Fancy A 2,580 Mile Route 57 Trip In Kia Soul EV? – Fully Charged

AUG 25 2016 BY MARK KANE 4

Fully Charged recently featured Jess Shanahan’s trip along route 57 in Kia Soul EV earlier this spring.

3,000 miles in Kia Soul EV

3,000 miles in Kia Soul EV

Route 57 crosses 2,580 miles across England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland – through cities, villages, national parks and more.

In the end, the Kia Soul EV seems to have done the job admirable, and perhaps the trip was easier than first expected.

With help from Zap Map charging point locator, range anxiety was reduced to minimum.  Jess only encountered a few problems at planned charging stop (or unexpected weather conditions).

More about the long-distance adventure (and a diary of the adventure) can be found here.

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I wish we had that kind of infrastructure in Texas. I can’t even make it from Dallas to Houston unless I’m driving a Tesla. I drove my Volt to Denton, TX last weekend and they have mostly Blink chargers there. The first 4 I tried were broken (big surprise) and I was lucky the 5th one worked because at that point I would have just used gasoline. If I had been driving a pure EV I would have been out of luck.

Yeah, Sadly Tesla is the only way to do reliable long-distance EV driving in the USA.

The number of Chademo/CCS chargers plus their haphazard deployment locations makes them a bit clumsy at best. Some areas have decent coverage.

But we really need to bump everything up to at least 100KW preferably 150KW for decent long-distance driving.

I agree I have a leaf and a model s the leaf has never even been fast charged ounce and when I think about it it’s proble only been plugged in two 5 spots that are not my house as for the model s this is my first year and I have plugged it in too about 20 superchargers

I’ve done a couple of long range trips in my i3 since I got it. Including Dublin to Berlin, Dublin to Amsterdam, trips around all of Ireland (the EV owners here have a photo rally every year where owners visit every county in Ireland) and Dublin to London for the Formula E finals.

Zap Map is not a great choice for use in Ireland. Because barring a single rapid in Belfast and a few scattered level 2s we all use the ESB eCars network of 110 rapid locations and over 2000 22kW public level 2 posts and destination chargers. Most of those are not on zapmap as it’s UK focused.
Apart from remote islands the furthest you can get from a rapid in ireland is 35km.

However, I beg a slight correction. The ESB eCars network here isn’t funded by the Irish government…. not one cent. ESB is a partially state owned company but they set up eCars to be a commercial venture. They did claim every research and EU grant going though :).