Fan Commercial Rocks Out Rivian R1T Electric Truck Footage


Turn it up!

Rivian got a lot of people excited when it dropped its R1T electric pickup truck at the 2018 LA Auto Show. And rightly so. With acceleration from 0-to-60 miles per hour in 3 seconds, the ability to tow 11,000 pounds, and tons of cool, unique features, we can understand why. One of the enthused was Patrick Slatin, a former automotive advertising guy and owner of the Detroitable YouTube channel. The all-electric truck was so motivational to him, he cut his own commercial for it, which you can watch above.

The video starts out slow and quiet, a guitar amplifier softly hums as text talks about how the invention of the electric guitar by an unnamed genius (Les Paul, in case you were unaware) in 1931 forever changed the world. The amp hiccups as that revolutionary invention gets plugged in and we’re informed that we, meaning Rivian, intend to do the same thing, but with a pickup truck. Cue sound and action.

The video first got our attention when it appeared in the Rivian section of the InsideEVs Forum, where a number of the company’s customers and fans have begun to congregate and discuss the pickup and its SUV stablemate, the R1S. It might lean on footage that’s already out there but with the right fast cuts and a high-octane soundtrack, the rearrangement kicks out the jams and communicates the kind of energy the adventure vehicle is worthy of. We dig it.

With a couple years left before the pickup starts rolling of the Rivian Illinois factory, it’s quite possible we might see more of these fan-made videos. Hopefully, there will be more B-roll out there so Slatin might even take another shot at it. For a little insight into the guy behind this fan-commercial and his motivation, we’ve added a video below, where he does just that. Enjoy!

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Very useful for military applications.

When have I heard of something like this in the past?

This should stir emotion in the automotive world. Nice video.

Nailed it!!
Don’t know if the music tie into age group was intentional but thems the ones that will be buying it, the Jimmy generation…..FAR OUT, video is a stone blown gas!

The song choice was purposeful. I figured the guys or people who have $70 K to spend on a truck will be in their 50’s or older. And it ties right in with the electric guitar analogy.

Noisy ad for such a quiet vehicle.

Wrong music.

RIVIAN should hire this person for ALL their ads!

Great ad, hope it goes viral.

Great job