Fan-Made Tesla Model 3 Commercial Makes You Feel Its Soul


Driving a Tesla for the first time was a revealing experience for this filmmaker

When a Tesla fan and a young and up and coming filmmaker Jono Seneff drove his father’s Tesla Model S for the first time, it was a compelling experience. Even though Jono knew most of the ins and outs of the Model S prior to actually having a chance to drive it, when he first sat behind the wheel, it was something else. A feeling he experienced only a few times in his life so far. In turn, it was then when Jono realized that Teslas are more than just a collection of facts & performance figures. To him, Tesla offered that particular feeling that people get when they try something new and completely different for the first time ever.

The experience provided Jono with the inspiration and motivation behind his latest project: a fan-made Tesla Model 3 commercial.

Shared just recently on Jono’s YouTube channel, the 90-second commercial showcases the emotional experience felt by someone who tries something for the first time ever in their lives. The author used comparisons between the first day of school, proposing to your would-be wife, or seeing your first baby being born to emphasize what he felt with Tesla. Furthermore, Jono provided Teslarati with details about his fan-made Model 3 commercial, discussing his inspiration behind the project,

Jono reveals how his commercial was inspired by a dream that he once dreamt, of hearing deafening organist music in the desert, joined by his personal experience of giving the Model S a first-time drive. Fellow USC (University of Southern California) helped out, and one of the best fan-made car commercials we ever saw was born. The project took a long time to complete, as the work began back in April in and around Los Angeles. But this gave Jono plenty of time to make things perfect. And judging by the quality of his Model 3 commercial, it was well worth the wait.

You’ll find an excerpt from the filmmaker’s message describing the project.

“My dad got the Model S 75D about two years ago. Over the holidays I was able to drive it. Everything that I had read about Tesla – the 0-60 stats, the production process, how the batteries work,  all of that just fell away as I was pulling away from the stoplight. There is that inevitable stupid grin that creeps onto your face when you accelerate like that for the first time. This all made me think about what a Tesla commercial should really be about. It’s about feeling something. It’s not about knowing facts and figures; it’s about that uncontrollable stupid grin on your face as you silently accelerate out of a turn.

“I ended up trying to combine that feeling with this deaf Beethoven character from my dreams who longed to experience music again. Beethoven famously would put his body against the piano to feel the vibrations of his late compositions.  Although Beethoven and my main character weren’t able to hear music again, they were able to feel it. In the end, the unperformed sheet music or the statistical data on Tesla’s website are ultimately unrelated to that feeling that can only be experienced. And trust me — whipping around the desert in the RWD Model 3 was just that. In fact, the final shot of the spec is actually me in the car by myself just gunning it towards the horizon.”

The commercial clearly invokes the elusive “soul” aspect of car ownership, venturing into the electric car world that was once thought soulless and unimaginable. The video above sees Jono giving us a few fun Easter eggs related to both Tesla and some other products made by the company, but also, Elon Musk’s favorite literature, Powerwall 2 battery and some references from Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Series.

Definitely worth watching on a relaxing Sunday afternoon. You can check out Jono Seneff’s fan-made Tesla Model 3 commercial in the video above.

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Great commercial!

For what though, speakers?

Yeah. As a story-telling short-short film this is pretty good, and shows real technical skill. But the Model 3 makes only brief appearances in this short.

I hate to be negative about what obviously was a labor of love by someone with a lot of talent, but as a commercial for a car it really misses the mark.

There are actually quite a lot of commercials on air that are like that. The idea is not really trying to convince the viewers of the actual merits of the product; but rather, just engaging strong emotions in a general way, while trying to establish some sort of mental connection with the product…

I’m not exactly fond of such commercials personally — though this one is certainly among the most magnificent of this sort I have seen 🙂

Sorry…I dont get it…

But, the production values are pretty high, so thats good.

Beautiful message, not a single word is needed.

Excellent in as much as it makes you think about the (many) connections going on like love.
I think it may be patterned on the true story of Beethoven as the master-musician who lost his hearing but was able to overcome.
Even though not a traditional advertisement in any way, very thought provoking overall.

Very moving. Now build me a hatchback model Y for 50,000 and I’m in.