Fan-Made Tesla Commercial Asks You To Reevaluate Your Own Life – Video


This inspirational homemade Tesla commercial is definitely unlike any of the others that we have featured. There is no Tesla vehicle in the video, and the only mention of the company is the Tesla logo at the end.

Instead, it provides a more deep message. The man finds a child’s drawing, which makes him ponder the meaning of life. What really is home? What really is important?

Tesla commercial

It doesn’t take a Tesla vehicle to adequately represent the ideologies of Tesla.

He travels on foot, away from civilization and into the countryside. A commenter references the well-known Johnny Walker “Dear Brother” ad.

Regardless of whether or not you think it makes sense or ties in, it is still pretty cool that people are making these professional Tesla ads.

Video Description via Teagan Carter on YouTube:

Tesla Motors spec commercial about a man’s epic journey after he discovers a child’s drawing. An emotionally gripping story of self realization of what’s important in life.

This could certainly be a contender for Project Loveday.

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Wow, that’s heavy stuff. I think lots and lots of folks would respond to that, since most people want to do good things, they just need the opportunity.

Wouldn’t it be cool to see that commercial during the Superbowl?

“…since most people want to do good things, they just need the opportunity”

Yes, I agree. Without the chance to purchase a $100k automobile to express one’s Caring, what could a single human being possibly do that would amount to a Good Thing?

We live in an era where congress just lifted the ban that prevents coal companies from dumping waste into rivers, citing that it costs coal companies too much, are you really asking “what could a single human being possibly do that would amount to a Good Thing?” You can’t find a single thing to do to amount to a good thing?

Clearly Johnny you didn’t read leptoquark’s post, to which I am responding. To save you the effort of looking upward a couple of paragraphs here it is:

“I think lots and lots of folks would respond to that, since most people want to do good things, they just need the opportunity.”

So, as the post reads, lots of folks would respond to this ad and “do good things” because apparently Tesla gives them the “opportunity” they need.

My sarcastic point: Nobody needs Tesla or government endorsement or political parties to do good. Furthermore, the self-inflation that seems to accompany some people’s EV ownership/operation is sinfully prideful. And I say that as someone who drives most of my miles on the battery.

I know the ad is hypothetically for Tesla, but just as many people love the Mac but walk out the door with Windows, there are plenty of more affordable options for the future EV owner inspired and motivated by watching this. Every plug-in on the road from whatever manufacturer is a win.

Coal waste is the same stuff left behind in your grill or fireplace after it has been used. It is the same stuff you leave on the ground after a bonfire. This isn’t a big deal.

I don’t dump that into the river either.

The proper way to deal with coal waste is not too generate it in the first place.

The 60,000 coal jobs should just be bought out. If we pay them $100k each, that’d be 6 billion to get rid of the insane externalities of mining and burning coal.

Civilization and it’s Discontents.



Reevaluation of what matters in life is something one will do when he finally realises that it could be over faster than you thought.

I refuse to do a lot of things which are “important”. That certainly does not make life easier, but for me it’s worth it.

Freedom is harder to achieve than anything else.

And once you are free, you often have to learn what to do with that freedom.

I enjoy talking to very old people and I enjoy listening to children.

…and nothing else matters.

Anyhow, I protest the slight that was clearly given to Ye Olde Taco House, which in my LA travel days 15 years ago was a pretty good place to eat lunch. They made it look awful. By extension I also protest the insult to La Cita which still has a great bar, I understand (though not for ancient artifacts like me). If a city full of Tesla’s makes these institutions disappear, then no thanks.

Will the absence of Tesla keep these institutions in place? Is a city free of Tesla also free of all other cars? If so, then I’m with you.

The absence of this idiotic Tesla acolyte video will please me more than anything.

Then feel free to not watch it and just return yourself to under the troll bridge then.

So where is the Tesla? Great video, but you could literally put any company logo at the end of that.

Cool video…when I saw the beard at first I thought…oh crap, this is just a lefty vitrue signaling look how great I am commercial. The kind of crap a selfish bearded millenial would produce… But after watching the whole thing, i didnt get that vibe. Maybe it’s because of the magic Gingis have, he seams to have a soul…. I have always like mr.musk, he stands up for what HE thinks is right and logical(regardless of what PART of his current base beleives). I like him even more because he is not afraid to be part of the trump advisory team, a ballsy move being that the liberals are on a rampage at the moment. Let’s all get this straight…Elon is the one changing things for the good, not the purchaser. He is the one taking huge risks, not the buyer. He delivers an awesome product and had to wait for the consumer to slowly realize it…he took the risk on this, noone else.If it makes you feel better to buy one of his cars great. It’s not a donation. Elons story is the definition of true capitalism! Why would he put himself through monstrous stress if he was in… Read more »

OK then, you get a pass.

Maybe he should think of moving to somewhere like New Zealand, now that Tesla have open up shop there.

Sorry but that is not a good commercial for Tesla

Literally has nothing to do with it

Was anyone else annoyed by the high-pitched pinging sound. It drove me nuts.