Fan-Made Tesla Fireflies Video Is Spectacular!


Tesla – Fireflies from Sam O’Hare on Vimeo.

A must-watch, fan-made Tesla commercial. It’s spectacular. Watch it now!

Update:  For those who can’t watch via Vimeo, a YouTube embed is also added below the story (thanks to Ambulator for that tip!)

Video description:

Fireflies Help Model S Come To Life

Fireflies Help Model S Come To Life

A fully CG film created as an homage to a brand we admire. Please watch fullscreen for best effect.

Full video credits:

Produced by Parachute (
Director: Sam O’Hare
Executive Producer: Sara Eolin
Lead Artists: Andy Gilbert, Sam O’Hare
Hero firefly animation: Eugen Sasu
Rigging, additional CG: Jesse Holmes
Producer: Nicole Melius
Additional modelling: Todd Danielle, Gil Franco
Music and sound design: Syn (

Video link via Tesla Motors Club Forum member FluxCap

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37 Comments on "Fan-Made Tesla Fireflies Video Is Spectacular!"

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Wow that is a great job.

and it did not even have to put down any other car company, like GM new Volt advert does.

Fans making car ads? Tesla is a different kind of car company.


Very nice CGI. I’d suggest eliminating the windmills though. Tired of seeing windmills.


Solar does not work at night…

Average family is far from having seen enough!

GM Marketing might want to take note.


I dunno. They did a couple CGI commercials w/animals & aliens. I prefer actual footage myself. The exception would be when they go through the drive-train in detail. The translucent views are pretty cool.

GM has the Volt Dancers. They raised the most “Awareness”.

How about CGI Volt dancers

I’m actually interested in the CGI you mention about the drive train. Can you post a link please?

Here it is:

They can take all the notes they want.
Their customers will not make a commercial for their OPEC suckling cars.

They’ll buy them though…

It’s all about how the customer feels about the product and more likely the buying process.
After going in to a GM stealership, aint nobody going to spend time or effort for a commercial. Maybe a smear campaign against them though…

But that goes for all the other Stealerships too.

They would add llamas to it.

Where do I send my resume?

The legacy automakers that don’t get it fully will look like that gas station in a few years.

Bio-luminescence is one of the coolest things in nature.

How many companies have fans doing commercials for products? Out of millions of customers how many loved the car so much that decided to use their time for a commercial for that car?

GM/Ford/Honda/Toyota should get this, this is not only about saving some money on gas tiny better mpg etc, this is about people feeling inspired by a product and by the ramifications it implies. But no.. you should buy this impala/camry/accord because is 43mpg vs the other car that’s only 42 mpg! (…)

PS yes, me too I am tired of the windmills (although I guess they have their role especially in offshore setups) but 100% for solar panels. I do hope that solar will take 100% of the energy generation market tomorrow if possible.


Great spec-work guys! Nice concept, wonderfully realized. Hopefully Elon will comment on it. 🙂

with daily sunshine totals of <8 to 10 hours its difficult to see how solar could ever achieve 100% of energy generation

First, you need to understand just how much power can be harnessed from the sun. Read:'s%20Energy.aspx

Second, more solar installations, increasingly efficient panels, and adding battery storage.

That’s how. 😛

A Tesla 10KWh Power Wall and a properly scaled Solar array, you can go off grid.

It’s even worse. You have to figure just because the sun it up, it isn’t overhead. So you may have 12 hours of sunshine, but due to the angle they only figure 4-6 hours of 100% usage based on latitude.

All that said, they use the correct number to figure out the size of your solar system…

Oh my! The sun is always shining somewhere! I drive on solar at night all the time…for hours on end! The Tesla factory runs on solar at night every night for hours on end!
Solar energy is stored in my cars B-A-T-T-E-R-Y P-A-C-K! and there are ten bi-directional battery packs at the factory>>maybe more! Many superchargers have BDBP’s pumping solar energy into our cars as needed day or night! …..Great ad by the way. …. and don’t forget that the fireflies play where the cat tails grow… solar is all good! Solar energy is the stuff of life, and..just to mention, liberty and the pursuit of 100% sustainable energy!

Great looking ad. If Tesla ever decides to do a traditional advertising campaign, they should hire this guy to run it.

That’s why in the 3D graphics business, this is called a “Spec Ad”, not a Fan Video.

But it’s a very nice piece to put in a demo reel and hopefully drum up some work. I can think of a ton of studios that would KILL to do Ad work for Tesla.

The opposite of the GM anti EV ad in every way. Has class for one thing.

You got hand it to Tesla…

Not only its fans are making free commericals for it, its owners are promoting its cars, its fans are buying its stocks despite of the fact it makes no money.

Now, come to inside EV comment section, its fans are even bashing its compeition “freely” for Tesla.

LOL. I guess you must call it “religion” then…

What is next? Elon Musk files for religious organization status so Tesla can avoid paying IRS taxes?

Elon’s Church of His Holy Electric Exemption? 😉

Buy his cars and ‘seed’ the world for a more sustainable future. 😉

Very nicely done! And yeah, this is too good to call a “fan film”.

For a real advertisement, though, it needs to be a bit longer, highlighting more of the car’s features, such as the 17″ touchscreen.

Less is More

The video is now available on youtube, for those, like me, who can’t watch Vimeo.

Thanks for the heads-up on that link, will add to the story for those like yourself who can access the Vimeo feed.

Lovely. Thanks to the producer and director.