. It was doing something it was not designed for, but then was still able to achieve the best performance ever by an ev.

Those Poor Tesla Boys, We are Just Weeping Crocodile tears..We are so bummed out & depressed that this So called Car Company will Never Get off the Ground & Add Up To Zer0 Minus..So Sad…for FF Future F**kup …The FF Future is happening Now! Just Lots of Hot Air from the FF’s Collective Ass’s..

I think Tesla made the battery cooling better in the 100 kwh packs. Maybe that will help. Who cares who wins, soon EVs in general will win most classes.

😀 😀 😀

Okay, EV fans, which scenario makes “John” the more pathetic?

1. His life is so empty that he’s got nothing better to do than to troll Tesla fans, and do it four times in a single comment thread.

2. He actually is a fan of Faraday Failure… not just pretending to be.

I’ll go with #2, but either way, what a loser!

John, what is the history of the FF91 being operated on a race track and overheating?

Please provide a source that the FF91 doesn’t face the same challenges, and can get to the top without any overheating issues.

The FF91 is untested and unknown.

The P100D has a new battery pack and a new cooling system unlike all previous generations of Model S battery packs. Yes, the old versions were known to overheat. That’s why Tesla redesigned the pack and cooling system.


So when it comes to overheating, it comes down to which car will do better:

1) A complete unknown that has no record
2) A car that has already been through trial by fire, and has recently been redesigned to fix the known cooling problems from older cars?

FFs battery pack will likely have better cooling performance, as long as it doesnt leak.


You appear to be confusing Faraday Failure’s super-duper-mega-ultra-giga-über-hyper-hype with reality.

The only thing FF has accomplished is building a couple of prototypes, one of which doesn’t even have an interior. Oh, also a fake “batmobile” mockup of a concept car, which doesn’t have a motor or even steerable wheels.

Claiming a car that has never done anything except win a rigged drag “race” is going to win the Pike’s Peak Challenge… Well, if FF’s car can win, then bully for them.

But I suggest we wait to see who actually wins the race before anyone starts bragging.

Jake/John — source please.

Will you be lending Faraday the money for a full charge, and will the car interior contain more than a lawn chair for the driver?

Well, the car IS already stripped!

Let’s challenge them to pay their bills, which would probably stretch all the way up Pikes Peak, LOL.

As if Tesla is profitable..

They can hardly be compared in the same breath much less the same sentence.

FF seems to have a personal agenda to beat Tesla. Wish they just got on with it and made the car commercialised. Whether it beats Tesla or not doesn’t matter if the car is never produced.

Faraday Failure is just trying to ride the coat-tails of Tesla’s popularity and media buzz.

The question isn’t whether or not FF will ever put a car into production. The only question is how soon it will go out of business. Heck, its principle investor is already pulling money out of it to invest in his other companies.

“all-time course record is all-time course record is”

Stuttering problem?

w-w-e ll s-s-s-s-pot-t-t-t-ed

There was a glitch in the Matrix!

Hopefully the FF will be on display at the downtown fan event prior to the race. Can someone ask Rimac to bring it :O)

Someone ask Toroidion, too?

FF is a piece of junk. I didnt work when it was suppose to and its a pig

If FF 91 has lower PP time than Model S then Tesla wins marketing wise because the press will context that FF 91 is a concept car that will not be in production anytime soon (if ever) while Tesla Models S is available today.

If FF 91 has higher PP time than Models S then Tesla wins even bigger marketing wise because the press will point out that FF’s concept car of the future can’t beat Tesla’s car of today.

Either way Tesla wins…

Except that a non-modified Model S cannot even survive the PP without overheating.

All cars that compete in the PP have to combat overheating. It is a very common problem there.

The P100D? How would you know that?!

Electric GT had to modify also the P100D.

You’re kidding right!? If you want to turn a stock production car into a RACE CAR you have to make MODIFICATIONS!!

Honestly people,

I would not expect FF91 to complete the trip.
Tesla is Proven tech and a company that has single-handedly created the EV surge we are now seeing. FF is a patent generating machine for a crazy Chinese communist billionaire with vaporware for capital.

I love the EV revolution. I love the tech. I love the massive amount of benefits from EVs. I love watching all the new entries in the BEV space.
Frankly, I could care less if FF can beat Tesla at Pikes Peak. Why would I care that one hand built prototype can compete against Tesla. *Yawn*
If FF wants to impress someone: build the factory, build the cars in volume, and sell them for less than the Tesla Model S. If FF can do this, I’ll be impressed.

Even if FF91 beats Model-S, very few people will buy the FF91 since its going to be priced at $300,000+.

IF ONLY the Quant was REAL & FlowCell worked.
Then- no overheating?
He’s taking the latest 48V Magic Carpet to Geneva [is it?]. Why does he do it- can it be 110% ego?

They climbed up the hill to proclaim themselves king, but someone was already there.
He said “Hold on there youngsters” “I live on this hill”, but they scoffed and said “We do not care!”

They said “This contest, will show we’re the best, in every conceivable way”
The king heard this self praise, now his hackles were raised, He said “You pick the place and the day!”

On the day of the challenge, on top of the hill, stood the king, the day windy and sunny.
But the kids did not show, for those there did not know…
The brash bastards had run out of MONEY!

It’s an exhibition race because you can’t compete in a production class without production. I hope that FF wins every exhibition race in which it provides an entry, and that the Pikes Peak event also benefits from the exhibition. Still, it would say little about which production EV makes a good basis for a race car or even a street-driven sports sedan.

Hmm, the official car of the Electric GT versus a sketchy prototype that’s never been on a test track. Unless there’s a track-side romance brewing, I believe in Leslie the Great on this one.

“EVs still have a way to go to to capture all the glory”

Uh, an EV won outright in 2015 and another EV was only 6 seconds off the winning time in 2016. Most likely in the future, electric vehicles will become the dominant vehicles due primarily to the altitude and short run time of the race.

All well and good but will Faraday Future actually make it into production and not go bust? Would be great to see a few large EV companies but man do they need some deep pockets!